Aurora Cannabis (NYSE, TSX:ACB) 2019 and 2020 outlook.

Aurora Cannabis (NYSE, TSX:ACB)


Aurora Cannabis (NYSE, TSX:ACB) is a Canadian producer and distributor of medical cannabis. In terms of market capitalisation, it is the world’s second largest cannabis company after Canopy Growth. With an ever-increasing revenue, reduced costs, and positive projected financials, Aurora’s future is that of rapid growth. ACB also ranks #1 on our Cannabis poll.


Aurora Cannabis is a medical cannabis producer and distributor. It is a Canadian licensed company with authorised production and sales operations in more than 20 countries. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the ticker symbol ACB.

Aurora was initially founded in 2006 in Mountain View County, Alberta, where it established its first production facility. Later, it became the first federal government licensed cannabis-growing company of the province in 2014. In November same year, it received the license from Health Canada to grow and market medical cannabis. The company has its headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta.

It uses a business model which emphasizes vertical integration and horizontal diversification. Consequently, it continuously strives to reduce reliance on suppliers, lower costs and improve its economies of scale. Also, its operations are significant ranging from facility design and engineering, cannabis genetic research, cannabis, hemp, and derivatives production.

Therefore, it has opportunities to benefit from growth in every part of the industry’s value chain. Leveraging that, it has been able to develop an unparalleled international reach advantage. Currently, Aurora has an estimated peak production capacity of up to 700,000 kilos.

Industry Overview

Classified as a health care company, Aurora is specifically in the cannabis industry. Experts do not always agree on choices of investment. However, it seems they all agree on the immense potential of the medical cannabis industry.

The legal cannabis industry is the fastest-growing industry in the United States. The industry has two major segments: the recreational/adult use and medical markets. Analysts expect recreational use to account for approximately 67% of the growth while medical use will contribute the rest. Recreational cannabis is already legal in nine American states while medical marijuana is legal in 33.

Interestingly, the largest cannabis companies in the world are Canadian. The most contributory factor to this is the country’s cannabis-friendly stance. Ontario-based Canopy Growth, with its market capitalisation of approximately $23 billion, is clearly the largest in the industry. Tilray, Aurora, and Scotts Miracle-Gro follow it.

The Canadian companies have also been infiltrating the American cannabis industry by making substantial investments in US-based marijuana firms. They can more easily expand than their American counterparts because they face lesser regulatory hurdles and are more flush with cash. With the projected compound annual growth rate of 26.6%, perhaps, there is no other industry that matches the growth potential of the legal marijuana industry.

Aurora Cannabis: Benefitting From Massive Industry Growth

Presently, cannabis stocks are wildly popular, especially among millennial investors. After delivering $6.9 billion in global sales in 2016, the industry was able to grow this by approximately 38% in 2017. For 2018, the industry posted an estimated $12.2 billion in revenue, a figure that has been projected to rise by 38% to $16.6 billion for 2019.

In short, generally, the cannabis industry is of a good prospect. Revenue is expected to be on a consistent increase. Consequently, its companies will grow and their stocks will generate significant value for their investors. However, a cannabis company that wants to thrive must focus on key business fundamentals such as financing, product diversity and differentiation, and strategic partnerships, among others. Aurora Cannabis is doing just that.

Strategic Partnerships: The Primary Driver of Aurora’s Growth

Aurora actively seeks to expand. Its expansion strategy based on vertical integration and horizontal diversification is a sound one. Anandia Laboratories, the global industry leader in cannabis testing and research, is its wholly-owned subsidiary. Also, Agropro UAB, Europe’s largest producer and supplier of certified hemp, is another. Moreover, Aurora announced its acquisition of Farmacias Magistrales, a Mexico-based medical cannabis firm, in December 2018.

Aurora, through its policy of strategic acquisition, is also the owner of Pedanios GMBH, now Aurora Deutschland. Pedanios GMBH is Germany’s largest supplier of medical cannabis to pharmacies, with over 750 pharmacies supplied. CanvasRx, BC Northern Lights, CanniMed Therapeautics, and Borela UAB are some of the other companies Aurora has long acquired.

The latest of Aurora’s strategic partnerships, its “exclusive, multi-year, multi-millionaire, global partnership” with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) to advance cannabidiol research, came through on May 21, 2019.

Diversified Product Offering And Consumer Recognition

Aurora arguably has the most diversified product offerings in the industry. Little wonder that the brand-consumer recognition is strong, having fast outpaced its peers. Currently, the company markets its adult consumer products via the four main and active brands: Aurora, Altavie, San Rafael’71, and Woodstock.

Of course, these two factors are vital drivers of its growth, and will continue to boost its revenue in the coming years. Add to this its rapid product diversification through acquisitions, research and development, and strategic partnerships. As a result, you will conclude that Aurora’s prospect for the future is that of rapid growth.

Healthy Financials Confirm Positive Outlook

By the end of Q1 2019, Aurora Cannabis (ACB) has gained approximately 83% while the S&P 500 appreciated only by 15.5%. Over the past two years, Aurora Cannabis has appreciated by 326.4% compared to the 24.3% gained by the S&P 500 during the same period. Despite sustaining a loss in 2017, the company closed 2018 in the green.

With a market capitalisation of approximately $8 billion, Aurora (ACB) currently hovers around $8. For 2019, it has posted a YTD appreciation of approximately 70%. With a projected P/E ratio of 85.8×, its upward potential is still high, leaving room for opportunities to mount the ride.


Yes, the cannabis industry has become widely favoured. However, you should take note that regulatory restrictions in different countries can reasonably impede its growth. We believe the optimistic views of most analysts on it will pan out nevertheless.… Read More

CGrowth Capital Inc (OTCMKTS:CGRA)

CGrowth Capital Inc (OTCMKTS:CGRA)

CGrowth Capital Inc (OTCMKTS:CGRA) is one penny stock that has everyone consideration running from $0.0008 lows prior this year to late highs well over the $0.02 mark. Its authorized Shares stands around 500,000,000, while outstanding share are at 391,597,994 The stock has likewise pulled in an expansive after that has changed CGRA into a volume pioneer.

