CMG Holdings Group, Inc.-CMGO

CMG Holdings Group, Inc. is an entertainment, marketing, management and sports company. It has operations through 3 segment names: Good Gaming, CMG Holdings Group and The Experimental Agency, Inc. The company has the major services related to licensing and broadcast, syndication, event management and productions. There is experiential advertising and e-Sports concept involved with the company through Good Gaming, Inc. The 52-week stock prices of the company are in the range of $ 0.0005 – $0.021.

Glenn Laken was appointed as the CEO of CMG Holdings Group in April 2014. Jeffrey Devlin and David Kovacs were introduced by Laken to the management board. Mr. Laken is an experienced person in the financial services sector and has led the company towards a positive mode. His professional experience with the esteemed companies prompted the management to designate him as CEO. His success as a business leader has certainly brought the company towards a better position in terms of business and reputation. Mr. Laken has been seeking out for new opportunities and ideas for adding the shareholder value for the company. The assets of CMG are organically growing and the company is anticipated to become a world-class entertainment and gaming company.

The headquarters of the company is in Chicago, IL, United States. There was a name change made and the company’s future looked bright with the change in management. However, there were many issues involved with the company’s position. The shareholders demanded the appointment of the new board of directors and there was a complete change made beginning from the ending of 2012.

In the past 5 years, there have been variations in the company’s growth rates. The net income and revenue are still recovering but the gross margin is on the higher side. The company is dealing with digital media and alternative advertising which is the need of today’s media marketing service operations. The digital media and operations with TV and video production have moved to a new level and there are advancements made in the field of advertising under different platforms.

Apart from the HQ in Chicago, the company has its offices in NY, Miami, and Tucson. This is allowing the company to make its stronger presence in the advertisement and marketing stream. There are many chances for the company to grow its position with the digital media operations and new marketing platforms. The interconnection between these offices would accumulate the staff ideas and make the opportunities grow towards a better side. The growth of the digital media industry is endless and there is something new anticipated by the end-users of every service industry. There are highly-skilled professionals involved in the digital media stream and it would be a big plus for the company to hire the new personnel having experience in their own stream.

CMG Holdings Group Inc. is a communication and marketing holding company. The aim of the organization is to deliver exclusive solutions to new media marketing and alternative advertising. The stocks of the company will probably grow in the future with the intellectual growth of the digital media platform, patenting, sales and marketing.

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