Canadian Marijuana Stocks to buy that are under the radar

Canadian Marijuana Stocks to buy


Canada is set to legalize the recreational use of marijuana on October 17th, 2018.  So how big will the Canadian marijuana market be? Well if we apply the results of what Colorado did in 2017 which was 1.6 billion and apply that to Canada which has 6.5 times more people than Colorado, this would put Canada’s marijuana market at over 10 Billion annually! This is why so many investors are starting to get excited. Wise investors are starting to load up on shares of Canadian Marijuana Stocks now and hold them until Oct. 17th before Canada becomes legalized.

Some of the popular names in Canadian Marijuana Stocks have already seen a huge increase. We, however, want to be ahead of the game so we have found Canadian Marijuana Stocks that are flying under the radar. These stocks have low floats and could see enormous gains!

Under the radar low float pots stocks doing business in Canada


US OTC Ticker: VRTHF- Veritas Pharma Inc- CSE ticker- VRT

Veritas Pharma has an exclusive partnership with Cannevert Therapeutics which is a high-level research and development company with its main office at the University of British Columbia.  VRTHF not only is set up to take the Canadian market by storm but also has plans to expand into Isreal and the UK. Pretty soon this could be a stock everyone is talking about. According to Otcmarkets VRTHF has one of the smallest market caps of all Canadian marijuana stocks at 5.7 million. Once buying volume picks up this is a stock that could easily go up to $3 a share!

SPLIF- Nutritional High Intl Inc. – CSE ticker- EAT

Nutritional High Intl Inc. develops and acquires products and brands related to hemp and marijuana. They have valid licenses to produce marijuana-infused edible products and to distribute marijuana products throughout Canada starting the 17th. Their stock price seems to have found a bottom and starting to bounce. Definitely, a stock to keep an eye on the next 2-3 months.

ICNAF- Integrated Cannabis Company – CSE ticker- ICAN

Integrated Cannabis Company is a global wellness enterprise with the focus on highly effective botanically-based consumable products. This stock is under the radar and there isn’t much information on the company. This should be considered a high-risk stock.

You can view our full list of marijuana stocks here.

Disclaimer: The Author of this post owns shares of VRTHF, SPLIF, and ICNAF. The opinion stated here should be considered bias. Please do your own dependent research before making a buying decision. Please read full disclaimer here.

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