CGRA began to pursue in April the execution of a LOI with Wildfire Cannabis Company, LLC to rent a part of their properties in Chewelah, Washington to develop pot. CGRA immediately picked up endorsements by both Stevens County and the condition of Washington most likely because of the way that they have 2 wells nearby that can pump 5000/gal a day.

At present they are dealing with the underlying 90,000 square feet of shelter space and are working towards multiplying its ability amid the year for a sum of six authorized occupants (there are as of now three inhabitants under contact). Under the Company’s turnkey lease terms, the rental potential is in abundance of $2,000,000 every year.

CGrowth Capital has generally charged itself as a holding organization for organizations and resources concentrated on all parts of mining, minerals, investigation, and business land.

The Company claims around 47 net sections of land of industrial area property and also more than 1000 sections of land of mineral rights and lease situated in Stevens County, Washington. As of late CGRA has started to deliberately influence resources for greatest quality inside the lawfully creating cannabis industry right now in progress in Washington State.

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CV Sciences Is on Uptrend

CV Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:CVSI) is a stock that has been driving in an uptrend helped along by late energy in the cannabis-related space as we rush into the real impetus one week from now on Tuesday. That is when almost 33% of the US populace will hit the voting stalls to set down judgment on the future legitimateness of pot crosswise over nine distinct states.

Be that as it may, CVSI kept running into close term reality this week when the organization came to advertise with its most recent financials. Long story short, the best possible move here was taken by the organization as far as speculator relations: concentrate on the pipeline and R&D activities on the grounds that the present numbers aren’t much to keep in touch with home about.

CVSI outlines itself as an existence science organization, concentrates on creating and commercializing novel therapeutics using engineered Cannabidiol (CBD).

CVSI works two particular business fragments: a medication improvement division concentrated on creating and commercializing novel therapeutics using engineered CBD; and, a buyer item division in assembling, advertising and offering plant-based CBD items to a scope of market segments, including nutraceutical, magnificence mind, forte sustenances, and vape.

Taking after the CanX Acquisition in December 2015, CV Sciences started its preclinical medication improvement program amid the second quarter of 2016. The Company’s medication advancement endeavors incorporate seeking after manufactured based Cannabidiol tranquilize applicants in zones that can possibly give noteworthy changes in remedial patient medicines with sizable addressable markets.

CVSI was once in the past known as CannaVEST Corp. furthermore, changed its name to CV Sciences, Inc. in January 2016. CV Sciences, Inc. has essential workplaces and offices in Las Vegas, Nevada and San Diego, California.

CVSI is driven by Michael J. Mona, JR. organizer of CV Sciences, Mr. Mona has more than 30 years of senior administration involvement in a scope of enterprises including land/development, mechanical cultivating, synthetic handling and customer items. Mr. Mona is a perceived industry pioneer in hemp cultivating operations and compound extraction and has built up a worldwide store network of hemp-inferred items.

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CannaGrow Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:CGRW)

CannaGrow Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:CGRW)

CannaGrow Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:CGRW) is one pot stock that can possibly make a solid upside surge. Its stock made a major climb back in March, however kept running into resistance barely short of the $1 mark. Presently for more than two months, its stock has solidified in a tight range and wants to break out to the upside.

Its outstanding shares are standing around 102,073,434, while authorized shares at 300,000,000.

CannaGrow has entered the Medical/Recreational Cannabis Industry as a Liaison, and Consultant to authorized growers furnishing them with turnkey Growing Facilities in the State of Colorado. The Company means to extend this plan of action inside this industry and to offer elevated returns to its shareholders.

The organization’s first venture is the Colorado Buffalo Ranch Project situated in Huerfano County, Colorado. The company says that the Colorado Buffalo Ranch Project speaks to a noteworthy advancement in the business through the key usage of advantages, for example, utilizing occasional nurseries as a part of the general develop procedure.

Every building is 2,880 sq. ft. in size and will work basically as regular generation offices. By making these nurseries an essential piece of creation, the organization anticipates profiting from the expanding business bid of “sun-developed” Cannabis. In addition, alleviating costs and the bigger carbon impression connected with indoor business, the new technique depends exclusively on counterfeit lighting.

Right now exchanging with a market capitalization of $61 million, CGRW has developed as an energizing story among pot stocks with the Colorado Buffalo Ranch venture. In any case, the organization needs to enhance its financials to legitimize its leading position in the marijuana industry. In the most recent quarter, CGRW reported only $10k in incomes, $9k in real money, $283k in all out resources, and $3.1m in absolute liabilities.

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CANOPY GROWTH CORP COM NPV(OTCMKTS:TWMJF) has seen a quick ascent lately off its base simply over $2 a share to late highs over $5 as pot stock warmth up no matter how you look at it. TWMJF got a late support after their auxiliary Tweed, declared it was propelling a suite of items in organization with incredible rapper-turned-agent Snoop Dogg.

TWMJF works in the intensely hot Marijuana industry that has immediately transformed into a multi-billion dollar huge development showcase that is clearing over the US and Canada with numerous new states legitimizing the medication including Oregon and California likely next. Restorative cannabis items in the U.S. alone are anticipated to create an expected $30-35 Billion in income by 2020.

TWMJF is Canada’s first traded on an open market medicinal weed organization and the primary geologically enhanced maker with numerous licenses under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations. Through its completely claimed auxiliaries, Tweed, Tweed Farms, and Bedrocan, it works three cutting edge creation offices in Ontario and conveys pot the nation over to Canadian patients dealing with a large group of medicinal conditions. Overhang Growth is committed to instructing medicinal services specialists, giving reliable access to amazing solution, leading hearty clinical research, and facilitating general society’s comprehension of how weed is utilized for restorative purposes.

TWMJF center brands incorporate Tweed, the most perceived weed creation mark on the planet. It has fabricated a huge and steadfast after by concentrating on quality items and important client connections. Tweed doesn’t simply offer pot, it encourages a discussion about an item we’ve all caught wind of yet haven’t met personally yet. It is congenial and cordial, yet dependable and trusted. As pot laws change far and wide, Tweed will extend its driving Canadian position the world over.

