Was AMLH a pump and dump?

American Leisure  Holdings Inc. OTCMRKTS:AMLH

Everything in this article is just for entertainment only. All penny stocks are risky. Make your own buying decisions. is not being compensated for this article. Please read our disclaimer here.

AMLH is an extremely hot stock right now. It is currently number #2 on IHUB breakout boards just falling short in popularity to BVTK.

So the main question is AMLH just a quick pump and dump or does it have room to run? If you look at the featured chart, it is too early to tell. The chart still looks healthy, and if it holds support and fills the gap, you very well could see another nice bounce.

Why are investors excited about AMLH?

American Leisure Holds is focused on the Electronic Games Industry. They have a specialized niche focus with Game tournaments. This up and coming niche sells out arenas and is very trendy with younger generations players. Some of the top video game players have even become millionaires.  This industry is growing so rapidly that the NBA in 2018 will host tournaments in NBA arenas.  This market has a lot of potential and AMLH has a lot of enthusiastic investors.

AMLH share structure

As of March 29th, there are 4 billion Authorized shares and 2.2 Billion Outstanding shares. The Market Value of the outstanding shares is around 10.5 million.  AMLH currently has a stop sign on OTCmarkets which means the company has failed to keep up with their SEC filings current.


  • AMLH has a lot of excited shareholders
  • GGstudios, one of AMLH’s partner companies, has a passionate management team that has a played an active role in the gaming industry for over a decade.
  • CEO Christain Bishop is a young, motivated entrepreneur that is active on Twitter and engages with shareholders
  • Supplemental filing with old CEO transferring shares to new management.
  • Rumored big contract in the works
  • Rumored potential Share Structure reduction
  • Rumored significant connections and possible deals made at Dreamhack event
  • Some investors believe most notes have been paid off and dilution may be over. 
  • Has submitted an updated annual report as well as an Attorney letter to become current.


  • AMLH is not current and currently, has a stop sign on OTC markets
  • AMLH has 4 Billion Authorized shares
  • No SEC Fillings since 2008, link
  • In 2016 generated 200,000 in revenue and had 841,086 in expenses. Its Officers and Management were paid twice as much as the company was bringing in.
  • As of December 31st, 2016 company has $410,343 of long-term debt


The rest of May will be an important month for AMLH. If the momentum carries through you could see some more Awesome Breakouts!


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$BVTK Bravatek Solutions Inc. The real thing or just a penny stock scam?

(OTCMKTS: BVTK) Bravatek Solutions Inc.


Before we get started with my opinion on BVTK, understand everything I write here is just my opinion and is just for entertainment purposes. I don’t own any shares of BVTK I am not short on BVTK. Penny stocks are high-risk high-reward investments so only invest what you can afford to gamble with. Please read our disclaimer here.  I will do my best to detail out some of the pros and cons about BVTK to be as unbias as possible. Regardless of what I write there will always be those that disagree with what I say. Make sure you do your due diligence and make your own buying and selling decisions.

If you haven’t heard of BVTK, you may be living under a rock. They have one of the most passionate followings similar to that of ELED.  They are very active on Twitter, Ihub, and social media. I recently stirred up the pot a little on Twitter with some of the BVTK stock enthusiasts.   Here are some of the back and forths.

My twitter feed was being blown up by some of the bought Twitter accounts that are promoting BVTK, so I decided to have some fun with them. It started with me tweeting out this:

BTVK fake profile

Twitter handle @katerinaKennedy was pretending to be a hot female who had a passion for stocks. The truth is it was a bought account that had stolen the pic of an adult entertainment model named Veronika Black and cropped out the cleavage only showing the face in the twitter pic.  The army of BVTK Twitter accounts started on the attack and the fake Twitter account of @katerinaKennedy later blocked me to avoid having more people know that the profile was a fake.  Plenty of them started commenting with the #fakenews hashtag and calling me any names they could. After a few back and forths, BVTK ended up going up 30% that day but that bounce was short-lived, and just a couple weeks later it went from  .0035 a share down to .0004 share.

I had a new trader write me trying to pump BVTK, and so I decided to stir up the pot again.

BVTK fake profile 2

BVTK promoters/marketers have several Twitter accounts that they bought in bulk in help spread the word about BVTK.  I was giving them a hard time because they got lazy and didn’t delete the back history on these accounts. Accounts like these are created so one person can control several different accounts and make it look like several people are excited about a stock. The more excitement a stock appears to have the easier it is to draw in new investors.  After these tweets, the extremely passionate borderline crazy fans of BVTK came out.   Here is a screen shot of one the post.


I do admire the creativity. The person took the time to go through 3 years of my facebook photos find one where I ran an ugly sweater charity event for children, and then crop the picture and turn it into a meme.  I admire the passion and trying to discredit me may help some of the investors in BVTK ignore what I have to say.  So instead label this behavior as creepy or crazy we will just assume this person is extremely passionate.

