Axcelis Technologies (NASDAQ:ACLS)

Axcelis Technologies (NASDAQ:ACLS)

Axcelis Technologies is an Innovative Company

Anybody paying consideration on Axcelis Technologies (NASDAQ:ACLS) realizes that administration has turned the organization around from an item and money related point of view. The organization’s business prospects have been changed in the wake of creating and presenting the Purion stage of particle embed devices in the course of recent years.

The organization’s accounting report is boundlessly enhanced after a deal leaseback exchange executed in January 2015 that additional $49 million in real money to the monetary record. Taken a toll cutting and streamlining has brought down expenses and enhanced edges – the full advantage of which will start to be shown when ACLS conveys higher incomes.

The long haul focused situating of Axcelis has profited from the expanding innovation requests of 3D NAND and sub 20nm DRAM producing. Axcelis’ spot shaft innovation is especially appropriate for these applications and they remain to profit seriously from line transformations and new limit increments. Confirm that the organization’s Purion stage of particle implanters is appropriate to address the issues of expanding requests by DRAM and 3D NAND makers can be found in organization declared assessment and generation device shipments.

Samsung has been a vast Purion client in the course of recent months and it was reported in January that a second Korean DRAM maker acknowledged an instrument that it was assessing. Generally known to be SK Hynix, Axcelis has a vast chance to supply Hynix’s M14 plant that is sloping as I compose this report.

Semiconductor examiners have evaluated that the M14 plant could in the end deliver 100,000 wafer begins for every month (WSPM), which would require around 55 implanters. If ACLS somehow happened to win half of the 55 apparatuses required to run the DRAM plant, or approximately 27 Purion XE instruments, the income opportunity would be $135 million after some time, which is extremely huge to the organization.

Axcelis is anticipating acknowledgment of an assessment device from the Intel Micron Flash Technologies (IMFT) joint wander in Lehi, UT. It is broadly trusted that the apparatus will be acknowledged in a matter of months, if not weeks. Acknowledgment of the apparatus and take after on generation orders for NAND and 3D Xpoint assembling would be tremendously positive as the volume of instruments would be generous and the positive effect to Axcelis’ notoriety would likely open numerous more entryways.