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CannaVest (CANV)

CannaVest (CANV),

CannaVest Looks Strong Aimed its Balance Sheet

CannaVest (CANV), exchanging simply off the 52-week lows, is looking increasingly like a magnificent microcap play for those hoping to enter the unstable yet high potential cannabis space. While microcap contributing involves a lifted level of hazard and a specific craving to act in a wander limit it can be unbelievably fulfilling on the off chance that you can distinguish wasteful aspects or unpredictable gathering offering inside an area.

“CannaVest Corp. creates, delivers, markets and offers raw materials and end buyer items containing the hemp plant extricate, Cannabidiol (“CBD”), to the nutraceutical, magnificence mind, pet care, claim to fame drink and practical nourishment areas.

To start with, you ought to comprehend that I’m arguing for a CANV thought working under the suspicion that cannabis will keep on being authorized broadly and that cannabis subsidiary items like those sold by CANV will keep on achieving more extensive social acknowledgment. While this has as of now happened to a more than least level degree, CANV had ~$10.2 million in item deals in entire year 2014, I anticipate that a proceeded with tailwind will be given at cannabis subordinates are coordinated into social standards.

All things considered, CANV surely isn’t a “pot stock” as it has been assembled in and sold off as – you don’t have $10 million or more entire year incomes being a pot stock. CANV has genuine operations, genuine supply concurrences with European providers, genuine appropriation limit, and clearly genuine financial specialists.
CANV as of late shut a $6.5 million financing with an institutional speculator that will be given in a progression of tranches. The financing will be utilized for working capital as CANV hopes to keep on scaling up its operations. This financing alongside liquidity as of now on the CANV monetary record ought to go far into accomplishing organization objectives.

That is the other thing about CANV that is profoundly surprising for a microcap. CANV’s monetary record as of Q1/15 reporting looks strong. The organization had, preceding the financing, $2.23 million in real money, $1.2 million in AR, $2.3 million in prepaid stock, and $10.7 million in stock. Of its aggregate ~$23.4 million in resources just generally $4.2 million was in Intangibles and Goodwill – such a light weighting is an irregularity in the microcap space. CANV likewise just as Accounts Payable of ~$500,000 and no obligation. Once more, that is an extraordinary place to begin.

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Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc (CNBX)

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc (CNBX)

It’s time to Buy Cannabics Pharmaceuticals

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc (CNBX) is a biotechnology pharmaceutical organization that is centered around advancement and authorizing of cannabinoid-based medicines and treatments. In that capacity, it creates and showcases different treatments and biotechnological devices went for giving help from infirmities that react to dynamic fixings sourced from the cannabis plant.

CNBX creates and showcases different treatments and biotechnological instruments went for giving help from infirmities that react to dynamic fixings sourced from the cannabis plant. These devices incorporate conveyance frameworks for cannabinoids, customized pharmaceutical treatments and strategies in light of cannabis started mixes, and bioinformatics apparatuses.

Its lead item is CANNABICS SR, which is an innovation for a long acting oil container that gives organization of cannabis. This is created exclusively from nourishment review materials and conveys impacts for more than 10 to 12 hours and the conveyance technique empowers an once every day dosing regimen of medicinal cannabis to patients.

The late decisions in the US additionally included voting on the legitimization of cannabis for medicinal or recreational use in specific states. The yes vote in states, for example, Florida will open a bigger market for this organization, which would mean bigger incomes down the line. Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc, be that as it may, hasn’t produced any incomes yet since it has been centered around generally investigate.

Just as of late, CNBX reported an examination achievement in finding a more powerful plan proportion of cannabis parts THC and CBD in fighting growth cells. Specifically, the organization shared that that outcomes from the most recent malignancy HTS look into obviously presume that, contingent on the THC/CBD proportion, particular Cannabis concentrates are straightforwardly contributive to diminishing U87MG glioblastoma cell reasonability.

This will empower the organization to make weed solutions gloating more prominent adequacy, potentially getting a charge out of a steady share of the therapeutic weed showcase. Beside that, the organization could likewise create additional incomes by adapting its disclosure to outsider designers of maryjane solutions.

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Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTSCBIS)

Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTSCBIS)

Cannabis Science Could Make a Bid rebound

Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) has been running up the outlines as a standout amongst the most drastically fruitful OTC entertainers available amid the second 50% of 2016. This activity is in direct expectation of the potential for an extended legitimate impression for weed related business in the US that could originate from voting in a few days, on November 8, when about 33% of the US populace partakes in nine state voting choices on the lawful status of cannabis.

CBIS is an organization that has been taking an interest in the development fervor through dynamic moves striking associations in land bargains for creation and advancement to permit the organization to scale up its volume to meet the bigger market. The diagram indicates 200% attached on to share valuing for the stock in the previous month. Advertise members might need to focus on this stock. CBIS stock has a past covered with sudden tears. Besides, the stock has enlisted expanded normal exchange volume as of late, with the previous month seeing barely short of 310% as time goes all things considered.

CBIS outlines itself as an organization that creates, delivers, and markets phyto cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical items basically in the United States. The organization is included in creating medications for a mental imbalance, circulatory strain, malignancy and growth symptoms, and in addition for different ailments containing for general wellbeing upkeep. It likewise creates CS-TATI-1 for recently determined and treatment-experienced patients to have medicate safe HIV strains, and those narrow minded of accessible treatments; CS-S/BCC-1 to treat basal and squamous cell carcinomas; and a restrictive cannabis-based treatment for neurological conditions.

Likewise, the organization offers an online video-based medicinal cannabis instruction framework, including courses, for example, therapeutic cannabis law, restorative pot, cooking, cultivation, and bud tending; and produces and disperses claim to fame steed and pet preparing and topical applications. It has a permit concurrence with Apothecary Genetics Investments LLC to create different brand details for California therapeutic cannabis advertise.

