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2007 April 13

I picked ILGY and it zoomed ahead 160%. My Next Pick is ATLJ. Please do your own research. This is not a buy recommendation. I am not a registered analyst. I don’t have a series 7 , series 12, and I don’t like Maria Bartiromo. Unless somehow my wife allowed us a one night stand. Ok I am awake now.

This chart was supposed to be more of a joke than anything else. Lets face it, this stock has tanked over the long run. Back in February it was at $.002 and ran to $.016. Now that is some serious cash. In March they issued this PR:

Asia Telecom Ltd. (Other OTC:



) (Frankfurt:



) would like to announce that the Company has applied for a new CUSIP number and will be seeking a symbol change. The Company has ordered the NOBO list as the company seeks to help shareholders find answers to naked short selling.

Vice President Mike Palmer stated: “This is one more attempt made by our Company to reflect the desire to preserve share value for our shareholders.”

The company, like many others, feels thay have been a ‘victim’ of short sellers. But the difference will be if they actually get the new symbol and CUSIP. Covering will have to take place and we could see a very nice run.

Another recent PR confirmed share structure as well as earnings: The Company’s share structure is as follows:

Authorized Shares: 500,000,000

Outstanding Shares: 325,112,508

Vice President Mike Palmer stated: “We felt it necessary to advise our shareholders once again that the information available concerning our share structure is true and accurate. Having said this, we are anticipating that our current and upcoming projects will result in earnings of $0.01 per share or better.”

So they expect earnings of $.01 a share or better? That is stellar news. Penny Stocks Why does this stock keep falling? A conservative multiple of 10 gives you a stock that is worth $.10 a share or, as the company stated, better. ATLJ was trading at $.026 a share at the end of February. Here we are two months later with a share price in the low to mid $.002′s.

I do see a rebound coming. This company is also good at keeping their shareholders informed.

The next company update regarding the new CUSIP will move this stock considerably. But even without a PR I see a modest $.004 by next week, and if we get another shareholder update or any positive PR we could go even higher. I am not going to write about 100%+ gains for this stock like I did for ILGY. I do see a 50% sometime next week. So if a 50% gain isn’t enough for you I apologize. But lets get real, it is tough picking 100%+ stocks all the time. I have to get a break every now and then.

My pick of ATLJ is my opinion only. Do your own DD. I felt ILGY had hit bottom. It took a little over a week before it gained 160%. I don’t see ATLJ blowing up right away either. Feel this one out. The spread is high. Sometimes the bid and ask are right next to each other, other times someone is trying to steal your money. The MM”s will lure you in to buying at a much higher price than you have to. If you want to buy this stock put in a price you are willing to spend and hold that spot.

Most of all sell as the stock appreciates in value. No sense buying stock if you don’t sell!

Finally….. go ATLJ!

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Online Stock Trading Services – How to Find the Best One

Online Stock Trading Services – How to Find the Best One

When you want to invest in stocks online, you should first choose an online stock trading service or company. Because that is how you can open a stock account and invest your money in it.

If you have done a little bit of research online, you know that there are so many stock trading companies that it is very easy to get confused which one to choose.

So this guide is going to help you get some helpful tips on how to choose the best solution. Here are some tips to help you…

It is very important the company you choose is reliable, because you are going to work with them hopefully for a long time and they are going to take care of your stock investment management needs.

So they should be reliable in the first place. Also they should have a responsible and fast customer support service, so in case you had any questions or needed urgent help, they are available fast.

So what can you do with a stock trading company?

First of all, you can get free stock quotes in it, which means you can find out which stocks are going up and which ones are falling down. Penny Stocks This is a great help for you to choose which stocks to invest your money in.

Also you can find out the latest stock market news from them, helping you predict the trends and invest in the most profitable stocks.

The best way to find a great online stock trading company is always through recommendations from your friends.

Because you trust your friends and know your benefit is very important to them. So when they have worked with a good reliable stock trading company before and had a great experience, they’ll be happy to honestly introduce it to you.

If you don’t have any friend who have been in the stock market, you can still find great stock trading companies by visiting some stock forums and seeing what companies the members there recommend.

Would you like to discover the insider secrets toSmarter Stock Trading? It’s easy and fast, and you can use them even if you are new to the stock market.

