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Biostem U.S. Corp. HAIR

I’m on fire about Biostem U.S. Corp. (HAIR) today and the reason is in the ticker itself.

HAIR uses ethically harvested adult stem cells to super-charge balding scalps.

They say it’s virtually painless and you can do it on your lunch break.

You can imagine how much cash an outpatient cure for baldness would pull in!

And yet somehow HAIR is currently priced in the 20 cent range, so everyman traders like us still have a chance to see it on the ground floor.

See, HAIR is only now rolling its stem cell technique into hair transplant clinics in places like Orlando, Florida, where aging big shots want to stay young-looking forever.

HAIR will receive monthly revenue from each doctor who signs up.

Because they’re starting from near-zero here, every dollar moves the valuation needle.

And those first clinics just opened for stem cells a few weeks ago, so the inflection point here is as fresh as it gets!

Now that the wheels have finally started turning, HAIR could even become an attractive Big Biotech merger target.

After all, Propecia brings down $400 million a year for Merck.

And old Rogaine earned its maker $150 million a year back in the 90s.

The market is endless. Look for baldness cure online, 3 MILLION hits.

Just a few months ago, news that they’d found the cause of baldness drove the world wild.

A cure in five years? HAIR is already doing it!

HAIR is also turning heads as brokerage firms throw it cash for the privilege of getting their taste of this story before the Street catches on.

Elco Securities bought 20 million HAIR shares back in May at 25 cents apiece.

That’s a 65% premium over where HAIR was trading the day the deal was signed.

Remember, HAIR is now well under the $0.25 level so that position is still technically deep underwater.

Did the big boys at Elco get taken here or did they figure that $5 MILLION bet will be worth a lot more down the road?

All I know is that HAIR plans to use that cash to keep the lights on while its marketing team goes to work!

This board is stacked with top management from blue-chip corporations like Crocs.

Love or hate the shoes, Stephen Beck and Scott Crutchfield know how to build a multi-billion-dollar craze from the ground up, and they seem eager to do it again.

Bottom Line: HAIR just blasted out of the gate with a new revenue model and some of the biggest names in hair replacement on its team.

Smart players have gambled long green on this company and its technology.


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Companies in the Biotech industry to watch: PWRM, ABCO, and ENCO

Power3 Medical Products, Inc. – (OTC.BB: PWRM) strives to become the premier biotechnology company specializing in the commercialization of proteomics IP for the diagnosis and treatment of disease by using cutting edge technologies, world class quality procedures and superior research methodologies. The Company will be guided in all of its dealings with its customers, partners, shareholders, associates and investors by the philosophy of best practices.

PWRM is a leading edge biotechnology company engaged in the early detection, monitoring, and targeting of diseases through the analysis of proteins. This dynamic team utilizes proteomics in the discovery of protein biomarkers, drug pathways, and mechanisms of disease.

Skymark Research, a leading provider of small- and micro-cap independent investment research, recently initiated coverage on PWRM. Also on July 12 in Honolulu, Hawaii Power 3 will be presenting four abstracts to this annual meeting of the International Congress of Alzheimer’s Disease. The presentations will cover results from protein biomarker discovery, drug response, test development, and ongoing clinical validation trials of the NuroPro® AD biomarkers and blood test for Alzheimer’s disease. The four studies to be presented involve a total of 154 Alzheimer’s disease patients and 91 Parkinson’s disease patients, as well as 210 age-matched normal control individuals and 173 disease control individuals.

For more information visit


The Advisory Board Company – (NasdaqGS: ABCO) provides best practices research, analysis, executive education and leadership development, business intelligence software tools, and installation support services primarily to the health care industry. Its programs focus on business strategy, operations, and general management issues.

Liberty Analytics Co., a leading provider of large, small- and micro-cap independent investment research, recently initiated coverage on ABCO.

The Advisory Board strides to proceeds in the belief that organizations in certain sectors—health care, education, and government among them—have a charter above commerce, but preserving this higher calling requires an unyielding insistence on improvement. Their mission is to surface and secure economies of intellect on behalf of member organizations—discerning “True North,” communicating these insights and best practices with clarity, and providing innovative services such that our members can set compass and elevate performance accordingly.