The organization likewise has joint effort with IGXBio, Inc. to create GenePro, a DNA-based immunotherapeutic medication. Cannabis Science, Inc. is situated in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Cannabis Science Inc is a backup of Weedmaps Media, Inc.

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Cara Therapeutics (NASDAQ:CARA)

Cara Therapeutics (NASDAQ:CARA)

Cara Therapeutics (NASDAQ:CARA) is an American micro-cap pharmaceutical company without an approved drug at the moment; however the company currently has 3 different trials nearing commercialization. CARA focuses on pain management drugs that hope to reduce side effects and the addictive properties of approved opioids.

Maybe the most alluring attribute of this venture opportunity is the valuation that CARA has at current levels. The organization’s stock has fallen 62% YTD, which is not a sole motivation to contribute. As of this article, CARA is esteemed at $5.14 a share with a normal value focus of $23.43.

With such a youthful biotechnology organization, it is hard to esteem the stock has upside without including future potential incomes that are reliant on the endorsement of a gathering of pipeline medications. Notwithstanding, the ramifications of 3 separate pipeline drugs with commercialization prospects in 2016 implies that CARA would need to strikeout to not have some income development in the following year.

For Q1 2016, CARA reported negative per share of $0.21. The year-to-year income development of 174% was noteworthy, yet the negative earnings was the result of expanding operating costs, particularly counseling and study costs as the pipeline applicants neared completion of their particular studies.

Another promising note, and maybe one that anticipates the consequences of the progressing trials, is that “Cara expects that its current money and money counterparts and accessible available to be purchased attractive securities as of March 31, 2016 will be adequate for the Company to fund its working costs and capital consumption necessities through the end of the final quarter of 2018.

Cara Therapeutics is an organization that has been on a drawback streak for about 4 months yet the recuperation and potential impetuses are in sight for speculators. The company’s outstanding shares are standing around 27,282,863 and authorized shares around 30,000,000.

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Choosing a Broker : Penny Stock Newsletter


If you’re interested in penny stock investing, setting up a brokers account is essential. Your broker will be the one who will carry out your trading decisions by doing the actual job of filing the paperwork and executing your trades. Signing up with a brokerage also allows you to trade on margin, meaning that you can invest an amount much larger than what is in your account. This substantially increases your potential profits but also heightens your exposure if your trade goes bad. Finding the right broker can be essential to your success as a penny stock investor.

When choosing a brokerage with which to set up a penny stock brokers account, your first decision will be if you want to go with a discount broker or a full-service broker.  A discount broker will only implement your trades but in general will not provide you with any other services, such as giving you investment advice.  A full-service broker, on the other hand, will not only carry out your trades but also monitor your investment portfolio and provide regular reports on its performance as well as giving you investment ideas. Unless you are already an experienced investor, it is recommended that you go with a full-service broker, even if you have to pay them a higher commission.

A second consideration in selecting a brokerage is the commissions and other charges they levy on their clients. Even among brokers offering comparative services, there may be a wide disparity in commissions as they compete for clients. You should also be wary of brokerage firms that allow you to open an account with a low opening balance but charge maintenance fees if the account falls below a certain amount; even if the fees seem low, they may accumulate over the course of your trading and ultimately eat up your returns.

Finally, you should consider setting up a penny stock brokers account with a brokerage that offers you a variety of research and trading tools to help you make your trades. These could include access to automated trading software that would allow you to trade automatically, as well as to historical stock price data so that you can detect trends that may help you find a winning trade.

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Day Trading Penny Stocks With Ease!

Day Trading Penny Stocks With Ease!


Would you like to learn how to buy penny stocks?

A lot of traders are drawn to Penny stock investing for the potential of hitting a home run and getting big profit.  Unfortunately, for most of those penny stock believers, they usually end up striking out instead of hitting home runs. A wise penny stock day-trader will focus on 15%-25% return in a few minutes then take the money and run!

Knowing which penny stocks to buy is not that easy.

Once you can get a quick profit, Why not take it and do it again on a different stock? You don’t usually want to hold these penny stocks very long when you are trying to trade them.

The majority of penny-stock traders pass on that 20% gain to hoping to get 200%, then they usually end up giving back most of the money they made in the meantime.

How to buy penny stocks? In the event, you trade our picks and take our technique of locking in profits

We are going to educate you how to buy penny stocks. You won’t hear us telling members to stay in the position that would be really going nowhere which is certainly typical associated with a penny stock promoter.

Penny Stock frauds have proven to be the reason why it is important to stay clear of getting married to Penny Stocks. Unlike NASDAQ and the NYSE, you will find only minimum requirements for a stock to be quoted on the OTCBB, A lot of them don’t even make the filings with the SEC in time. This is why it is best to trade these stocks and not invest in them.

Firms that are not able to meet listing requirements on major exchanges are generally de-listed. The same isn’t true with Pink Sheet penny stocks or OTCBB. Many investors get sucked in by stock promoters and try to keep a stock for a longer time frame. Paid promoters regularly send phony price targets at the same time teaming ” up ” with the business

Paid promoters regularly send phony price targets at the same time teaming ” up ” with the business of publishing news. It is usually incredibly difficult to get quality information on penny stock organizations rendering it very risky to hold onto a position.

How do you day trade Penny Penny stocks?

The risk to reward rate on these lower priced penny-stocks is extremely alluring for the day trader. Day trading identifies the practice of buying and selling common stock inside the same exact trading day so that all positions are likely to be closed the exact same day they are opened.

Day trading penny stocks are becoming a lot more prevalent.



Incoming search:

  • day trading penny stocks reviews
  • is it hard to be a day trader in penny stocks
  • penny momentum trader review
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What Are Penny Stocks? Here is a quick Q and A page

What are penny stocks and how can you buy them? Here are some commonly asked questions about penny stocks

What are penny stocks?

Penny stocks are companies that are not listed on a major exchange like the Nasdaq. Some people consider any stocks under $5 a penny stock while others consider those micro-cap stocks and won’t call a stock a penny stock unless it is trading under $1 a share. Penny stocks are usually companies that fall short of the basic requirements to up-list on a major exchange.