So with all the fake Twitter accounts and all the pumping going on with BVTK you must be thinking that I am going to say it is a stock to avoid right?

You guessed wrong! I believe all these are a form of marketing. So many penny stock companies are dead and dull. They don’t have loyal and active followers. BVTK has a group of motivated and enthusiastic people spreading the word about that stock.  I believe this to be a great thing! BVTK is also doing an excellent job of targeting specific demographics.  They are targeting conservatives and Trump supporters. I think this is genius marketing. Trump shocked everyone and crushed Hillary Clinton to become the president. He did it by strategically targeting the right demographics( it also helped that Hillary was clueless).  BVTK is spreading stock awareness by doing the same thing. They are repeatedly shutting up negatively by calling people bashers and using the hashtag #fakenews. When people working together run into adversity or negative responses, they become stronger and more passionate.  You see that with BVTK. So all the pumping and fake profiles are great marketing.

Why are people excited about BVTK?


Bravatek Solutions, Inc. is a high technology security solutions provider which assists corporate entities, governments, and individuals, in protecting their organizations against errors, as well as physical and cyber attacks.

Encryption technology and the ability to protect against cyber attacks and hacking is one of the most important industries. It is an industry that will continue to have rapid growth.  The world is expanding exponentially with smart devices, smart phones, smart watches, Cars that drive themselves, cryptocurrency, and nanotechnology. All of which will require advanced protection from hacking. Companies that can offer superior protection and lock down huge corporate and Government contracts could end up being Trillion dollar companies. The potential is enormous! 

Bravatek had some notes come due in February, and that along with having a bloated share structure has caused the stock to suffer. A lot of investors believe that the notes could be close to being paid off. The notes and dilution caused the stock to plummet down to .0004 if that dilution is over then BVTK has a chance of going up a lot if more buying pressure comes in.  BVTK has been quiet for almost a year, and investors believe that it could become active here soon. These events could be perfect timing for BVTK. Not only do you have political email hacks fresh on everyone’s mind but just today there were several coordinated Cyber attacks worldwide!  The news of the attacks caused Bravatek’s share price to go up 70% in just a couple hours!

The Pros

  • Bravatek CEO rumored to be friends with Donald Trump
  • Bravatek Twitter account is active @bravatek
  • Bravatek CEO Dr. Thomas Cellucci rumored to have visited the white house the day before Donald Trump signed this executive order
  • Dr. Thomas Cellucci wrote the book

    “A Guide to Innovative Public-Private Partnerships: Utilizing the Resources of the Private Sector for the Public Good”

  • Bravatek and Enterprise Sentinel formed a strong strategic alliance you can view how it works here
  • Dr. Thomas Cellucci is the chairman and CEO of Cellucci Associates, Inc.
  • Dr. Thomas Cellucci is the Director of Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists
  • Dr. Cellucci is also the Director of California Molecular Electronics Corporation
  • Dr. Just recently spoke to NATO leaders at NCOIC event
  • CEO has a degree in Advance technologies from MIT
  • Rumored Government contracts in the works.
  • May be done diluting


The Cons

  • 10 billion Authorized shares. 3.5 Billion authorized shares.
  • Bravatek has a history of hurting its loyal shareholders with reverse splits.  Within the last year had a 2,500 to 1 reverse split. This action would be similar to taking $2,500 from a loyal shareholder and handing them $1 back.
  • Could still have dilution ahead with convertible notes and Diluting Market Makers like VNDM on the ask.
  • Company seems to have a difficult time staying current in its reporting
  • The company has a history of rumors and PRs that never get backed up by profit gained in past financial statements.


As of 05/12/2017, the chart of BVTK does look good. It could be ready for another breakout.

BVTK chart


Please feel free to comment and share this. Let me know what you think. Make your own buying decisions. I hope everyone who has shares in this stock can make some nice profit!

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Cocktail Stocks

Cocktail stocks

A lot of people love cocktail stocks. These are stocks that have a great sales pitch and something that can get an average investor exciting. In a way, most penny stocks are cocktail stocks. Most are glorified sales pitches to excite naive investors. A lot of these cocktail stocks get cult-like followings and seem to go up for some time. Some of the biggest cocktail penny stocks have been marijuana stocks.  You have popular companies like MJNA, VAPE, and Hemp. TRTC was another one that seemed only to go up. These companies ended up crashing pretty hard. There were other stocks like MINE and VPOR which did well. Marijuana stocks are very easy cocktail stocks. There are a lot of people wanting to jump on the bandwagon of buying these over-hyped stocks hoping to become rich.  So what are the next cocktail stocks?

Currently, ELED seems to be turning into a cocktail stock. Bitcoin could be considered a cocktail stock by some even though it is more of a commodity.

