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Blue Line Protection Group (BLPG)

Blue Line Protection Group (BLPG)

Blue Line Protection Group (BLPG) provides armed protection, financial solutions, logistics and compliance services for businesses engaged in the legal cannabis industry. The company’s security personnel are highly trained professionals with significant experience in the U.S. Armed Forces.

In the last six months, it generated 94% of its income from armed protection and transportation services. The rest of the 6% of its income was gotten from different administrations.

The aggregate business sector for marijuana, lawful or something else is evaluated to surpass the monetary estimation of corn and wheat joined.

Marijuana is broadly viewed as the biggest trade crop out the United States. Organizations have been setting themselves for a considerable length of time, each attempting to set up an administration position in the lawful marijuana industry that have a market share of over $50 billion by the year 2020.

Marijuana deals allegedly arrived at the midpoint of about $1,000,000 every day in the initial five days of authorization in Colorado, and financial year 2014 deals surpassed $700,000,000. California and Colorado each hope to gather charge income of roughly $100,000,000 amid their 2016 monetary years.

Cultivation facilities are the manufacturers of legitimate cannabis that in the long run advance toward buyers.

Cultivators’ operations normally pass through a substantial geographic impression, making them helpless to robbery, while sending shipments from the producers to testing research centers or to retail dispensaries.

Therefore, demand for Blue Line Protection Group security personnel are highly increasing. It stock is currently trading around $0.03 per share. Average volume of its share is 81,000 with the 52-week range stock price of 0.01 to 0.07. The company’s outstanding shares are currently standing around 126,575,282. Their authorized shares are not disclosed, as it is Pink Sheet stock.

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