How can you buy penny stocks?

Some brokers actually won’t let you buy penny stocks because they believe the risks are too high and they don’t want to pay the extra fees that brokers have to pay with OTC stocks. We recommend ordering a brokerage account with Etrade. There are a lot of people starting out that like Robinhood because there are no broker fees but you are very limited with the stocks that you can buy with Robinhood. Etrade or Scottrade are much better brokers to use.

What are the top or best penny stocks to buy?

This really comes down to individual trading style. We like low float stocks because they have the potential to move the quickest. We also pay attention to what sectors are hot. A lot of times entire sectors will move at the same time. Look for hints in SEC filings. Remember most penny stocks move based on market awareness and exposure and not necessarily how solid a company is.

Where can you find a list of penny stocks?

We have several lists of different type of penny stocks listed on this site. You can click on any of the drop-down list above on the menu and find the sector you are looking for. Also, check out our penny stocks of the month page. This will give you some great information on which penny stocks are hot!


Penny Stock investing is sometimes considered one of the trickiest ventures and if a person is not careful they could end up Losing a lot of money. Some people view penny stock investing as a way of diversifying their investments. It is a very risky investment that does not require a lot of money to do.

Pointers to buyers

For beginners and rookies, it is important to find out why a stock is considered penny stock in the first place. There is usually a reason why stocks are priced so low. In most cases, the companies are not well enough established yet.

Penny stocks are high risk and high reward. You can start off with a small amount of money and if you play your cards right, you could end up making a lot of money. This is because you don’t need a lot of start-up money to begin trading. Financial advisers are keen to inform beginners not to put all their money into one bag. While these penny stocks can be a noble way of quantifying investments, there can be risks too and therefore it is advisable to split investments to be on the safe side.

How to choose a brokerage firm for penny stock investing

First and foremost, do a thorough research to ascertain that whoever you are dealing with is a legit firm. There are so many fraudsters out there targeting rookies and new investors and no one wish to begin on a wrong footing.

Take time to find a brokerage firm with a proven track record in sorting out its finances and taking care of its revenues. Transparency is paramount especially in this form of investment and if a company is not willing to be clear with information then certainly something fishy is going on. The same company must be open with its finances to make it clear for potential investors and at least to win their confidence. No one wishes to lose their hard-earned money easily.

For the sake of saving time, enquire from friends who perhaps might have had successful spells with their brokerage firms. A friend will always be handy to provide clear information without being bias. Penny stock investing can be quite appealing especially when some companies have been mentioned but the history of the company should be put under the microscope. Companies come and go and when they do, they disappear with investors money and there is nothing to be done.

Beware of hidden broker charges that may pop up later after signing all the paperwork. Your chosen broker must put everything on the table and if possible an attorney must be present to oversee any transaction or as a signatory whenever there is doubt.… Read More

Gold Stock

Gold Stocks

Many experts believe the timing is right to invest in gold stocks. Gold stocks are starting to heat up and 2019 could be a huge year!

Make sure you join our free stock newsletter to keep up to date on all the stocks.

There are several choices for investing in gold stocks

Physical Ownership- Physical gold and silver bullion is the cornerstone of precious metal investing. Personally, I hold 50% of my total assets in physical gold and silver bullion. Admittedly, I was somewhat late to the gold bull run in terms of physical gold purchases (early 2008), but still plenty early with regards to the continuing bull run.

Precious Metal Exchange Traded Funds- The recent ETF explosion has spilled over into the precious metal investing over the last few years; The most popular being GLD and SLV. Let me first say why I’m not a fan of GLD, SLV or any other ETF that tracks the price of precious metals without actually owning the underlying metal. I prefer to use ETFs that actually own the precious metals like Sprott Asset Management’s PHYS fund and Canadian closed-end gold fund, CEF. I prefer these over GLD & SLV because these funds actually own the full value of the precious metals while GLD, SLV and other funds simply track the index and nominal price of the underlying metal. With regard to PHYS, I prefer the redemption feature for physical gold and silver that’s available to investors. It brings a piece of mind about owning the actual metal as well as a very tax advantageous 18% tax on capital gains versus the higher 28% on “collectibles” (physical bullion).

Gold Mutual Funds- Mutual funds invest in a diversified selection of gold stocks and charge a small management fee built into the share price of the mutual fund. They tend to invest in established mining companies with some investing in a mixed bag of smaller mining and exploration companies. Again, I don’t recommend or suggest mutual funds because I believe fund managers have a tendency to select fully valued or overvalued companies to include in the funds. The purpose of investing in gold stocks is to find undervalued companies relative to their share price. More on this below.

Big Gold Producers- Names like Goldcorp Inc (GG), Barrick Gold Corp (ABX), Newmont Mining Corp (NEM), Agnico Eagle Mines LTD (AEM) and a few others come to mind in this category. Large gold producers are the “brand names” of gold stocks and many of them have seen substantial run-ups in the last decade of the bull run. As with the ETFs & Mutual funds, I’m not a big fan.

Above details my point on large gold producers relative performance against the spot price of gold. Since the beginning of 2007, gold gained roughly 166% with the entire field of the aforementioned gold producers lagging behind in shareholder value. Large gold producers as a whole lack the organic growth necessary to deliver substantial gains relative to gold’s spot price, and, I believe, the real value lies in junior mining companies. The interview on gold stocks discusses more of this on the homepage.

Intermediate Producer- While some of these companies are poised to become the next large gold producer, many of them will sink back into their current production numbers and maintain mediocrity relative to gold. Arguably, it’s as difficult to select mid-tier mining companies as junior miners. So, I tend to stick with junior miners with the most relative upside potential.

