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FUSZ stock is nFusz Inc. a good stock to buy?

nFusz Inc.  – FUSZ

nFusz Inc. is an organization based in LA, California, United States. It was founded in 2012 with an aim of bringing the best in CRM industry. The company is the first one to create the world’s first interactive video-based CRM for customized needs of the industry. There is a full range of interactive video tools floated by the company which helps the other companies to sell their range of products and services. There are a number of options available to the customers and it includes a full line of video tools helping you to perform live stream broadcasts. You’ll get exactly what you anticipate for the video presentations in your business for the customized marketing strategies.


The company is leading in giving the higher levels of video engagement to end-users and the conversion of sales is higher for the customers. There are interactive tools designed for you to make sales. The products offered by the company include:

  • notifiCRM: It is the flagship product of the company and the first interactive video-based CRM in the industry. It is meant for a higher level of customer engagement and the scalable platform makes it interactive with the superb video technology.
  • notifiAIR: It allows the customers to exclude the background of the interactive video and replace it with the ‘clickable’ content on the top side of the other video, website or image without any professional video equipment.
  • notifiLinks: This helps the customers in the distribution of the interactive videos through emails, social media platforms, text messaging and e-invites.
  • notifiWeb: It allows the customers to create and display the sales videos including the product details or ‘clickable’ links on the WP or template based platforms on the desktop and mobile devices.
  • notifiAds: The interactive videos can be placed online in the advertisements on FB ads and other platforms.
  • notifiTV: Interactive videos are created for broadcasting, live streaming, and VOD which can be viewed on any smart TV or browser.
  • notifiLIVE: It allows the customers to produce the interactive content with dynamic placement and interactive elements presentable on any smart TV or browser.


nFusz is a digital tech company and leads in its niche for interactive video technology. It offers Customer Relationship Management (CRM) concepts based on the different requirements of the clients. The software platform of the company can accommodate any campaign size and its scalability is highly viable in meeting the requirements of the global organizations. Video concepts are in demand in the marketing world and interactive video front with the prospect communications is the basic aim behind nFusz. The concept of videos is growing and hence, the stockholders are entrusting this company for the best benefits of this service segment.


The customers can make purchases while watching your video. There is a ‘buy now’ button over the videos allowing the purchase of the product or service while they’re watching the video. The customers can be connected even with the video displayed on the phone. The option of ‘Phone Pad’ is added to the video which allows the customers to enter their contact details immediately during the video for immediate response to their queries from the sales department.

The ‘Calendar Button’ allow the viewers to even schedule an appointment in the video for choosing their desired appointment time. It automatically places the appointment in the customer calendar which is a plus for the marketing team.


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Crednology Holding Corp. – COHO stock opinions

Crednology Holding Corp.  – COHO

Crednology Holding Corp has its headquarters in Gray, Georgia, United States. The company was founded in the year 1998 and it came up with the strategic combination of organic growth and acquisition ideas. The company seeks the global presence at the present times and brings a diversified approach for reduction of the effects of financial variations.

CORO is the parent organization of different technological streams operating in the US. This publically traded company has a presence in the sector of Information Technology. This investment specializes in the identification of the IT segment companies with talent, knowledge, expertise, and experience in leading technology-base. Crednology Holding gives financial support to the small companies and renders an exceptional support level for the experienced managing business. The scope of the company is on the positive side because the management works hard in determining the stats and giving support to the companies having a huge caliber in IT department.

The approach of COHO is to provide collaborative support and management strength in building the institutions and segments mandatory for sustained growth. Control investments are made in the IT field and developments are designed for the organizational growth. The 52-week high price of the stocks is $0.0022 and the low is $0.00010. The present scenario is quite competitive for the company and the developments are possible with the strategic mergers and acquisitions.

Cloud Computing: There is a huge scope for the company in the stream of cloud computing and management. It is the most important segment for Recycling business and electronic waste organization in the Information Technology segment. The main products and services are:

  • Disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Cloud computing and virtual environment
  • Services to corporate accounts
  • Recycle and disposal services of E-wastage
  • Data destruction services

The latest acquisition of the company was California Recycles Inc. which was done in the fourth quarter in the year 2016. This E-waste organization is State certified and operated in the long-term agreements of the collection programs and managed events with educational institutes, Local & State municipalities and the corporate entities. The company had a great reputation and had a number of associates relying on California Recycles for the electronic collection by adhering to the HIPPA and government standards.