ABCO proceeds in the belief that organizations in certain sectors—health care, education, and government among them—have a charter above commerce, but preserving this higher calling requires an unyielding insistence on improvement. Our mission is to surface and secure economies of intellect on behalf of member organizations—discerning “True North,” communicating these insights and best practices with clarity, and providing innovative services such that our members can set compass and elevate performance accordingly.

Keep researching at


Encorium Group, Inc. – (NasdaqCM: ENCO) designs and manages clinical trials for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries primarily in Europe. The company’s clinical research and development services supporting Phase I through Phase IV clinical trials include data management, such as CRF review and tracking, data entry, clinical/statistical reports, and writing manuscripts for publication; and biostatistics for the use of professionals to develop and review protocols, design analysis plans, and report formats in various phases of drug development.

ENCO announced that the company filed a registration statement on Form S-1 with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) for a proposed rights offering to its existing stockholders. The proposed rights offering would be made through the distribution of subscription rights to purchase up to $10 million of the company’s shares of common stock, par value $0.001 per share, on the terms and conditions and at a price determined by a special committee of the company’s board of directors.

Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Kai Lindevall said, “The proposed rights offering is designed to provide additional working capital and liquidity to the Company by giving each stockholder a chance to buy additional shares and the opportunity to avoid dilution of their ownership interests.”

Members of the company are just returning from the annual European Vaccine Forum in Barcelona, which took place from June 21-23

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22nd Century Group (NYSEMKT:XXII) is XXII stock a scam?

22nd Century Group (NYSEMKT:XXII)

Everything you need to know about XXII stock.

22nd Century Group (NYSEMKT:XXII) is a generally underfollowed organization with a market capitalization of about $60 million, which has constrained it to fly under the radar of financial specialists. In analyst’s assessments, the stock price could increase to $2 in the next year from now, as an aftereffect of income development surpassing estimates.

XXII can quickly be compressed as a plant based biotechnology organization whose mission is to diminish damage brought on by smoking. To adequately do this, the organization has more than 200 licenses in its ownership that give it the capacity to increment or diminishing the level of nicotine in tobacco plants and in addition the level of cannabinoids in cannabis plants. The organization’s principle items include:

RED SUN and MAGIC cigarettes – These are super premium estimated cigarette brands accessible in both normal and menthol available to be purchased in the U.S.

SPECTRUM cigarettes – These are government supported cigarettes with altered levels of nicotine (from low to high) created under an agreement concurrence with the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA). They are circulated to mainstream researchers complimentary to learn the impacts of shifted nicotine levels in cigarettes.

BRAND A and BRAND B – These two cigarette brands are relied upon to be the initially adjusted danger tobacco items (MRTP) to go into conveyance ought to the FDA favor XXII’s application.

X-22 smoking cessation aid – This is a tobacco-based plant restorative item for use as a guide to smoking suspension. The X-22 treatment convention requires the patient to smoke XXII’s low nicotine (VLN) cigarettes over a six-week treatment period to encourage the objective of the patient stopping smoking before the end of the treatment time frame.

The company’s stock currently trades around $1.05 a share. Its outstanding shares are standing around 76,009,960, while authorized shares at 300,000,000.

12/20/18 update for XXII stock


This company has been on a huge uptrend in 2017. It looks like this could continue into 2018. Has very steady volume for a December.  I have a feeling XXII stock could end up being one of the top Marijuana runners in 2018.

I like how active they are with putting out Press Release and making sure that investors are always up to date. At a quick glance, I don’t see any red flags. It is always a good idea to take the time to read the SEC filings and look to see if there are any notes coming due soon. Right now though we are loving the uptrend here! This is a stock that could make our penny stocks watchlist for the second time!

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Penny Stocks – The best ones to buy in the next month

Penny Stocks – The best ones to buy in the next month

Penny Stocks – The best ones to buy in the next month

Penny Stocks – The best ones to buy in the next month

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abeona therapeutics

Abeona (NASDAQ:ABEO), a quality treatment organization that is in late-stage clinical trial for the treatment of Sanfilippo disorder, an uncommon hereditary condition that causes lethal cerebrum harm. The confusion impacts around 1 in 70,000 kids, an acquired condition which is brought about by a chemical insufficiency.

The lack of the compound keeps the body from experiencing its characteristic reusing process, making the cerebrum cells top off with waste that the body can’t handle.

As the mind cells keep on getting loaded with the waste item, patients encounter a large group of anguishing indications, comprehensive of hyperactivity, seizures, heart issues, dementia and at last demise.