You can check out this FREE guide on Stock Market for Beginners to find out easy, fast techniques to make profits from the stock market like a Pro!

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Online Stock Trading Strategies ? Select the Right One

Online Stock Trading Strategies ? Select the Right One

Stock markets are mercurial in nature and are highly sensitive to any happening in the world whether it relates to politics, religion, finance. So dealing in stock markets using productive online stock trading strategies is a must. These strategies allow traders to understand and analyse which stocks should be purchased and when they should be sold to protect their invested dollars.

There are innumerable online stock trading strategies in the market but some of them stand out from the rest. New traders are strictly advised to follow them to see the difference for themselves. Some of the basic ones include hedging, dogs of the Dow, buying on margin, and dollar cost and value averaging.

Hedging is useful for you when you aim to protect your capital. Hedging gives protection to your investment by minimising the risks involved in holding a specific stock. The risk that the stock price will come down can be set off by purchasing a put option that authorises you to sell the stock at a specific price within a certain time period. Penny Stocks In case stock comes down, put option value will rise. If you want to hedge against market falls, selling financial futures such as the Standard & poor’s (S&P) 500 futures can be the right option.

Dog of the Dow is also one of the online stock trading strategies wherein the concept is to purchase the best-value stocks in the Dow Industrial Average by selecting stocks that have the lowest P/E ratios and the highest dividend yields.

Buying on margin is one of the risk-prone online stock trading strategies, and it involves purchasing stocks with money lent out by stock brokers. The margin amount should be restricted to around 10% of your total account.

Dollar cost and value averaging strategy includes pooling in a fixed amount of dollars regularly such as buying shares of a mutual fund every month. This strategy can be used with a broader trading strategy to secure your investment fund growth.

This article written by David Jose is on online stock trading strategies. David Jose has been a avert writer on various online trading communities. His work has been published in several places across the web. At present David Jose is contributing towards making MTP a well known and popular online trading community.

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Trading Analysis Published for CHRD, GNVC, and DCTH at Community

San Diego, CA (Vocus) March 11, 2010

Online stock picking community and small cap/penny stock research website has published trading outlooks for Chordiant Software, Inc. (NASDAQ:CHRD), Delcath Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:DCTH), and penny stock GenVec, Inc. (NASDAQ:GNVC). These three stocks are considered to be the most important trading setups or opportunities for the day.

Investors should note that not all the projections are necessarily bullish.

The complete discussions are available to the website’s registrants. Investors and traders are invited to subscribe to the free Small Cap Network Newsletter – which continually offers new trading ideas and insights – by visiting:

About SmallCapNetwork

The Small Cap Network is one of the web’s leading small cap stock trading communities. While large caps tend to receive the majority of media attention, small and micro cap stocks as well as penny stocks can often offer the most potential for investment gains. Penny Stocks The Small Cap Network web site and free newsletter offer in-depth fundamental research and technical trading recommendations on select small cap stocks , micro cap stocks, bulletin board stocks, and actively traded penny stocks, serving as an investor resource to better tap the full potential offered by such companies’s commentary and trading ideas are based on a combination of fundamental analysis, company news and events, technical analysis, market analysis, and economic analysis. This combination of several kinds of criteria allows the site’s analysts to find the very best trading ideas, which is the reason the site is quickly becoming the premier web destination for those seeking superior returns.

Forward-Looking Statement: This press release may include or imply “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the federal securities laws, commonly identified by such terms as “believes,” “looking ahead,” “anticipates,” “estimates” and other terms with similar meaning. Although the Company believes that the assumptions upon which its forward-looking statements are based are reasonable, it can give no assurance that these assumptions will prove to be correct. Important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from the Company’s projections and expectations are disclosed in the Company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. All forward-looking statements in this press release are expressly qualified by such cautionary statements and by reference to the underlying assumptions. is not a registered investment advisers or broker/dealer. makes no recommendation that the purchase of securities of companies profiled in this website is suitable or advisable for any person or that an investment such securities will be profitable. In general, given the nature of the companies profiled and the lack of an active trading market for many of their securities, investing in such securities is highly speculative and carries a high degree of risk.