Crednology Holding Corp. is constantly looking forward to the new business ideas and growth segments for establishing strategic relationships and growth in their field. The businesses and even the individual firms are free to contact the team with their innovative concepts and the company is ready to undertake the new projects. The market cap of the company is $2.5 Million and it is anticipated that the company will have a better growth in the upcoming years with the management of E-waste in the IT segment.

The company deals with these segments:

  • Backup solutions: Offsite storage, restoration, and online data backups
  • Cloud computing: Secured, private and reliable data cloud to save thousands of bucks for IT companies
  • Disaster recovery: These services keep your company’s data safe and secured even if any mishap occurs.


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WSTI stock opinions on Windstream Technologies Inc.

Windstream Technologies Inc. – WSTI

Windstream Technologies Inc. is a company with the stock symbol WSTI and came into operations one decade ago. The major goal of the company is to design and manufacture cheap and scalable renewable energy technologies for global market. There is an exclusive testing developed by the company which consists of the hybrid energy solutions with integrated products. Windstream Technologies is presently marketing and selling its products globally to SolarMills.

The company initiated its R&D facilities in New Albany, Indiana and accumulated a grant from the state for their project. The facilities were designed in alliance with the Purdue Research Center with the engineers hired for their expertise in the following segments:

  • Electro-mechanical engineering
  • Power electronic concepts
  • Turbine designing
  • Fluid dynamics

The company has its exclusive products focusing mainly on the efficient design meant for the high-end techniques for mass production environments. The testing was done on the laboratories in the research center and even passed on to the real world environments to seek out the results. WindStream has its manufacturing unit in North Vernon, Indiana (2011). At present, the company spreads the products to the customers all over the world.

The recent set up of the company is in India for South Asian Operations with the trade name of WindStream Energy Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The products are manufactured in India and closely inspected with WindStream US. The company is entrusted and granted US patents for the technology for different prosecution stages in the domestic and global niche. The products are basically designed and manufactured in Indiana and the shipments are left from Indiana facility on weekly basis. The hybrid energy (sun & wind) are used to manufacture the devices producing the highest energy density of the products on the world-level market.

Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems

Energy needs are growing throughout the world with the expanding growth of the emerging economies for the best tools. Windstream Technologies is dealing with the worldwide explosion of the technologies including personal electronics, conveniences and mobile devices to get a greater demand or supplied energy sources. The clean renewable energy resources will provide the energy for efficient usage of today’s worldly needs. The hybrid solution (SolarMill) is the integrated natural resource solution to get the most required answer and deal with the most suitable energy systems.

Products offered: SolarMill, MobileMill, TowerMill, PowerMill, My SolarMill

The 52-week range of the stocks of WSTI is $0.00-0.0028. The advancement of solar technologies is leading step towards the need of strong hybrid energy segment based on modular, scalable and renewable energy systems designed for different installation schemes. The energy generation is consistent than the general case of wind or solar systems. WindStream Technology is the primary producer of the hybrid product incorporating the blend of two natural resources of energy for the generation of power. The hybrid concept of SolarMill is unique and utilizes both sun and wind as the primary sources for generation of energy. The product focuses to give the higher returns over the investment and aims at giving a productive approach to the natural resources of energy generation.


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RSHN-RushNet Inc. Beverage Stock

RushNet Inc  Ticker Symbol: RSHN


RushNet, Inc. is a beverage products company marketing its products in the United States and Canada. The company offers natural soda beverages and cane-sugar sweetened beverages with the trade names Rush Herbal Cola, Ginseng Rush XXX and Ginseng Rush. The company also manufactures the electrolyte water with the name e-Water. The products of the company are sold online and in the retail stores. The former name of the company was V-Net Beverage, Inc. and its name changed to RushNet, Inc. in the month of July 2005.