Abeona is near offering the main quality treatment that is intended to cure this frightful sickness with a “once and done” methodology, supplanting medicines that work to “deal with” the disorder, yet has not been compelling in anticipating either the movement of Sanfilippo or its devastating and frequently deadly nature.

Abeona has been the principal organization to exhibit viability in human studies, demonstrating the capacity to redress the harmed chemical through an intravenous conveyance. Dissimilar to organizations that are modestly effective in giving treatment to deal with the ailment, which requires a lifetime of drug and normal physical treatment, Abeona has possessed the capacity to give a solitary, one-time treatment, to rectify the lacking catalyst.

Abeona is not just getting a charge out of the clinical results to date, the organization is likewise a most loved of patient and guardian backing bunches, like those that have been applying colossal weight on the FDA to endorse a strong dystrophy drug made by Sarepta (NASDAQ:SRPT). As vital as the patient support gatherings may be, nothing can contrast with a firsthand record of the treatment and its obvious achievement, and Abeona has that also.

Albeit most clinical trials propel tolerant classification, patients can talk uninhibitedly about the ABO-102 results for two reasons. To begin with, Abeona is putting forth an “once and done” treatment, whereby patients are not being frequently treated by an Abeona treatment. What’s more, second, the trial is being directed by an outsider, Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Hence, financial specialists have been dealt with to some solid and convincing information on online networking that makes Abeona sparkle.

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List of Biotech Stocks to watch

Biotech Stocks

What are Biotech Stocks?

Biotechnology is one the weirdest, scariest, sexiest and most intriguing corners of the stock market. The Organizations can actually help save lives! Any industry can have a stock that could conceivably twofold, yet what other industry can coordinate biotechnology in the sheer number of stocks that could twofold if their organizations’ arranges all worked out as intended?

What Is Biotechnology?

More or less, biotechnology is an industry that spotlights on novel medication advancement and clinical exploration went for treating infections and therapeutic conditions. Biotechnology organizations are quite often unrewarding (some recommend that the refinement amongst “biotech” and “pharmaceutical organization” lies in benefit), and numerous have no genuine income by any stretch of the imagination.

Biotechnology is likewise described by long improvement lead times; it can take as much as 10 years to get another medication from test tube to drugstore rack. Besides, is a mind-boggling probability of disappointment, as 85-95% of all imminent new medications neglect to achieve endorsement. Still, for those that succeed, the prizes can be colossal and “everyday pairs” are not unbelievable.

Be careful the Gatekeeper

As the administrative body that affirms new medications for the U.S. market, and in addition allowing human clinical trials, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a definitive watchman to each biotech’s prosperity. The FDA requires that all organizations build up (agreeable to its) that a potential new medication is sheltered and solid for its expressed reason.

Financial specialists need to comprehend the FDA procedure and necessities. With a specific end goal to get FDA endorsement, biotechs must build up an adequate assortment of data that the medication is protected and powerful and this is for the most part done through a progression of no less than three clinical trials (Phase One, Phase Two and Phase Three).

What Biotech Investors Need to Know

While considering a potential biotechnology venture, there are a few extra calculates to keep mind:

1. Pipeline

A biotech’s pipeline is everything, and it is the wellspring of the organization’s assumed and anticipated worth. As a rule, financial specialists ought to attempt to center their consideration on organizations with different Phase 2 programs. Doubtlessly single-item biotechs can be huge champs when they succeed, however, the converse is additionally genuine – they can endure pounding misfortunes if that unparalleled item applicant falls flat.

2. Not all illnesses are similarly important

A few illnesses are colossal potential markets, however, have sufficient rivalry and strict desires for security or execution. Case in point, while tumor and cancer are real maladies with multibillion-dollar potential, there are various medications effectively affirmed and accessible – if new medications don’t offer something novel (better viability, fewer reactions, and so on.), they may not, in any case, get endorsed, not to mention locate a huge business sector.

3. Corporate reasoning

Financial specialists likewise need to comprehend the targets and objectives of organization administration. Numerous biotechs mean to build up their medications just so far all alone and afterward fundamentally exchange them to a bigger medication organization in return for forthright money and future eminences. Different organizations, however, hush up about the promoting rights and work out their own business power. Eventually, these appear to be the organizations that assemble the most esteem for shareholders, yet it’s a less secure way.

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