BVTK has a ton of passionate investors despite the company continuing to sell shares. Another potential cocktail stock is HWAL. We will watch and see if it ends up getting a lot of hype over the next couple months.

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Penny Stock reminder May

Just as a reminder also have a stop loss and exit plan. If you’re in a penny stock and it isn’t moving where you thought it was going to move cut your losses early. Don’t be foolish and keep buy “low”. In most case averaging down can crush you. Losers average down and winners average up. Hope and believe a stock will go up or recover don’t mean that is what actually will happen. 95% of people lose in the OTC because they rely too much on hope. Better to get out of penny stock with some money even if it is a loss than it is to watch yourself lose more and money each day hoping the stock has finally found a bottom. There is no bottom with most of these only pump and dumps, reverse splits, and authorized share increases. Learn to sell on the pump and move on.

Will be putting together an article today on recognizing pump and dumps. As most people that have been in this group awhile know almost all penny stocks are pump or dumps. You can’t directly tell a person that they are about to lose all their money because they got in at the wrong time. So the article will be on recognizing so of the wording pumpers use like “bashers” or talk about stocks being “cheapies” and one we have all heard “weak hands”. Now it takes very little skill to point to a penny stock and say it is a scam. Almost all are scams and crappy companies. It does take skill to be able to recognize when the stock is being pumped and still has momentum to go up or when a stock is being dumped and when you need to either avoid or sell as quickly as possible. I have certain things I look for and will be putting into the article, what are some of the things other experienced traders in the group look for?

Boon Ngiam What are your thoughts of names for known p&d peeps? These are usually the people with the highest followers or post counts.

· Reply · April 17 at 11:32am

Travis Garlick
Travis Garlick If someone is pumping a penny stock they are pumping a penny stock. All penny stocks should be looked at as short term flips. Some same day and some over a few weeks or few months. Pay less attention to accounts or people who you think are pumping and more attention to who holds the notes and who holds restricted shares of the stock.

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Facebook Penny Stock watchlist going into May

Alright everyone happy Tuesday! Going to be working on a watchlist tonight. I will also be posting the penny stocks that won the poll. I also will be looking for a potential group play if I can find something I believe we will all make money on. April has been a very good month has everyone been making money?

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15Omar Arrieta, Grant Klein and 13 others
Trinh Tran
Trinh Tran hehe still making money on Eled

· Reply ·


· April 25 at 2:03pm

Scott Kaufman
Scott Kaufman HOTR baby!!! Where can you get hooter wings at .29 a share lol

· Reply · April 25 at 2:12pm

Brad Preuss
Brad Preuss JNSH has been holding its own. Float is tight. Hopefully the ruling in the lawsuit will come out this Friday. We already know it’s favorable to them

· Reply · April 25 at 2:13pm · Edited

Jesse Olsen
Jesse Olsen Made 200% last month. Lost half that this month. Meh.

· Reply ·


· April 25 at 2:13pm

Chuck Gitto
Chuck Gitto Group buy 👍 how about a poll for everyone to vote on the cheapest bang for the biggest gain in a years time

· Reply ·


· April 25 at 2:20pm

Jesse Olsen
Jesse Olsen Cough MYDX

· Reply · April 25 at 2:20pm

Travis Garlick

Write a reply…
Robert Powell
Robert Powell What platform you trade on
Omar Arrieta
Omar Arrieta Trade King
Travis Garlick

Write a reply…
Stu Coleman
Stu Coleman Loving. ELED – come on 5 cents
Stu Coleman
Stu Coleman I’m up on ELED $1400 in less than 48 hours – lots of room to grow. Not selling until 25 cents
David Moon
David Moon .25 is coming.
Omar Arrieta
Omar Arrieta I’m holdin to .10 to be conservative/ lock in your shares
Travis Garlick

Write a reply…
Al James
Al James whats a good buy-in on eled ?
Travis Garlick

Write a reply…
Stu Coleman
Stu Coleman I would say anything between 0.017-0.021 first thing in the morning and hold to past 5 cents. Honestly this is one of the first stocks I can’t wait to continue with. I’m buying more in the morning
Eric Reed
Eric Reed I bought ELED this morning at .0195
Travis Garlick
Write a reply…
Stu Coleman
Stu Coleman And I’m a guy who truly went on this on a whim. Then join our Facebook page exelELED














· Reply ·


· April 25 at 2:45pm

Al James
Al James Can’t find the page ..?
Jesse Olsen


Image may contain: 1 person, meme and text
Obi Mbawuike

Obi Mbawuike NOPE one can never get enough of making money. 🤣🤣🤣

No automatic alt text available.
Sean Sockol
Sean Sockol Toooo da moon 🌙 😂
Travis Garlick

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Rob Tennis

Rob Tennis #ABBY recently announced they have a new CEO, the float is only 30 million, so it moves on air

No automatic alt text available.
Rob Tennis
Rob Tennis Here is their website:

Travis Garlick
Write a reply…
Jenny Millan
Jenny Millan #ELED I’m holding and adding more!!!
Travis Garlick
Travis Garlick Keep an eye on AXXE. They are a complete dog shit company but if you can grab shares at .0001 I believe they will pump that stock again in order to convert some of their Notes.
David Helmcamp
David Helmcamp Right on that
Travis Garlick
Write a reply…
Aaron Williams
Aaron Williams I am riding the ELED train. Hope everyone has a Green week!
David Helmcamp
David Helmcamp I still believe HWAL hits 5 cents….
Marc Mullins
Marc Mullins I hear METH has good ROI right now
Marc Mullins
Marc Mullins Just kidding I’m in ELED
Dick Alta
Dick Alta $JNSH is wound up so tight and the OS is so small.
Chart looks great
OS 288mm and totally locked. It’s trading in the bottom of the channel and there are short and long term catalystsSee More
David Fuery

David Fuery 🚨🚨🚨$$$PMEA DD$$$🚨🚨🚨

First and Foremost check out the company’s Website and other links:

See More

PM&E Inc. (OTC:PMEA) is an US aeronautic company,which is listed on the OTC markets under…
Alexandre Chartrand
Alexandre Chartrand I have a lot of pmea I pay nothing couple week ago
Travis Garlick

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Joe Si
Joe Si Trades/Adds/Entries for today: AOXY, LRTTF, UBQU, POTN, ENDP, TGTX
Niles Meza
Niles Meza Where do we find out about plays like AOXY?
Joe Si
Joe Si I trade them. Just watching my scanners.
Travis Garlick
Write a reply…
David Helmcamp
David Helmcamp HWAL I have a nice one coming
Greg Retire
Greg Retire $AMLH we have lift off!
Matt Meyer
Matt Meyer $knsc has been accumulating for months now pr will make this one blow
Stu Coleman
Stu Coleman ELED up 100% in the past 3 days and lots of room to grow.
Brian Sprouse
Brian Sprouse Eled is the obvious one … but EVRN is the one everyone is,missing out on.. needs alittle volume and it will fly
Brian Sprouse
Brian Sprouse flood the message boards with EVRN and make lots of cash 🙂
Brian Sprouse
Brian Sprouse ELED is a no brainer.. but they all start somewhere… Now its EVRN’S turn… purchase of only 2,650,000 shares and it moved 33% Hmm
Travis Garlick
Write a reply…
Travis Garlick
Travis Garlick ACNV is one to watch
Timothy Sweers
Timothy Sweers What makes you say this? Still have a lot of shares. That’s why I ask.
Travis Garlick
Travis Garlick Low float stocks like this always get pumped. May come down some but will get pumped soon
Travis Garlick
Write a reply…
Omar Arrieta
Omar Arrieta Still holding ELED and I’m glad I got in at just under .02. Holding till about .10
Omar Arrieta
Omar Arrieta Ok I think we all got it! Haha.
Travis Garlick

Write a reply…
Omar Arrieta
Omar Arrieta I like the group play idea. Can’t hurt
Jenny Millan
Jenny Millan Power in numbers.. simple math .,
Travis Garlick

Write a reply…
Omar Arrieta
Omar Arrieta Check out NG for a little more conservative play. Should be bouncing back to 5 easily by next week
Brian Sprouse
Brian Sprouse EVRN Group play. fast mover with Volume
Omar Arrieta
Omar Arrieta ELED still heading up. Broke 3 cents today. Tomorrow I am going to put my last couple hundred into it
Alex Bartholow

Alex Bartholow It didn’t even break 2.5 cents. What are you talking about?

No automatic alt text available.
Omar Arrieta
Omar Arrieta Sry I must have misread. It will soon enough
Stu Coleman
Stu Coleman All good your just reading tomorrow’s. 3 cents here we gooooo
Travis Garlick

Write a reply…
Brad Preuss
Brad Preuss High today was .024. Relax and good luck, Omar.
Brian Sprouse
Brian Sprouse EVRN got some volume moved 33%
Alex Bartholow
Alex Bartholow MSRT is heading back up also RCHA had a few bounces
Omar Arrieta
Omar Arrieta EVLI good one for the group buy in
Dick Alta
Dick Alta JNSH court settlement hearing tomorrow morning.
David Helmcamp
David Helmcamp Watch HWAL…it is super close to a breakout.

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Get dividends pain in different currencies

Don’t like what the dollar is doing? Well, don’t let Wall Street hold your money hostage. Here’s a pile of payers that get you past the dollar doom.

The dollar might be holding up well against a number of currencies including those of some of our key trading partners. But many of us remain more than mildly concerned as we watch the dollar do its current version of the slip and slide against the euro as well as the pound and other key European currencies.

As an investor, you need to set emotion aside and buy or sell based on facts. And while there might be plenty of emotion over the current state of the dollar – the fact is that the euro and the pound are delivering what the dollar isn’t.