The headquarters of the company is located in Blue Island, Illinois. The 52-week high/ low prices of the stock RSHN are $ 0.00090 / $0.00060. The stocks are projected to hit upper levels in the upcoming phases. There were high values noted in the month of January and the trading volume also got high. There were many stocks exchanged within a short duration of time. The company is transforming its businesses and spreading the product line to all the parts of the US and Canada, there are more investments required by the management to make the right decisions. The stock price will run with the higher advantages to the company and there will be better ROI anticipated for the stockholders. Market participants are considering it to be a great prospect for future because of the new updates introduced by the company.

There are some important changes in the management and headquarters anticipated for RHSN. The company has been profiting from the flourishing business and there are many rumors associated with the company. The trading philosophy of the company had never been so fierce and at present, there are many positive aspects anticipated by the stock analysts for RHSN. The restructuring process will definitely bring a positive factor for the company. The short positions have transformed with the changes in the business model. The market capitalization of the company needs improvement. There will be a need for the management to reveal the financial statements with detailed descriptions. The position of the stocks will become positive only with the adequate sharing of the revenues and increase in market cap.

The headquarters will change and it will make the trading exchanges to get noticed. There are many shareholders trusting the company and the increased number will change the trends and the stock prices will probably go towards higher side. RHSN will probably get a better scope in the upcoming times and there will be transitional news soon delivered to the stockholders. The restructuring and regulatory services are highly apprehended in the market and the new policies will help the companies to reach its potential. The small tweaks for complete overhaul towards a better scope. The company’s new range of products and supply of the existing products in all parts of the US and Canada will surely deliver the custom solutions suiting the needs of every client in the appropriate way. The company began in 1999 and has been providing the amazing products liked by many people throughout the American Nations.

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Penny Stocks to buy based on potential short squeezes

Penny Stocks that will have potential short squeezes


The last couple of months we have seen some huge runners that we alerted as trades. MMMW ran 1,500% and OXYS ran over 2000% we have noticed a trend where Market Makers are shorting stocks heavily expecting that they are dealing with just short-term investors. 30 days after their huge volume shorts they are having to cover which is resulting in major short squeezes. This only happens with the stocks that are maintaining higher trading levels and are having more long-term minded investors. So we have put together a list of low float penny stocks and the dates we believe there will be a short squeeze. We track short data using



List of penny stocks and estimated short squeeze dates



  • Estimated short squeeze breakouts on or around June 25h, July 15th, July 26th

  • Only 30 million Authorized shares and only 21.8 million outstanding shares

  • Company website

  • The company manufactures and distributes minimum invasive medical products which treat Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia also known as enlarged prostate which affects over 30 million men

  • Over 20 years of experience in minimally invasive BPH therapies using state of the art Cooled ThermoTherapy and Prostiva RF therapy.

  • We have placed a price target of .25-.40 over the next 2-3 months with the extremely low float and the potential for multiple short squeezes


  • Estimated short squeeze breakouts on or before June 18th, June 21st

  • 500 million Authorized shares, 36 million outstanding shares,

  • Company website

  • Oxysure Therapeutics considers themselves the leader in emergency short-term duration medical oxygen and respiratory solutions.

  • Have FDA approval for Oxysure model 615 with a long-term goal of being able to sell 500 million units worldwide.

  • Our price target of .15-.30 still stands over the next 3 weeks we believe there is one major short squeeze remaining.

MJNE- MJ Holdings, INC.

  • Estimated short squeeze breakout on or before June 20th

  • 95 million Authorized Shares, 63 million Outstanding Shares, estimated float of 4.1 million shares

  • Company Website

  • Marijuana Holdings Company that services the pot and cannabis industry

  • The Company helps manage a 37-acre marijuana cultivation which has a 200,000 sq. ft greenhouse they also have cannabis production license in the state of Nevada.

  • Our price target is $4.50-6.00 a share over the next 1-2 months

IMTV- Imagination TV

  • Estimated short squeeze breakout on or before June 22nd

  • 4 billion Authorized shares and 2.2 Billion Outstanding shares

  • Company Website

  • The company focuses on Live entertainment and Live music events.

