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$Garb – Garb Oil & Power Corporation

Garb Oil & Power Corporation

Garb Oil & Power Corporation (OTC Pink: GARB) (PINKSHEETS: GARB), has a long organization history in the quickly developing industry of waste recycling and particularly identified with waste-to-energy. Garb is composed to use both next-generation machines and new innovations to vertically incorporate into the waste refinement, reusing and energy ventures.

The Company trusts that the present low per share price of its regular stock has negatively affected the attractiveness of its current shares. The company accept by expanding the per share stock cost of its basic stock as a consequence of an invert stock split, it may empower more noteworthy enthusiasm for its basic stock and improve the attractiveness of its regular stock to the money related group and investing public

The company has 50,000,000,000 authorized shares, while its outstanding shares are standing around 47,497,578,456. The company has market capitalization of 4.74 million and its daily average share volume is around 700,000.

Recently, Garb Oil & Power Corporation and USA Recycling Industries have agreed to a DEFINITIVE AGREEMENT to create a Joint Venture in North America. The joint venture will operate beneath the name of “USA Recycled Tires, LLC”. The Joint Venture will open new doors of success for Garb, as the joint venture will allow it to penetrate into North America’s automotive recycling industry.

Garb CEO John Rossi stated, “This Joint Venture catapults Garb into North America’s automotive recycling industry providing direct access to many of America’s top auto service center operations.”

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Read More – Encounter Developement Technologies Inc.

Encounter Development Technologies Is Making Big Changes

Encounter Development Technologies Inc., (ENTI.PK), is forcefully chipping away at the rebuilding program in the course of the most recent year. Experience’s senior official administration has been presenting a few applications and warnings to different state and government administrative organizations and self-administrative offices to impact and actualize certain sections of its rebuilding program, individually.

The organization’s senior official administration laid out the calendar of occasions concerning the rebuilding.

As a piece of its general rebuilding program, Encounter is changing its name to “National Properties Trust” to mirror its entrance into the land business.

Experience’s President, Randolph S. Hudson, said, “Experience’s advance toward its rebuilding is momentous, given the condition of-the-organization when First Hudson Trust and EMS obtained the control stock in the organization on December 15, 2013. While there are more assignments to finish, I am certain that Encounter’s rebuilding will be finished toward the end of March or toward the beginning of April.

Obviously, the greater part of our corporate activities stays subject to the affirmation as well as endorsement by certain administrative and self-administrative organizations.

The company realize that its shareholders are on edge to learn of late advancements, and, in that capacity news gets to be distinctly accessible, the company will discharge the essential declarations in coming months.

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DSCR – Discovery Minerals Ltd

Discovery Minerals Is Expanding With Partnerships

Discovery Minerals Ltd., (DSCR) is a development and acquisition organization that objectives characteristic asset properties through its subsidiaries. Recently, its Board of Directors has established that these exercises be plainly characterized and isolated inside the organization. The advertising of Migranade and the further advancement of Dr Hensleyâs different homeopathic medications and the conveyance frameworks for these treatments will be the fundamental concentration of Discoveryâs business push.

Every past operation and exercises, for example, valuable metals/mining and mechanical hemp developing and handling and clean option vitality innovation will be protected and held in another corporate structure as an auxiliary. Appropriate administration enlisted people are being looked for these interests by Discovery as of now. Shareholders will be kept informed with respect to these plans in the typical way.

In addition, Discovery Minerals has signed a letter with Neurocite to jointly manufacture and market a homeopathic migraine headache therapy called Migranade.  The company has also been forming partnerships with other companies to expand their penetration. Recently, Discovery Minerals and Syngar Technologies form a joint venture to exploit opportunities in the industrial hemp sector.

In 2010, Syngar licensed the “Pulsed Wave UltraSound Wave” (PLUSWave) technology for use in the development of biofuels. It utilizes pulsed ultrasound waves at specific power levels and set time intervals to stimulate the fermentation activities of microorganisms.

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DEWN – Dewmar International BMC, Inc.