Contact Information:

Small Cap Network

4653 Carmel Mtn. Rd

Suite 308 #402

San Diego, CA 92130

Source: Small Cap Network


Find More Penny Stock Press Releases

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Day Trading Penny Stocks With Ease!

Day Trading Penny Stocks With Ease!


Would you like to learn how to buy penny stocks?

A lot of traders are drawn to Penny stock investing for the potential of hitting a home run and getting big profit.  Unfortunately, for most of those penny stock believers, they usually end up striking out instead of hitting home runs. A wise penny stock day-trader will focus on 15%-25% return in a few minutes then take the money and run!

Knowing which penny stocks to buy is not that easy.

Once you can get a quick profit, Why not take it and do it again on a different stock? You don’t usually want to hold these penny stocks very long when you are trying to trade them.

The majority of penny-stock traders pass on that 20% gain to hoping to get 200%, then they usually end up giving back most of the money they made in the meantime.

How to buy penny stocks? In the event, you trade our picks and take our technique of locking in profits

We are going to educate you how to buy penny stocks. You won’t hear us telling members to stay in the position that would be really going nowhere which is certainly typical associated with a penny stock promoter.

Penny Stock frauds have proven to be the reason why it is important to stay clear of getting married to Penny Stocks. Unlike NASDAQ and the NYSE, you will find only minimum requirements for a stock to be quoted on the OTCBB, A lot of them don’t even make the filings with the SEC in time. This is why it is best to trade these stocks and not invest in them.

Firms that are not able to meet listing requirements on major exchanges are generally de-listed. The same isn’t true with Pink Sheet penny stocks or OTCBB. Many investors get sucked in by stock promoters and try to keep a stock for a longer time frame. Paid promoters regularly send phony price targets at the same time teaming ” up ” with the business

Paid promoters regularly send phony price targets at the same time teaming ” up ” with the business of publishing news. It is usually incredibly difficult to get quality information on penny stock organizations rendering it very risky to hold onto a position.

How do you day trade Penny Penny stocks?

The risk to reward rate on these lower priced penny-stocks is extremely alluring for the day trader. Day trading identifies the practice of buying and selling common stock inside the same exact trading day so that all positions are likely to be closed the exact same day they are opened.

Day trading penny stocks are becoming a lot more prevalent.



Incoming search:

  • day trading penny stocks reviews
  • is it hard to be a day trader in penny stocks
  • penny momentum trader review

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Our New Big Triple Zero Momentum Penny Stock Play Is Eyes on the Go, Inc. (OTCBB: AXCG)

Greetings Traders,

Last year thieves made off with more than $120 billion worth of goods from various businesses across the U.S. and the FBI estimates that every 11 seconds a business is broken into. The situation is grave and business owners are scared out of their wits.

As a result of this multi-billion dollar problem companies that provide security are booming. My latest opportunity provides much needed video surveillance services to those businesses that have either had enough, or simply can’t afford to lose any more money to thieves.

axcg newsletter

This massively undervalued play has been showing signs of life recently and traders have sent volume levels soaring.

Market valuation has revved into life and since August more than 75% have been added to the company’s 12-month low.

Gain potential of up to 488% is up for grabs and the technical indicators are pointing to a potential explosion. Needless to say if you want a piece of the action then due diligence needs to be conducted ASAP.

The countdown to profits starts right now.

My Newest Multi-Trillion “Security & Video Monitoring” Play Is…

*** Eyes on the Go, Inc. (OTCBB: AXCG) ***


AXCG Eyes on the Go, Inc. designs, implements, and provides services relating to the remote monitoring of businesses and other facilities in the United States.

AXCG customers monitor their businesses and other facilities through computers, wireless handheld devices, and television equipment using the Internet.

AXCG also offers, a Web site that provides online streaming video and audio images from bars, restaurants, performance spaces, and clubs to consumers.

AXCG markets its remote monitoring and services primarily to business owners and managers in the entertainment and hospitality industries, which comprise restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and performance spaces.

Top Investor Highlights

·        AXCG has added more than 75% to its lower support levels since August 23 and traders seem keen to add more to this ever-growing play.

·        AXCG recently recorded breakout volume of 60 million shares – a staggering 1400% increase over average volume of 4 million.