  • IMTV recently put on a successful music event at the Taste of Cincinnati festival. The company also plans to put on several more events with world-famous musicians and bands.

  • Our Target price is .005-.01 over the next 2-3 months with several expected catalyst coming up in the near future.

Cach- Cache, INC.

  • Estimated short squeeze breakout on or before July 9th

  • 40 million Authorized Shares and 31 million Outstanding shares

  • Company website

  • The company website has been updated that the company is under new ownership and they are currently taking the next steps to preserving the well-known Cache brand and exploring a new business model.

  • From June 6th to June 12th there were 2,436,704 shares shorted that will need to be covered.

  • We don’t have a target yet for CACH until management updates website and new business direction

VCTL- Rain Maker Systems, Inc.

  • Estimated short squeeze breakouts on or before July 10th, July 25th,

  • 50 million Authorized shares and 42.2 million outstanding shares

  • Company website

  • The company has a focus of Litmos Commerce learning management systems. This allows fortune 500 enterprises to train employees with their cloud-based LMS saving time, money, and energy while also maximizing profit.

  • Several successful enterprises are already using the Litmos Commerce learning management system including HP, Abbott, Ariba, and Synopsys. There is huge opportunity to grow.

  • We put a target on VCTL at .15-.25 over the next 5-6 months



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Any individual who chooses to invest in any securities should do so with caution. Investing in securities is speculative and carries a high degree of risk; you may lose some or all of the money that is invested. Always research your own investments and consult with a registered investment advisor or licensed stock broker before investing.

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Marijuana Stocks: June and July Pot stocks to watch

Marijuana Stocks: June and July

Unless you have been living under a rock when it comes to trading marijuana stocks you would know that Canada is set to legalize the recreational use of Marijuana Stocks this month.

This has caused a buying frenzy among stock traders. If you look at the charts however most marijuana stocks have been trending down since April. The key with micro-cap stocks is to be one step ahead of the game. New investors are looking to buy CBD and weed stocks now because they are inexperienced and don’t know any better. The stock market is like a game of chess you always want to be a few steps ahead of the average trader.

Our Top stocks to watch for the month of June and July are:


OXYS- Oxysure

OXYS is a thinly traded OTC stock with under 40 million shares outstanding according to OTC markets. It is also listed as only having a float of 8.7 million. This is a stock that we have been saying could very easily go to .25-$1 a share and it currently looks right on target to do that. Although this is not technically a marijuana stock, it is in the medical industry and they do have several patents according to their website We have been following their Twitter account and it has just recently become active and they have mentioned several new hires. You can find their twitter account at If you look at the OXYS chart at it clearly looks like it is ready for its next leg up and ready to go to a new 52 week high above .25 in our opinion. We have been tracking the short positions at and there look to be millions of shares Market Makers will have to buy back in order to cover their shorts. This could set up a massive short squeeze and send the stock rocketing. We have seen stocks like this breakout to $2-$5 a share when those massive short squeeze happen. We aren’t getting too greedy though we will be happy with the .25-$1 rage.



MJNE- MJ Holdings

MJNE is a marijuana company that is has a very small float as well of 4.1 million shares.  The company has several cultivation operations according to their website including a 35+ acre cultivation with a two hundred thousand square foot greenhouse. They have a Nevada issued Cannabis production license and are working on expanding to several other states. The chart is looking like it is ready again for another bounce so we are watching this for a nice swing trade. This is a marijuana stock that is flying under the radar and that is how we like them!


Please make sure you read our full disclosure on OXYS and MJNE here 

This page is just for entertainment purposes only. Penny Stocks are risky make your own buying and selling decisions.

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Marijuana Stocks to buy in June

Marijuana Penny Stocks to buy in June 2018


Ticker Symbol: OXYS– Oxysure Therapeutics Inc.

This is a stock looks like it is starting to get volume. We have started buying shares and plan on getting over 1 million shares. This stock only has around 37 million outstanding shares according to  This company currently has FDA approval on a life saving medical devices which they list on their website at  Medical Devices are a 185 billion dollar industry. Hypothetically speaking if OXYS were to land a few medical contracts that pushed their market cap up to 100 million that would push their share price up to $3 a share! That would be pretty amazing for a company that is currently trading for under .10 a share! Some believe OXYS will see .25 a share within the next two months.

