Boeing is a name no one needs to be told about. It is a big multinational company based in the United States. In the field of aerospace and aircraft, this company does everything from designing and manufacturing to selling its goods. The company was founded about 102 years ago by William Boeing on 15 July 1916 in Seattle, Washington, United States. It was then named as Pacific Aero Products Company and got its present name in 1928. Boeing is currently headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, United States and it is named as ‘Boeing International Headquarters’. The present Chairman, President, and CEO are Dennis Muilenburg. As of 1 January 2018, it has a total number of 153,027 employees.

Be it defense aircraft or missiles or satellites or planes, this company makes everything and of the most superior quality. Airplanes, missiles, rotorcraft, satellites, rockets, and comms gearand are some of the most famous aircraft of this company.

It does not have a very clean environmental record and has had cases associated with radioactive pollution of land where nuclear wastes were found.

Are Boeing stocks worthy of making an investment?

Symbol: – NYSE: BA

52 Week Range: – $292.47 – $446.01

Volume: – 4,737,120

Average Volume: – 5,158,950

Forward Dividend and Yield: – 8.22 (2.26%)

The biggest problem that Boeing stocks are undergoing is the plane crash of 737 Max in March this year. Due to this, Airbus being the strongest rival company is posing a very tough competition towards Boeing. Even though the CEO of the company Dennis Muilenburg has issued an apology stating the technical issues that were behind the plane crash. Although the crash happened a long time back, the company is still facing the after effects as the stocks have acquired massive unpopularity. The company needs to bring forth a good and facilitated aircraft to get back on track. The Paris Air show has helped the company restore its reputation to some extent.

If seen with a different point of view, the company is and will remain the leading manufacturer of aircraft. In very less time, the company’s stocks intend to rise following the footsteps of the company. Any person who has complete trust in the company might emerge to be a successful trader because the dividend rate of the stocks is very good. One thing must be kept in mind very important and that is the death of 157 people cannot be forgotten easily and that is the biggest reason people are unable to trust Boeing in the way they used to trust before the crash.

Current financial and production status of the company is (as of 2018)

Boeing produced 806 commercial aircraft, 96 military aircraft, and 2 satellites.

The total revenue was US$101.127 billion and the operating income was US$11.987 billion.

The net income and total assets were US$ 10.460 billion and US$117.359 billion respectively with total equity of US$ 410 million.


Every company has a downfall one time or the other but if the company has the strength to deal with it and rise again, it deserves to be trusted. Boeing is such a company and very soon its stocks will again become a leading choice among the investors.

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