·        AXCG’s RSI is a very robust 49.71 which gives the play the perfect support for any potential upward price movement.

·        AXCG’s moving averages has seen stunning improvement from the lacklustre numbers several weeks ago. Penny Stocks The company’s 20-day MA is now up 16.67%.

·        AXCG’s recent launch of Gander.TV, a remote monitoring service for entertainment industry companies is expected to yield significant growth in revenue potential.


Global Video Surveillance Market to Grow 80% by 2017

Good news for the security industry: According to a new report from market research firm IMS Research, the global video surveillance market is expected to grow from $12.6 billion in 2012 to $23.2 billion in 2017. That’s a more than 80% increase in the next five years — and a sure sign of even more growth to come.

IMS is also forecasting network video equipment to account for 57% of the $23-billion global surveillance market by 2017. As more end users move from analog to IP and demand greater capabilities like remote access and video analytics, this figure will only continue to grow.

Meanwhile, the North American surveillance market will double by 2017, from $5 billion to $10 billion, IMS estimates. This growth is fueled in part by a burgeoning number of municipal deployments, as well as continuing growth in the education, retail, healthcare and transportation sectors.

As network video surveillance expands throughout the world, the need for reliable, cost-effective storage becomes increasingly clear.

As users grow their networks, invest in higher-resolution cameras and lengthen video retention times, “smart” storage becomes even more necessary, rather than simply adding conventional physical servers and storage. Appliances that incorporate virtualization  —yes, such as Pivot3’s — can cut a user’s power and cooling requirements by 40%, which immediately saves money and resources.

The next five years will see strong, steady growth for the video surveillance market.

As surveillance technology continues to evolve, advanced appliances such as the Pivot3 vSTAC® Watch will help to keep costs in check while also providing the most reliable and scalable storage solution for today’s security deployments.


Video Surveillance Storage Market Set to Pass $5.6 Billion by 2013

The latest data from IMS Research forecasts the world market for video surveillance storage will exceed $5.6bn in 2013. But are the days of the DVR numbered?

IT network storage, in particular IP SANs (Storage Area Networks), is at the forefront of new enterprise surveillance projects. IMS Research’s latest market research report, ‘The World Market for Enterprise and IP Storage used for Video Surveillance,’ forecasts network storage will account for over 30% of world video surveillance storage revenues in 2013.

IMS Research Market Analyst, William Rhodes suggests that “although the market is currently dominated by DVR solutions; network surveillance storage is gaining traction and is more scalable and flexible to the needs of some end-users.”

There is currently a very large installed base of DVRs being used to record surveillance footage. Some end-users will replace DVR appliances with like-for-like solutions; however, more forward looking end-users are requesting new technologies such as network storage or VSaaS. Hosted video or Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) is another area that may drive the decline of the DVR. William Rhodes comments that “The target market for VSaaS vendors is SMB or residential deployments; essentially low-camera count installations with minimal recording capabilities and little requirement for constant monitoring.

The market is currently small and nascent. However, if brought to the market in the right way and at the right time, it has the potential to disrupt the traditional DVR market.”

DVR solutions should not be ruled out, as there will continue to be a sizeable need for a locally recorded ‘plug and play solution’ particularly in low-end applications.

But as demand grows for network storage and as hosted video solutions gain traction, the traditional DVR solution is likely to be challenged in low-camera count installations.

AXCG’s dynamic approach to satisfying customer needs will be a strong asset Read More

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Featured Content

Penny Stock Trading Tips

Penny Stock Trading Tips

Penny Stock Trading Tips

Free Online Articles Directory

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Top Authors
Top Articles
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Penny Stock Investing – What Is A Penny Stock?

Penny Stock Investing – What Is A Penny Stock?

Penny Stock Investing – What Is A Penny Stock?