Marijuana Stocks to watch

As you can see by looking at the chart above OXYS bounced from .04 to .149 the last time the MACD touched. If it were to follow the same pattern this time that would put it above .25 a share!

Ticker Symbol: MJNE –  MJ Holding, Inc.

According to this marijuana stock has a float of only 668,398 shares which is almost unheard of for a marijuana stock. Looking through some of the SEC filings the company has had some huge revenue years as well. 61.4 million of the 62.6 million O/S is restricted which is usually a really good sign. We are very bullish on this stock right now we own thousands of shares and plan on buying more. They also just launched a new website which looks really good. We also noticed that one of the people that found POTN under .04 before it ran to .95 just mentioned it on Twitter as an under the radar stock with huge potential. Right now MJNE has very little volume if the volume picks up this stock could move up very fast. We try to put marijuana stocks on our watchlist that are under the radar and have not had huge runs yet. This is a high risk and high potential reward stock. Make sure you do your own research.

Ticker Symbol: GWPH – GW Pharmaceuticals

GWPH is working on several different Cannabinoid Medicines. There is a gap in the chart at a share price of $126. We are watching to see if it can have a small bounce at that price for a quick flip.

 Ticker Symbol: ZYNE – Zynerba Pharmaceuticals Inc.

ZYNE is currently trading at around $10 a share. It looks like it has broken through its downtrends and could be starting a reversal. ZYNE is focusing on synthetic cannabinoid treatments which can be absorbed through the skin.


Disclaimer: The Author of this article holds positions in OXYS and MJNE that they bought on the open. This is not to be taken as financial advice. Penny Stocks are risky. Everything here is for entertainment purposes only. The Author of this article trades stocks meaning buy low and sell high for profit. Some of the trades last several months and some are shorter term swing trades.  Please read full disclaimer  at

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Penny Stocks to buy in June

Top 3 penny stocks to watch for the Month of June

1. OXYS- Oxysure Therapeutics– This super low float stock is alive from the dead! This reminds us of MMMW which we had on our watchlist and it went up 2,000% ! Some people believe OXYS could hit .25 to even $1 a share. It is a rare find in the OTC where it has a super tiny Float and has a website and already has some medical devices that have FDA approval. One or two large contracts could send this gem soaring! This stock is currently trading around .10

2. BKPPF- Block One Capital– This stock was on our list last month. We believe it is due for a breakout. It is currently trading in the .35-.40 range

3.MJNE  MJ Holding, Inc. -According to this marijuana stock has a float of only 668,398 shares which is almost unheard of for a marijuana stock. Looking through some of the SEC filings the company has had some huge revenue years as well. 61.4 million of the 62.6 million O/S is restricted which is usually a really good sign. We are very bullish on this stock right now we own thousands of shares and plan on buying more. They also just launched a new website which looks really good. We also noticed that one of the people that found POTN under .04 before it ran to .95 just mentioned it on Twitter as an under the radar stock with huge potential. Right now MJNE has very little volume if the volume picks up this stock could move up very fast. We try to put marijuana stocks on our watchlist that are under the radar and have not had huge runs yet. This is a high risk and high potential reward stock. Make sure you do your own research.

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Volatility in gold mining stocks

Gold Mining Stocks


The investors seeking for a long-term view of gold need to keep in mind that there is no consistent co-relation between gold and other financial assets. There have been sharp ups and downs in the gold market from the 90s to 2000. The stock prices showed a tremendous variation for gold stocks from 2002 ending to December 2017. The demand for all the metals increased in China which gave a better scope to the Gold market.

The Federal Reserve made gold cheaper for the investors to buy in the global world. However, the monetary winds are in the new direction in the present. US dollar is going lows in accordance to the major currencies of the world. The money supply by Fed has been slowly reduced. An improvement in the economy requires higher gold demand, in the form of physical assets. This demand is mainly led by the countries like China, Russia, India, and Africa. The issue with gold investment is that it doesn’t pay off any dividends.