Junior Miners/ Exploration Companies- Here’s where I believe the real value in gold stock investing lies. Juniors classify as exploration and early-stage production companies. These are the micro-cap stocks of the gold world. 50%, 100%, 300%, and even 1000% returns occur frequently in this sector. However, there’s a catch. Maybe only one of every 100 junior miners or exploration companies will present opportunities to generate massive gains. In order to properly invest in this area, you must possess ample experience in the gold mining sector, ability to research and analyze drilling results, select companies with competent management, and know all the ins and outs of these companies. It’s no easy task to hand select only the top gold and silver stocks poised to deliver ample shareholder value. Thankfully, I believe I’ve found THE world’s top gold stock expert. His track record boasts over a 239% return in 2009 and a 173% return in 2010 on the overall portfolio. He and his team work around the clock to find and deliver only the top gold mining companies to his subscribers. I’ve read and subscribed to many newsletters, and this one is the only newsletter worth reading in terms of shareholder value delivered to the portfolio. Warren Buffet has never been a huge fan of Gold. In fact, he believes it is being used for destructive purposes. Read our Warren buffet derivatives still weapons mass destruction article.

I also suggest subscribing to my free newsletter. I discuss global macro trends, individual stock selections, investing strategies, and how to generate incredible returns as our current monetary crisis continues. We focus on all kinds of different stocks, especially how to make huge returns in penny stocks!

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Short Squeeze low float stocks to watch

Potential Short Squeezes and Huge runners!


Last time we put out a list of our short squeeze stocks everyone on the list did very well. ULGX ran 750%, CACH ran over 600%, VCTL ran over 1,200%, MJNE ran 75%, IMTV ran 100%, and GNOW ran 500%.  The results were incredible! That is why we love low float stocks. High risk but also the potential for high reward!


Here is the list:


GNOW American CareSource Holdings, Inc.

GNOW operates under the tradenames Gonow Doctors and Medac. This stock has only 8 million shares held at the DTC and has only 16 million Outstanding shares according to not to mention over 2.6 million of those shares are restricted!  GNOW could see a short squeeze any day now. Market Makers have bet heavily against this stock and we believe they are about to get burned.


HDII Hyper Diagnosis Inc.

HDII filed a 15-12G with the SEC about 4 years back so the information we have on them is based on their website  There mission is to help doctors detect cardiovascular disease at an early stage with could save millions of lives in a billion dollar industry.  According to Hdii has 52 million outstanding shares and almost 15 million of those are restricted! This is one we believe could be a nice 3-4 month runner.

SDSS- Suspect Detection Systems, Inc

Suspect Detection Systems Ltd. based out of Isreal this company focuses on Homeland Security, Military intelligence, and Law Enforcement advance technologies worldwide. According to they have a float of only 58 million shares. This is very low considering how low the current share price is.

AXGC- Axis Energy Corporation

AXGC is in the Oil and Gas industry. We grab shares of this company based on only have 41 million Authorized shares. We believe this can be a possible short squeeze candidate in the next month


This is of low float stocks we own shares in. We consider them high risk and high reward type stocks. We don’t believe in the companies long term. We buy shares and sit and wait until there is a jump in share price. Sometimes you see a huge 2,000% runner and sometimes the stock falls. So if you are buying any of these don’t risk money you can’t afford to lose. There are blue-chip stocks that are a lot less risky. With that being said we like the excitement of a stock that has the potential to turn 5k into 100 grand.


DO NOT BASE ANY INVESTMENT DECISION UPON ANY MATERIALS FOUND ON THIS Website. We are not registered as a securities broker-dealer or an investment adviser either with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) or with any state securities regulatory authority. We are neither licensed nor qualified to provide investment advice.

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Any individual who chooses to invest in any securities should do so with caution. Investing in securities is speculative and carries a high degree of risk; you may lose some or all of the money that is invested. Always research your own investments and consult with a registered investment advisor or licensed stock broker before investing.

Past performance is not indicative of future results. The material contained on this page is intended for informational purposes only. and are wholly-owned by Market News LLC and offers a free trade alert newsletter and free newsletter. These trades are biased and the author of this article does own 1.2 million shares of SDSS,1.7 million shares of HDII , and 1.2 million shares of GNOW, 500k shares of AXGC and plan to sell all these stocks without notice. Our website and newsletter are neither an offer nor recommendation to buy or sell any security. We hold no investment licenses and are thus neither licensed nor qualified to provide investment advice. The content of our website and/or newsletter is not provided to any individual with a view toward their individual circumstances. While all information is believed to be reliable, it is not guaranteed by us to be accurate. Individuals should assume that all information contained on our website or in our newsletter is not trustworthy unless verified by their own independent research. Also, because events and circumstances frequently do not occur as expected, there will likely be differences between any predictions and actual results. Always consult a licensed investment professional before making any investment decision. Be extremely careful, investing in securities carries a high degree of risk; you may likely lose some or all of the investment. We reserve the right to buy or sell shares of any company mentioned on our website or in our newsletter at any time.

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Information contained on our website will contain “forward looking statements” as defined under Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21B of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance upon these forward … Read More

5 Gold Stocks to buy

5 Gold Stocks to Buy


Think about investing in these 5 Gold Stocks

Gold hasn’t shown its shine over the last few weeks. There was a high point seen in the month of March which consequently gave a hike to the gold-related stocks. There are a variety of factors pressurizing the gold stocks towards a higher level. The trading options and the geopolitical tensions, dollar rate fading and rising inflation rate are working in the favor of gold and the related stocks. The analysts suggest that it is the right time to buy mining stocks.

5 Gold Stocks to consider for buying are:

  • Kinross Gold (KGC)

Kinross Gold was once a mighty company and got some issues in the later phases. At present, the company is recovering from the tough times and has attained a better trend to follow. The troubles of the company started in 2010 and it was the time when it bore many losses for the several mines. Kinross can reverse the impairment charges in the assets in the year 2010. There are many projects in Kinross Gold in the pipeline. It is a perfect timing to invest in a company having the scope to grow and get a break deserved by the miners. Kinross is tossed aside among the gold stocks for getting the best out of the growing gold prices.

  • Yamana Gold (AUY)

Yamana Gold was among the top gold stocks during the gold boom. It fell on the hard times during recessional phase and today, the stocks are about one-fifth of the value of the previous price. AUY is the gold mining company having a scope to grow rapidly. The gold production will jump up to 18 percent over the coming three years and the rate of silver production is much higher.