This means that if we focus on businesses that are based – and earn their keep – in the core markets of Europe, we can not only reap the rewards of getting cash out of the dollar and into rising currencies…but we can also boost our income as we convert dividends that are paid in euros into more and more dollars.

The key is to buy companies with most of their revenues in their local markets, and to make sure that they’re going to be steady utility players that will be able to keep paying you to own them not just this year, but for years to come.

Utility Players: Essential for Every Portfolio

In sports, utility players usually don’t get many headlines – nor do they get folks lining up hankering for autographs like the big headliners do. But these are the guys on the team that help the headliners to make the big plays and have their photos splashed on the front pages of the sports section.

To be successful, teams have to keep grinding out victories and avoid costly defeats week after week. And usually this comes down to guys without the big numbers, but who perform consistently day in and day out.

The same thing holds true for your portfolio – you need the utility players of the markets.

That means companies with customers who will be there quarter after quarter, year after year – sending in their checks that over time add up to ample cashflows – making it possible to keep sending dividends your way.

Utilities might sound like a boring term for companies that meet this basic criterion of stocks that pay you. So, over the years many in the markets have come up with more appealing terms, including one of my favorites: essential services. And really, when you think about it – an essential service is perhaps the best sort of utility player that you and your retirement portfolio can have on your investment team.

The crucial essential services come down to providing power to keep the lights and heat on, the water running, and your phones and internet connected.

Power, phone and water companies have it made – as long as management doesn’t get too bored collecting checks. This means avoiding temptations such as expanding into Wall Street trading schemes, taking on too much leverage, or getting into markets and businesses that aren’t in their companies’ core competencies.

Unfortunately, over the past couple of decades, many utility players trying to become big headline hitters have struck out – culminating in  losses and in some cases even bankruptcy.

So our task as investors is to focus on the utilities that stick to their knitting – or at least are so dominant in their core markets that they can keep going even if a few managers go rogue trying to rev up their numbers in the wrong businesses.

Our Essential Portfolio Picks

Let’s start with a couple in Germany that are two of the biggest businesses in their core markets – RWE (RWNFF) and Deutsche Telekom (DTLSF).

Both of these stocks trade all around the world on just about every market. And in the US you can buy them either directly in the OTC market or via ADRs. I tend to like buying the actual shares – because you get more of the dividends without Wall Street taking its cut and you get more control in terms of any voting and share exchanges and rights that might come along.

Don’t get nervous about buying the real ordinary shares – often on the so-called pink sheets of the US OTC market. These are the big companies that just didn’t want to bother with the NYSE. Watch the bids and offers and put in your orders accordingly to your broker.

RWE has been a long-term favorite of mine that I’ve recommended over and over again in my past publication postings. And over the years, this electric power provider – as well as its water, petrol and coal operations – keep pumping out the profits and, for shareholders, dividends.

Revenues keep growing by double-digits year after year. And with ample margins the dividends are always well-backed. In fact, the current dividend yield of 7.3 plus percent has been increasing over the past 5 years by over 29 percent per year.

That’s not to say that the markets will always be positive on the stock during any series of weeks or months. But over the past year – including all of the messes out there – this stock has generated a return of more than 46 percent. And over the past five years, US investors following my lead have more than doubled their investment with a return of over 115 percent.

Now when it comes to phone companies, Deutsche Telekom isn’t one that I’ve been much of a fan of. But it’s a company that continues to perform – in some ways despite the efforts of management.

The key to this company, from an investor’s standpoint, is that even with several ill-advised dalliances with new ideas – at its core – Deutsche Telekom is one of the truly essential companies in its core markets. So, it can afford to make mistakes and still keep generating piles of cash which in turn makes it possible to keep paying investors every year.

And with the stock price down a bit – now is one of the times to buy into this steady payer that is throwing off a dividend of more than 8.1 percent.

And while it might not be expected to boost that dividend – it should continue to pay it.

Beyond Germany, France is one of the other core markets of Euroland. And the duo in Germany has two French peers in the phone and energy businesses that will fit nicely into your portfolio.

GDF Suez (GDSZF) and France Telecom (FNCTF) also trade their ordinary real shares in the US OTC market.

GDF Suez arose from the combining and remaking of Gaz de France and Suez. The company is focused on delivering natural gas and related products in key markets in this core economy.

Revenues are still very solid and on the ascent, with gains running nicely in the double-digits. Margins are fat and steady in its markets, which keeps the  cashflow flowing. With low debt and good margins, the dividend rate is well-padded for our certainty. And with a dividend paid semi-annually yielding more than 7.5 percent, it should help to gas up your investment income.

France Telecom follows in line with Deutsche – meaning that it continues so succeed even when it tries to move too far beyond its core businesses.