Gold Mining Stocks & ETFs

Many investors like to bet on gold mining companies and ETFs. Gold mining company stocks contribute to higher risks than that of ETF. The gold mine might be terminated due to war, strikes or other issues. The mining firms also limit the revenue if there is a high rise in the gold prices. The mining company investments for the stockholders have been disappointing in the last decade. If you want to get returns on your investment by ETFs, the best option is to think long-term and limit daily trading.

Macroeconomic factors affecting Gold

The US economy is going slow in growth but there are signals of high stepping up. The GDP of the United States enhanced to a level of 1.2 percent in the initial quarter of 2017 and consequently, the next two quarters were 2.6 percent and 3.2 percent respectively. There have been continuous gains resulting in higher price indexing with better prospects for investors.

There have been news from China for cutting short its annual growth forecasts and reforming the economic model after many years of export connected growth. The economic growth will reduce the chances of economic freezing and there will be big growth expected for gold. Money managers also tend to loosen its balance sheet to an appropriate level. The Fed bought many mortgage-backed securities and Treasury bonds for keeping the money cost at lower levels. Government bonds are anticipated to lead more money flowing into the other assets, like gold and hence, there is a growth expected in this segment.

The price of the gold is going ahead in coordination with the real interest rates. There is not much expectation for the hike in the interest rates and the market will now look for the long-term investment options to reap the best benefits by gold investment. Gold stocks will probably bloom for the people looking forward to long interval investments.

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Code stock- 360 Blockchain is it a scam?

Code Stock- 360 Blockchain

360 Blockchain Inc. has the ticker symbol CODE and it is listed in the OTCQB market. This company has transformed the ways of conducting businesses and has given the cost-effective, efficient and secure solutions. The previous name of the company was 360 Capital Financial and changed its name to 360 Blockchain Inc. on October 10, 2017. The company and its subsidiaries develop financial and insurance service distribution in the US. There are partnerships, joint ventures, alliances, and acquisitions made by the company for growing and establishing a trusted name in the stock market.

The market capitalization of 360 Blockchain Inc. is $17.62 million. The financial services are provided by this financial company to the public and private segment companies with businesses linked to IPO consulting, merchant banking, financial and business advisory. There are contracts taken with regard to decentralized database management, cryptocurrency, cryptographic security and smart contracts. 52 weeks stock price range of the company is $0.04-0.39.

Arcology is an alliance of Blockchain Inc. and has hired three senior developers very recently. This engineering team is projected to get the most reliable results with the areas related to machine learning, adaptive network designing, and artificial intelligence. The lead scientist is Laurent Zhang and the senior engineers would report him for the project related issues. Laurent is known as the specialist who hires the best visionaries in their fields and it has led to a positive point for the stock buyers to trust this stock and get the best out of its projections.

Mr. George Tsafalas is the President cum CEO of 360 Blockchain, Inc. and he issued an important letter to the shareholders on April 11. He updated the company’s growth and shareholder values to initiate transparency in the minds of investors. There have been many inclusions in the Blockchain companies (Pressland, Arcology, and CryptoLab). There are many progressions done in the field of cryptocurrency. There are huge growth opportunities projecting in the Blockchain space and it aims at leaving an impact on our daily lives. The mass adoption by stockholders will benefit the company and it will certainly give a right move to the company’s success.

On the first day of 2018, 360 Blockchain USA (a subsidiary of 360 Blockchain Inc.) got its President cum CEO Mr. Jeff Koyen for specifically serving the companies based in the United States. There have been associations made with Canadian companies for getting the energy-efficient cryptocurrency tools. The working capital and the business investments of the company are escalated by issuing many public stocks in the OTC market.

360 Blockchain Inc. makes sure to activate the early-stage business opportunities to take a smart move for a better scope of cryptocurrency business. The company has invested capital and expertise in bringing the best for their business. There is a huge potential for transforming the way of conducting business, delivering security and anticipating gains in the internet connected world. The company focuses on the unsurpassed cryptographic technology to attain the best response at customer and investor level.


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