Free Online Articles Directory

Why Submit Articles? Penny Stocks
Top Authors
… [Read more of this review]

Getting Used to Trading Penny Stock Investing

Getting Used to Trading Penny Stock Investing

Getting Used to Trading Penny Stock Investing

Free Online Articles Directory

Why Submit Articles?
Top Authors
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A Basic Guide To Penny Stocks Investing

A Basic Guide To Penny Stocks Investing

In penny stock investing, investors either see big gains fast or big losses fast. Penny stocks are regarded as ‘hot penny stocks’ when the value of the stocks rises fast. When the tag ‘high volatility’ is attached to a penny stock, it means that the particular stock’s value… [Read more of this review]

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Free Stock-Picking System Returned 34.9% In 2006

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) January 16, 2007, a free online investment newsletter, released their returns for 2006. Since inception in 1998, the website’s model portfolio has returned 33.6% per year (1,264.1% overall), has produced a gain each year, and has beaten the S&P 500 nine out of nine years. Sell signals for the portfolio have an average return of 86.8% and portfolio turnover is low.

Even during the three-year bear market, their model stock portfolio produced gains each year. While the market lost (-39%) during the bear market,’s model portfolio produced a gain (+21%).

The model stock portfolio has also easily out-performed Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway stock over the last nine years (a 1,264.1% return versus Berkshire’s 139.1%).

Following are the newsletter’s top recommendations for 2006 and the stock’s 2006 performance while held in the model portfolios:

Chaparral Steel Company (ticker symbol: CHAP) +192.7%

NewMarket (NEU) +107.9%

AEP Industries Inc. (AEPI) +101.8%

US LEC Corp. (CLEC) +98.1%

Fairfax Financial Holdings (FFH) +83.8%

DirecTV Group Inc. (DTV) +76.6%

MEMC Electronic Materials (WFR) +76.6%

GameStop Corp. (GME) +73.2%

Treehouse Foods Inc. (THS) +66.7%

Broadwing Corporation (BWNG) +65.5%

Knology, Inc. (KNOL) +58.8%

Freescale Semiconductor Inc. (FSL) +58.8%

CSK Auto Corp. (CAO) +50.7%

International Game Technology (IGT) +50.1% offers model stock and mutual fund portfolios as well as recommended discount brokers. Currently the company is evaluating a discount brokerage firm that offers free trades. The broker’s business model is to earn its revenue from margin interest. will issue its recommendation on this broker once the evaluation is complete.

For additional information on the stock and mutual fund picking systems and the investment newsletter that employs them, visit

Contact Information:

Nancy Wagner

Media Representative



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Money Making Marketing For Loan Officers
New Money Making Marketing E-book For Mortgage Loan Officers. Increase your pipeline and originate more home loans with insider marketing ideas.
Money Making Marketing For Loan Officers

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Penny Stocks: Learning More About Penny Stocks

 Learning More About Penny Stocks

There’s so much information out there on different stocks, and advice on how to play the stock market. But which advice do you trust, and how do you know that you’re getting good advice? When it comes to learning more about penny stocks, do you know where to start?

Finding out what penny stocks are, and how to trade in them, is the first step in trading penny stocks. After all, if you’re going to invest you want to know what you’re investing in and the best way to do it, right? This only makes sense. But many investors want to learn all they can about stocks, before they invest their valuable money – and their time, which is sometimes even more valuable than any amount of money.

So how do you go about learning more about penny stocks? A good place to start is the Internet, and not those spam e-mails that talk about penny stocks – never trust those. But there is valuable information to be found online, and knowledgeable people who will answer any questions you may have. The Internet can always be a valuable source of information on any topic – as long as you remember not to trust everything you read you find online. It’s always good to double and triple check any facts you unearth online, just to be on the safe side.

But for chatting with others and learning public opinion, there is no better forum. And isn’t talking to fellow investors the best way to learn about investing? Those who have played the market using penny stocks are the people who will be able to offer you the best information and advice. They can tell you what they did, and perhaps even answer questions.

You’ll find online forums, chat groups, discussion boards, and entire sites dedicated to investing in all kinds of stocks. You may even be able to find some penny stock-dedicated forums and groups, where you can learn about the stock type that most interests you. This is a great way to find out what real people are saying about their stocks, and if they’re actually making any money with them. Some people may brag about huge returns and this sort of information should perhaps be taken with a grain of salt, unless stock numbers seem to match their claims. As you talk with people and learn more, you’ll become more and more familiar with the penny stocks of your choice.