Dewmar International received Higher ratings, Shares Surged

Dewmar International BMC, Inc. (OTCPink: DEWM), announced that they have received an updated Supplier Qualifier Report issued by Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) in aggregation with its Walmart National Vendor Account. The evaluation scored Dewmar at a Supplier Evaluation Risk (SER) rating of 2 (two).

Per D&B, the Risk Score Analysis profile for publicly traded companies that score a SER Rating of 2 is:

  • The Company has diversified its industry portfolio profile to increase likelihood of success
  • Only 15% of U.S. corporations have a SER Rating of 2 or better (1 is the highest possible)
  • There is an average probability of only 0.48% that this supplier will ever cease business operations
  • The Company has a favorable debt to asset ratio with good payment history and a high Paydex score


Dewmar International BMC Inc (OTCMKTS:DEWM) has been slanting up on quick quickening volume in late exchanging. The stock has shaped a base around the $0.002 level since a little keep running up failed out in April.

DEWM has a long history of making touchy moves amongst $0.001 and simply under a penny a share. The greatest proceed onward DEWM came in mid 2014 when it kept running from $0.0001 to highs of $0.0334.

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Gers – GreenShift Corporation

Despite Court Rulings, GreenShift looks Strong on Debt reduction

Recently, the U.S. Locale Court for the Southern District of Indiana issued a request discovering issues with certain GreenShift Corporation (OTCQB: GERS) licenses that are liable to numerous claims documented by the organization against numerous ethanol plants and innovation suppliers.

Its CEO said, both decisions are appealable. We can’t help contradicting the court’s decisions in every decision, and trust that every choice depended vigorously on a wrong assurance that the innovations were decreased to hone in 2003 as an aftereffect of restricted, little scale seat testing.

On the other hand, GreenShift Corporation declared its culmination of a progression of exchanges bringing about the lessening of GreenShift’s aggregate liabilities to an expected $14 million as of December 31, 2015.

The Company hopes to lessen an extra $3 million owing debtors, in return for about $400,000 in real money, which has been saved retained pending acknowledgment of settlement terms by the different obligation holders. In the event that those extra settlements are finished, GreenShift’s residual liabilities will be fundamentally contained about $8.5 million in convertible obligation.

Its arrangement to do as such includes the rebuilding and disposal of the greater part of its remaining convertible obligation, trailed by the change of its preferred stock into regular stock.

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CBCA – Crown Bonus Capital

Crown Baus Capital Corp Could Slide Further

Crown Baus Capital Corp (OTCPK:CBCA) was an enterprise without incomes and with $185 to its name on the benefit side of its asset report. It fundamentally did not exist, and had no prospects of existing, given the absence of resources for contribute. This, joined with its then huge market capitalization – which remained at $1.94 billion with the stock at $0.01 – made it sure that the stock would drop greatly.

At $0.01, CBCA still has a market capitalization of $145 million. Since CBCA keeps having no business, it most likely won’t quit going down at these levels, either. In any case, that is to some degree irrelevant – at these levels, there’s dependably the hazard the organization deals with some other sort of pump, as the stock is generally still firmly held. Moreover, since CBCA is attempting to cross out its arrangement to purchase WebCongress for stock, the real wellspring of free shares may vanish, in this way making it a more dangerous short.

There is no sense in intuition low liquidity is an obstruction, on the grounds that for a submitted short merchant, notwithstanding offering at 1/2 its present quote STILL introduces 90% drawback. That is an impact of huge descending percentual moves.

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CBIS Cannabis Science Inc

Cannabis Science Shares Are Soaring After U.S. Election

Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) has been climbing relentlessly since a brief plunge underneath the $0.03 stamp. The stock saw a late fly to $0.077 as pot stocks warmed up. The Company is one of the first Marijuana plays to hit the’s return in 2009. In the course of recent years as Marijuana stocks have warmed up CBIS has been at the bleeding edge of this inconceivable wonder exchanging enormous volume and ascending to unfathomable highs.

CBIS is running quick as pot stocks have warmed up going into the race. The scorching Marijuana industry has immediately transformed into a multi-billion dollar huge development advertise that is clearing the nation over with numerous new states sanctioning the medication including California, Nevada, Maine, and Massachusetts on November 8. Therapeutic MJ items in the U.S. alone are anticipated to produce up to $35 Billion by 2020.