But with ample revenue and cashflows, the dividends are well-supported and increasing at a 5 year rate averaging over 41 percent gains. The current yield is over 7.8 percent – and of course that’s worth even more since it’s paid in euros.

Dividends by the Pound

Now, the UK still manages to operate without the euro. Instead, London keeps the pound around and while not quite as impressive as the euro against the dollar, it’s still a whole lot more valuable for US-based investors seeking to hedge a bit more against a gloomy buck.

There are two essential services companies based in the UK that are focused on delivering, processing and cleaning the most valuable of natural resources: water.

United Utilities (UUGWF) operates primarily in the regulated water markets in the north and west of the nation. And while much of its industry has gone through the wringer during a host of privatization efforts over the past many years – United keeps pumping and cleaning the water and getting well paid to do it.

Dividends keep coming and right now United gives you a yield of over 7.7 percent – paid in pounds.

Severn Trent (SVTRF) has been the focus of several of my issues this year. Not only does it have a nice core business of delivering and processing the water in its home market – but it has a very industrious subsidiary based in Southeastern Pennsylvania that is going to provide a nice bit of growth.

Its specialty is working on new water treatment operations, including several in China. So on top of the nice steady cashflow from its core water utility operations – this is one utility player that has the potential to become a star player.

With a dividend in pounds paying over 7.2 percent – it makes for a nice, well-watered buy for your portfolio.

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Who is in charge of your retirement?

April has been mayhem for many retirement accounts – here’s how to pull out of the dive before it’s too late.

So, you’ve just finished your after dinner cognac and perused the movie list for your seatback entertainment. You’re just about to turn off your reading light and catch some needed shuteye – as you close the book on your successful business meetings in Brazil, and begin to think about your favorite brasseries in Paris…when it happens.

The plane seems to be hitting some crazy turbulence. Ok – this happens and you think little of it, as you know that the guys in the front of the plane are professionals who know what they’re doing.

But then you look a few seats up the aisle and see the captain (the guy with the four stripes on his shoulder boards) blissfully watching a video and enjoying a coffee.

Ok, so he’s on break. There surely must be some competent co-pilots in charge on the flight deck. But then the plane starts flailing about even more and you see the captain move to get back to the controls.

Moments later the plane seems to be pitching upward, engines roaring – and yet it seems to be slowing.

And for the next 4 minutes you and your fellow passengers experience terror beyond comprehension as you plunge into the Atlantic.

This is the story of some 228 passengers and crew of Air France flight AF447 just two years ago this June 1st en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris.

As you’ve heard or read, after exhaustive searches – the black boxes and flight recordings have been found and examined – and it isn’t good news. The Airbus A330 crashed in seemingly tolerable weather and flight conditions. But whether it was the speed sensors supplied by Thales (THLEF) of Paris, or the autopilot or other components – Airbus (EADSF) doesn’t know what, if anything, failed.

But the flight recordings arguably demonstrate that the junior officers in charge at the time let the plane stall out, and after calling for the captain – none of the three knew or did what was needed to keep the plane flying.

As a frequent air passenger – I read through and listened to what has been released so far and it is very scary – because incompetence is what comes to mind over and over.

Where’s The Trust?

Fatal mistakes of course aren’t limited to aviation. Every trading day we see mistakes, incompetence or questionable motives resulting in injury or death for retirement portfolios.

Throughout this month, many have been eyeballing the CNBC ticker at the bottom of their television screens and asking the question – when will the plunges in the SP 500 and Dow Jones come to an end? And who really is running the show when it comes to the securities inside our retirement portfolios?

When you’re investing in a company, a fund or with a manager – you have to trust that the individuals running things are not just up to the task – but are also working for your interests and not just theirs.

Now we know that there have been, and will always be, plenty of folks running public companies who are focused on little more than their own net worth and not a smidge on shareholders’ well-being.

But perhaps the biggest issue is when CEOs just aren’t up to the task of delivering for shareholders – many of whom depend upon them for their retirement wealth.

That might be changing for at least one company. This past week there’s been a rising amount of discussion over competence of leadership at one of the largest of the world’s mega-cap companies – Microsoft (MSFT).

Bill Gates might still be Chairman of the Board. But as everyone knows, he checked out long ago and has other agendas well beyond the success of Microsoft’s shareholders. While still possessing some 5 million shares, he’s continued to dump them – including a recent trade in the amount of some 200,000 shares just a week or so ago.

He only retains some 6 percent ownership in the company – not a live or die proposition for his retirement. Yet he still pulls cash from the company – recently listed at close to a million US dollars.

Steve Ballmer is the guy in charge, and it hasn’t been a good ride for shareholders as Microsoft has been pretty much dead money for the past decade or more. MSFT is down in price by over 30 percent, and because Steve doesn’t like to pay folks to own his company – the meager 16 cents a quarter has done little to make up for the plunge in the stock value.