After all, it’s not like you can just take your broker’s word for it. When it comes to your money, you should learn all you can about where you’re investing and what you’re investing into. The Internet is a great source of information, and you can look up penny stocks and penny stock information online as well as chat with other investors. There may be some false information, but there is a lot of really good information – and the only way to find it is to look. Talk to others, and learn more about penny stocks before you invest. It may help you may bigger profits and enjoy bigger returns, as a result.

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CMRZF penny stock to watch

Hot Penny Stocks To Watch

Should You Buy, Sell, or Hold CMRZF?
Click here
for a Free instant in-depth email analysis of CMRZF.
The stock will be
thoroughly analyzed using a combination of technical analysis and fundamental analysis.
Analysis Chart Symbol Exchange Company Stock Close % Change MITD PINK MIT Holding Inc 0.200000000 1150.00% EGHDQ PINK, Inc. 0.002000000 566.67% SNMBQ PINK Sona Mobile Holdings Corp. 0.000600000 500.00% SBNK PINK Sonoma Valley Bancorp 0.029000000 457.69% APAB PINK Appalachian Bancshares, Inc 0.027000000 440.00% USGA PINK US Global Nanospace, Inc. 0.000800000 300.00% EVSC PINK Endovasc, Inc. 0.000700000 250.00% GWSC PINK GWS Technologies Inc 0.007400000 236.36% CYKN PINK Cyberkinetics Neurotechnology Sys., Inc. 0.005000000 212.50% BWMG 0.006400000 204.76% SPRL PINK Strat Petroleum Ltd. 0.000300000 200.00% MRIB PINK Marani Brands, Inc. 0.000300000 200.00% QING OTC Qingdao Footwear, Inc. 0.100000000 185.71% SGCR PINK Strategic Resources Ltd. 0.005400000 170.00% HTMXQ PINK Hartmarx Corporation 0.001000000 150.00% DGLV PINK DIGILAVA INC 0.001000000 150.00% MIMV 0.095000000 137.50% LOGC 0.360000000 132.26% BLQN OTC Balqon Corporation 0.650000000 126.09% SWRI PINK Sea wright Holdings, Inc. 0.075000000 114.29% RAMO PINK RAMOIL MANAGEMENT LTD 0.009500000 111.11% UDHI PINK Union Dental Holdings, Inc. 0.004200000 110.00% IREC PINK IMPERIAL PETRO RECVY 0.042000000 105.88% VTMS OTC Vitamin Spice 0.020000000 100.00%
http://www.hotpennystockstowatch. <a href=Penny Stocks org/penny-stock-to-watch/tgi-solar-stock-price-TSPG.aspx” border=”0″ TSPG PINK TGI SOLAR POWER GR 0.000200000 100.00% TBXC PINK TBX Resources Inc 1.000000000 100.00% SUPR 0.010000000 100.00% SBRH PINK SEBASTIAN RIVER HLDG 0.000200000 100.00% QPRC PINK QUEST PRODUCTS CP 0.002400000 100.00% QMIN 0.000200000 100.00% PCYS PINK PrimeCare Systems Inc 0.020000000 100.00% NWMT PINK NewMarket Technology, Inc. 0.000200000 100.00% LGOV PINK Largo Vista Group, Ltd. 0.004000000 100.00% KGRI PINK KILEY GROUP, INC. 0.000200000 100.00% ITLI PINK Intelligentias, Inc. 0.000600000 100.00% CRGO PINK Cargo Connection Logistics Holding, Inc. 0.000200000 100.00% BYOC OTC Beyond Commerce, Inc. 0.000200000 100.00% BRHI PINK Braintech, Inc. 0.001000000 100.00% AVOP PINK AV1 GROUP INC 0.000200000 100.00% AITG PINK Air Transport Group Holdings, Inc. 0.020000000 100.00% ADRN 0.000200000 100.00% FXIT OTC FOREX INTL TRADING CORP 0.028900000 92.67% ENTS 0.095000000 90.00% DSIIQ PINK DelSite, Inc. 0.003800000 90.00% AGNM PINK Acrongenomics Inc. 0.045000000 87.50% ICPA PINK IC PLACES INC 0.001600000 77.78% FLWE PINK Fellows Energy Ltd 0.000700000 75.00% SMNG 0.020900000 74.17% AIVN PINK American International Ventures, Inc. 0.040000000 73.91% ALSE PINK Alseres Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 0.510000000 70.00%

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