Cannabis Science works with driving specialists in medication improvement, restorative portrayal, and clinical research to create, deliver, and popularize novel remedial methodologies for the treatment for ailments brought about by contaminations and additionally for age-related disease.

CBIS starting concentration is on skin growths, HIV/AIDS, and neurological conditions. The Company is continuing with the innovative work of its exclusive medications as a piece of this underlying concentration: CS-S/BCC-1, CS-TATI-1, and CS-NEURO-1, separately.

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CNBX – Cannabics Pharmaceuticals


Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Looks Strong Following Cancer HTS News

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc (OTCMKTS:CNBX) is a stock that has been progressing pleasantly helped along by late news out of the organization, including the declaration that outcomes from the organization’s Cancer HTS inquire about shows that particular proportions of Cannabinoids prompted to Apoptosis in MDA-MB-231 Breast Cancer cell reasonability. The news has prodded a skip taking after a sharp blur in the wake of the key November 8 voting result in eight US states.

Merchants will note 36% heaped on for shareholders of the organization amid the trailing week. CNBX is a stock whose past is covered with sudden tears and sharp arouses. Additionally, the posting has profited from a bounce in late exchanging volume to the tune of moving toward 220% past what we have been seeing over the bigger time span.

Brokers ought to note this as critical because of the constrained buoy measure in the stock (not in any case 15M shares). It’s something the veterans know to key on: a mechanically determined value press can come about because of this sort of blend of little buoy and inclining consideration from dealers.

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals proclaims itself as an organization that participates in the exploration, improvement, permitting, and advertising of cannabinoid-based medications and treatments.

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RIGH- Bud Genius

Bud Genius Looks Strong Amid Its Fresh Guide to Success

With a few states passing measures to sanction marijuana in 2016, the cannabis business looks ready to at long last to take off. Be that as it may, for financial specialists, there remains a pickle: How would you figure out how to get in on the ground floor of this new development industry?

Bud Genius, Inc. (OTC: RIGH), a main testing lab, engineer of information driven rating frameworks for weed strains, and a licensee of VIP supported weed and hemp related stock recently declared their “Guide to Success.”

The organization keeps on developing its weed testing administrations all through southern and northern California. With new areas coming on the web, and interests in cutting edge testing hardware, the organization hopes to see strong development in this market specialty.

Also, the organization keeps on gathering and refines its information sets to finish the world’s most exhaustive rating framework for marijuana strains. In accordance with this objective, the organization is joining forces with driving cannabis producers to create selective strains that contain particular properties that meet customer and commercial center needs.

The organization is additionally finishing their elite authorizing and appropriation understandings for big name supported marijuana and hemp items. These assentions incorporate THC imbued, CBD implanted, and non-THC/CBD related items.

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BCAP- Baron Capital

Baron Capital Enterprises Entering Several New Agreements

Baron Capital Enterprises, Inc. (OTCPK: BCAP) as of late declared that its auxiliary Trans Global Group Inc. (OTCPK: TGGI) is entering the developing pot business. TGGI is documenting a Tier 1 Reg An offering to raise assets to enter the maryjane part. Level 1 Reg An offerings permit organizations to raise up to $20 million in a twelve-month time frame. Stores raised will be utilized to put resources into working offices, and additionally the buy of existing areas and licenses.

There are numerous income streams inside the weed division that range from developing cannabis, to warehousing, to money related administrations. The goal is to put capital into a few organizations that work inside the marijuana space. Speculations would extend from at least 25% up to 100% value procurement, or joint endeavors with existing organizations, with current administration remaining set up. After some time certain speculations will be spun off through dispersion to the shareholders of the Company.

Noble Capital Enterprises, Inc has likewise gained greater part control of Trans Global Group Inc. (OTCPK: TGGI) from TGGI’s previous sole officer and executive.

BCAP is as of now an expansive obligation holder in TGGI and has held very nearly 600 million free exchanging TGGI offers since 2014. The terms of the exchange empowered Baron to gain a further 1.2 million shares of convertible Preferred stock, or 12 billion shares of Common stock upon transformation, making it the dominant part shareholder.

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