Even the general SP 500 index has fared better during the past decade – losing a bit less in price and paying a tad more in dividends to put investors a tick or two above breakeven.

So, folks are saying – Steve, what are you doing? Are you up to this job? Or perhaps someone else might be a better choice…

In contrast – consider how a tech company in our Pay Me Strategy portfolio works to bring real gains to your retirement portfolio.

Choi Ge-Sung is the CEO of Samsung Electronics (SSNLF). Samsung has been a holding of mine for more than a decade – and during the same trailing 10 years that Microsoft has plunged, Samsung has soared.

SSNLF’s price gains have topped 330 percent, and while the dividend is small – management just added a bit more cash on top. It all adds up to Long Hauler performance averaging nearly 18 percent annually – year after year.

Ge-Sung isn’t on CNBC regularly. He isn’t seen hob-knobbing at society or sports events. He just keeps his head down and drives his company to deliver the goods – over and over again.

And it shows up in SSNLF’s stellar returns, proving that Samsung’s management is competent to deliver retirement account performance.

But it isn’t just the big and flashy tech companies that need good managers.

How about the mundane business of running a phone utility?

Just as with Microsoft – too many retirement investors have been sucked into trusting ATT (T) for way too many years.

And the results are pretty much the same. ATT shares have plunged more than 20 percent during the past decade. And the dividend? Well, it did slightly more than offset the share price loss during the past ten years. Hardly the stuff to make for a rich retirement.

Meanwhile, the CEO of ATT, Randy Stephenson, has been paying himself millions of dollars in cash and prizes over the last several years – including the current reported compensation package in excess of 12 million dollars for the most recent fiscal year. His retirement looks pretty good.

The Pay Me Strategy approach is different. My idea of a shareholder-focused phone company is Otelco (OTT) – which I began recommending just after it came to the public market back in 2004.

The shares have risen since then by more than 20 percent – but the dividends are the real story. They’ve kept piling up at a large and consistent pace, generating an overall return in excess of 138 percent. That’s an average annual return of nearly 15 percent.

As for the CEO of Otelco – Mike Weaver – he’s paid a salary of only 345,000 dollars and has been given only modest raises since the company came to the market these past several years.

And along the way, he’s kept management zeroed-in on keeping costs down and investing in expansion as it makes sense – all the while focused on delivering value to Otelco’s individual shareholders.

That brings us to another business one might think would be pretty much a no-brainer

One of the first places one might look to cash in on for a richer retirement would bethe petrol business. Alas, for every retirement income gusher, there are far too many dry wells.

Over the past decade, oil itself has been a pretty good investment. If you had bought a barrel of crude and put it in your garage – you would have gained more than 250 percent. That’s great, but who has the space for a barrel of oil? And, it’s pretty hard to cash out when you want or need to.

Instead, many retirement investors went for Wall Street’s idea of investing in the oil business and bought ExxonMobil (XOM). Not as bad as Microsoft or ATT – but not even close to the performance of the underlying oil market.

ExxonMobil gained some 85 percent – good – but still only a fraction of oil’s gains. And as for dividends, 47 cents a quarter – that’s 2.2 percent annually – isn’t paying for a rich retirement.

Yet again, it’s the CEO who has been paid well. Rex Tillerson was paid over 28 million last year alone. His retirement is well funded, thanks to ExxonMobil’s trusting shareholders.

The Pay Me Strategy approach to oil has been the same as for technology and telephones: Go with CEOs who are looking out for shareholders’ fortunes before their own.

I’ve recommended such a petrol company since it came to the market in 2006. Linn Energy (LINE) has generated a return of about 200 percent since then – more than 4 times the gains in crude oil during those same years.

And along the way – the company has kept paying dividends currently running at just a few ticks less than 7 percent – but gaining on average for the past five years by over 52 percent.

All told, that amounts to an average annual return for retirement investors in excess of 21 percent.

Guess what the CEO and founder has been paying himself? Mike Linn got bi-weekly checks amounting to 630,000 dollars last year – a bit more than in years past – but the shareholders’ returns prove he’s been worth it.

Like the CEOs of Samsung, Otelco and other companies inside The Pay Me Strategy – Mike has earned his keep by focusing on running his business – fixating on bottom lines and not stretching beyond the core mission of the company.

And delivering cash and gains year in and year out to his shareholders.


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For the second Poll in a row ELED Comes out the winner

ExeLed Holdings Inc. OTCMKTS: ELED wins poll

We ran the poll in our Facebook group of over 8,000 penny stocks investors conducted a poll over Facebook in which we asked a group over 8,000 penny stocks investors which penny stocks currently excited them the most. Forty different penny stocks received votes. Listed below are the penny stock companies that finished in the top 5.Finishing number 1 for the second poll in a row was ExeLed Holdings Inc. OTCMRKTS:ELED,

ExeLed Holdings Inc. , Has a business model in which their primary focus is on acquiring and growing companies that provide specialized LED lighting. Many investors are excited because they feel this company could blame a big role in the Marijuana industry. Marijuana stocks have seen an increase trend in volume over the last 5 years.