The cash costs of the company are expected to reduce and the company will probably attain better margins for every ounce of the gold mined. The investors are focusing on this stock for getting the higher ROI. The company even pays off a dividend. Yamana Gold is the biggest bargain of the stocks and has a long-term chance for growth. The investors can gain higher potentials by buying at the right price.

  • Goldcorp (GG)

Goldcorp was once a king of the gold stocks and hasn’t done anything great lately. The firm got a reduction in costs and the production levels dropped to the bottom. The expected profits of the firm were held back. In the year 2016, the company turned around and got an idea of increasing the gold production and reserves by 20 percent. Obviously, there will be money required by the company for boosting production and cut off the overhead costs. With the rise in the gold prices, GG will have better prospects in growing and there will be better cash flowing for the company with the higher gold prices. The turnaround of the GG will be better in the upcoming future.

  • Franco-Nevada Corporation (FNV)

Franco-Nevada Corporation is a unique stock among the others. It is a gold streaming firm and not any mining company. The company provides financial strength to the other miners and it is a profitable business having a good cash flow without any risks associated with the world of real mining. In comparison to the last year, FNV has reduced about 14 percent of its previous value. This stock is perfect to invest for a better move. For the beginners, the higher gold prices will correlate to the royalties paid to FNV. The longer time win would be the decision of the company for fully funding its Cobre Panama project. This project is the largest one for the metal deposits and FNV will own 100 percent royalty to the mine’s production. The cash flow should begin growing with the cash flow maintained by the company. The present situation of FNV doesn’t reflect any gains from this project but with the growth in gold rate, the company has a good futuristic approach to rising in the future.

  • VanEck Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF (GDXJ)

Gold miners have a dependency on the price of gold at the particular time. The fixed costs of the company provide a full-on victory when there is a rise in the gold price. The key to the success of the gold-related companies is to focus on the junior mining companies. For the entry companies, there are one or two mines under the belts for the junior level companies. With the rise in price, the junior companies become more valued due to the gold amount present in their potential reserves.

VanEck Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF is a good choice for the investors looking to own a single junior level minor. GDXJ includes 73 associated junior miners. With the use of ETF, the investors can make diversification of the risks associated with the gold stocks and attain extra control with a single ticker. ETF is bigger and includes better bets than the other holdings. It is a cheap stock choice as the expense level is 0.54%.

We all have heard many stories of the success of the people with gold stock investments. Undoubtedly, the yellow metal has a huge position in the market and the prospects of this commodity have never been low. You can use the perfect formula for research and start earning by making the wise investments. The above-mentioned stocks are just five in number but there could be endless new and old ventures leading towards a brighter prospect for this sparkling commodity. The investors who’ve bought the stocks of these companies during the declining phase are hoping to get the positive results with the increased prices of gold.

It is the right time for the investors to trust gold mining and associated companies. The growth in the price of gold will certainly make the adequate move for the investors to get better returns over their investments.

 … Read More

Ready for a short squeeze?

Is the CPWY short squeeze coming next week?

Huge potential in Short Squeezes

One of my favorite type of swings trade are potential short squeezes. A short squeeze happens when a stock has a high amount of short interest, and increased buying pressure forces short sellers to have to buy back their shares at a higher cost. When a market maker opens up a short position that market maker is betting against the stock.

When a market maker is short they are hoping that the stock goes down. This will allow them to cover or buy back the shares they are short at a lower price and they get to keep the difference in price. If a stock continues to go up and they are forced to cover or buy back at a higher price and they will lose money on the trade.

If the stock in a thinly traded stock with a low float it may be difficult for shorts to buy back their shares. When they start competing to buy back shares and the stocks price continues to rise it creates a short squeeze. A Short squeeze can be more problematic for those who have a short position when a stock starts setting off margin calls for them and their brokers automatically start buying shares back on the ask.  Short Squeeze are very good for those who bought a stock in hopes of it going higher!

Naked shorting and penny stocks

Penny stocks are loosely regulated which opens up the door to market manipulation. One form of manipulation is where market makers will naked short a stock. When a market maker shorts a stock they borrow shares. They borrow the shares and sell them into the open market. They then promise to buy back the same amount of shares at a later time.

For example if Market Maker CDEL decided to short 100,000 shares of a stock that was trading at $1 a share they would borrow those 100,000 shares sell them at $1 a share for a cost of $100,000 plus a predetermined amount of short interest. Lets say that stock went down to .50 a share and CDEL decided to cover or buy back their short position, They would then spend $50,000 to buy back that 100,000 shares, and their profit would be $50,000 ($100,000-50,000=$50,000 profit). Now lets say the stock went up to $1.25 a share instead of falling. If the short seller CDEL had to buy back or cover at this price it would cost them $125,000 for the 100,000 shares. So they would end up losing 25k ($100,000-125,000=$25,000 loss).

Now with penny stocks market makers are extra aggressive. They will do what is called naked shorting. The SEC allows market makers to take up to 72 hours or 3 trading days to find shares to borrow. It is called a naked short because they don’t have to actually have any shares available to borrow for up to the 72 hrs. After 72 hours has past they must either buy back the shares and cover or find available shares to short.

Market makers got smart and found a loophole around covering their shares. What they would do is arrange secret agreements with other market makers. They would help cover each others short position. This allows market makers to extend well pass the original 72hrs. They can get away with this for up to 30 days before they have to cover all of their shares. They extend the time hoping the stock will fall in price before the 30 days are up.

Let’s take a look at the high short interest in CPWY.


Why I am so excited about CPWY stock is that there currently is zero diltuion and a huge amount of short interest. Over the last 15 days there has been 26,761,654 shares shorted. That’s over 26 million! and according to my calculations the majority of those shares still need to be bought back and covered. Right now market makers keep doubling down hoping they can scare out retail buyers into selling shares and they keep adding to their short position. If retail buyers hold strong and not get tricked I believe in around 15-20 days CPWY could see a massive short squeeze sending the stock price skyrocketing! The OTC has seen a few nice short squeezes lately. One was VYST which went from .0006 to .06 which was over 10,000% and another one is SHMP which was at .005 and has went over .60! I believe CPWY could be next!