Coming in number is LIG Assets, Inc. OTCMRKTS:LIGA

LIG Assets, Inc, Is an investment company that invest in real estate commodities, and the oil and gas sector of the economy. Oil Stocks have seen massive growth over the last year, many investors believe the Trump administration will help boost profits for oil and gas companies that have been struggling.

Coming in 3rd is U.S. Stem Cell, Inc. OTCMRKS:USRM

U.S. Stem Cell, Inc. Has a focus on Cell Technologies that treat diseases and injuries. Biotech stocks have been popular for investors for decades now.

Coming in 4th is Liberty One Lithium Corp. OTCPK:LRTTF 

Liberty One Lithium Corp. is a fairly new penny stock. It’s focus is on Alternative energy and using the growing technology of Lithium which some experts believe will one day replace oil as a viable energy source.

Coming in 5th is 1pm Industries, INC OTCMKTS:OPMZ

1pm industries, Inc. has a focus on the selling and distrubution of Medical Marijuna under Brans Von Baron Farms. This Marijuana penny stock has received a lot of hype over the past year. is a new website that was just launched. Its focus is on helping investors learn the ins and outs of penny stocks. It offers a free email and text alerts subscription as well a hundreds of pages of free information about penny stocks.

This press release includes statements that are covered by the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Because such statements deal with future events they are subject to risks and uncertainties and actual results for fiscal year 2017 and beyond could differ materially from the company’s current expectations. Forward-looking statements are identified by such words as “anticipates”, “projects”, “expects”, “planned”, “intends” and “believes” “estimate” “targets” and other similar expressions that indicate trends and future events. It is understood that investment entails risk on the part of the investor and could result in the loss of some or all of his or her investment.

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Be Cautious while Purchasing Penny Stocks

Be Cautious while Purchasing Penny Stocks

The beginners in penny stock investment will find a lot of negative reviews for purchasing these penny stocks. These stocks involve trading for undervalued shares and have lesser market capitalization. You need to understand the reason for this scariness among people for the purchase of penny stocks. There are many frauds associated with these stocks and Internet is the most common platform for the shrewd brokers to attract people for penny stocks.

Penny Stocks are not included in major stock exchange and this is the most probable reason for them to get susceptible and prone to frauds. These stocks are traded Over-The-Counter (OTC) Board and listed on the Pink Sheets. These stocks are not bound under the laws of major stock exchanges, like NYSE, Nasdaq. Moreover, the services don’t have the similar information about companies as enlisted in the popular Stocks under main stock exchanges. Penny Stock companies have new and small entities designed for building smaller history and corporate structure.


Exploitation is everywhere, but being a strong person, you need to get around with lots of good things involving least risk. There is no doubt that stocks are risky, but there can be smart games played by the investors to get least chances of losing money. Pump and Dump scams were always associated with penny stocks and they are still prevalent from a long period of time. You should act wisely and get associated with the honest brokers that can help you in investing your money in a right mode. You can not only get positivity by working with good people, but there are chances to grow your investment in the modest way by acting carefully as an intelligent investor. Penny Stocks always require perquisite searches and if you are doing them well, there is no way to get any losses in this microcap stock market.

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Purchasing Penny Stocks Online

Penny Stocks are the companies floating stocks with per share value less than dollar five. There are other terminologies used for Penny Stocks: Pink Sheet stocks, Nano-Stocks or Microcap stock shares. In common sense, the companies having initiating businesses or small businesses issue penny stocks. There are also the chances that the company near the bankruptcy levels also issues these low priced stocks to fetch out some cash. Penny Stocks are risky for purchase because many traders initiate these stocks only for the reason to get money while the company is getting bankrupt or to turn a fraud against people. You can’t expect to invest money in a struggling company and hence, penny stocks are risky for you to begin a right investment.

Online Purchase of Penny Stocks

There are many people who invest in penny stocks without researching about them. These are mainly the losers and get stuck in the hands of dirty stock chasers. You can search from the list of best brokers online and get associated with the best one to make your investments in a right way. Stocks can be purchased with risk, but they can also give you best rewards. Penny Stocks are tough to track and hence, people don’t prefer to purchase them. You need to make sure that the brokerage firm you are choosing is safe and invests your money to your selected stocks.

There are many advantages to purchase penny stocks online and they are really inexpensive (per stock value) that you can take hundreds of them by not spending too much amount. You should diversify your investments in such a way that if you are losing your investments in one company, there should be a recovery meant to get your money on the right track. Once you have decided to invest in penny stocks, there will be an online brokerage company to get through your investments in your desired way. They will charge you a minimal amount for your share purchase and selling and you will be able to go in a right way to purchase the best penny stocks.

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