The most difficult part is not falling for market maker games. They are good at what they do. They will make it look like there are huge sell offs. They will stack large sells on the ask, They will create large spreads and they do this to try to discourage people from buying and to try to trick people into selling. I have been fortunate enough to make a lot of money in stocks by noticing these Market Maker games and having the patience to avoid their tricks.


UPDATE: Is the short Squeeze coming next week?

As you can see by the short volume right around the 30th there wsas huge volume! That would make it possible for a huge short squeeze coming to CPWY in the very new future!

Disclaimer: Everything in this article is for entertainment purposes only. The author of this article has not been compensated to write about CPWY. The author of this post does own shares of CPWY and trades the stock daily and they reserve the right to buy or sell shares at any time, and his opinion should be considered bias.  The author does not have shares of VYST his initial buy was 20 million shares  of VYST at .0007-.0008 and has taken profit and sold all his shares. The Author of this article does not have shares of SHMP. This is not investment advice and the author is not a registered broker … Read More

Sub Penny Stocks

Hot Sub Penny Stocks

We put together a list of sub-penny stocks that have less than 500 million Authorized shares according to OTC Markets.  Be sure to double check each. Also, do us a big favor and share this page! I hope by now everyone has signed up to receive our email alerts. If you haven’t please go to our home page.

Everyone should also be signed up for our ATEAM alerts. Once Ateam fills up we will start filling up our Bteam.  Ateam gets alerts the fastest.

You can join for free by Texting: Ateam to 94253


AAPHAmerican Petro-Hunter, Inc.0.0006400,000,000  Pink No Information
AAPJAAP, Inc.0.0058300,000,000  Pink No Information
ABCEABCO Energy, Inc.0.00650,000,000  Pink Current
ACNVAccelera Innovations, Inc.0.0035100,000,000  Pink Current
ACRBAsia Carbon Industries, Inc.0.0045100,000,000  Pink No Information
ADFSAmerican Defense Systems, Inc.0.003100,000,000  Pink No Information
ADIAAdia Nutrition, Inc.0.003100,000,000  Pink No Information
AFFMQAffirmative Insurance Holdings, Inc.0.00119,486,552  Pink No Information
AGGIAllied Energy, Inc.0.0007200,000,000  Pink No Information
AGSMSilver Stream Mining Corp.0.0085150,000,000  Pink No Information
AHFPArtisanal Brands, Inc.0.01100,000,000  Pink No Information
AHROQAtheronova, Inc.0.0047100,000,000  Pink No Information
AIMHAimRite Holdings Corp.0.0026150,000,000  Pink No Information
AIVIAivtech International Group Co.0.00775,000,000  Pink No Information
AJBIAmi James Brands, Inc.0.01100,000,000  Pink No Information
AMFLAmerican Films, Inc.0.0092100,000,000  Pink No Information
AMSEAmerican Sands Energy Corp.0.01200,000,000  Pink No Information
AMWKAmeriStar Network, Inc.0.00190,000,000  Pink No Information
ANASAlternaturals, Inc.0.0023250,000,000  Pink No Information
AOILQArmada Oil, Inc.0.0018100,000,000  Pink No Information
APLDApplied Science Products, Inc.0.009626150,000,000  Pink No Information
APREAperture Health, Inc.0.0011100,000,000  Pink No Information
ARAHAria International Holdings, Inc.0.0006300,000,000  Pink No Information
ARBIArbios Systems, Inc.0.005100,000,000  Pink No Information
AURTAttune RTD0.000259,000,000  Pink No Information
AVTHAV Therapeutics, Inc.0.005250,000,000  Pink No Information
AWWIAlpha Wastewater Inc0.0015190,000,000  Pink No Information
AXGCAxis Energy Corporation0.004375,000,000  Pink No Information
AXIOAxiom Oil and Gas Corp.0.004300,000,000  Pink No Information
AXMMAxiom Corp.0.0013200,000,000  Pink No Information
AXPWAxion Power International, Inc.0.005724100,000,000  Pink Current
BANJBanjo & Matilda, Inc.0.0073100,000,000  Pink Current
BCNDBeacon Redevelopment Industrial Corp.0.001300,000,000  Pink No Information
BDCMBroadcast Marketing Group, Inc.0.0023100,000,000  Pink No Information
BDGNBudget Center Inc.0.01150,000,000  Pink Current
BEESBEESFREE, Inc.0.0032200,000,000  Pink No Information
BEMGBeta Music Group Inc.0.01290,000,000  Pink No Information
BGEMBlue Gem Enterprise0.0007200,000,000  Pink No Information
BGIIBGI, Inc.0.001570,000,000  Pink No Information
BIGGBig Tree Group, Inc.0.0013100,000,000  Pink No Information
BIOMBiomimix, Inc.0.0035200,000,000  Pink No Information
BKUHBakhu Holdings, Corp.0.002150,000,000  Pink No Information
BLBKBOLDFACE Group, Inc.0.01300,000,000  Pink No Information
BLLBBell Buckle Holdings, Inc.0.0003100,000,000  Pink No Information
BLLZBullzi Holdings, Inc.0.01100,000,000  Pink No Information
BMGPBiomagnetics Diagnostics Corp.0.0008300,000,000  Pink No Information
BOTYLingerie Fighting Championships, Inc.0.00095400,000,000  Pink Limited
BRNEBorneo Resource Investments Ltd.0.0005400,000,000  Pink No Information
BROEBaron Energy, Inc.0.005975,000,000  Pink No Information
BRYNBryn Resources, Inc.0.0035250,000,000  Pink No Information
BRZLScepter Holdings, Inc.0.0039150,000,000  Pink Current
BSHFBioshaft Water Technology, Inc.0.008300,000,000  Pink Current
BSPEBlacksands Petroleum, Inc.0.007100,000,000  Pink No Information
BSTKBrite-Strike Tactical Illumination Products, Inc.0.0023100,000,000  Pink No Information
BTFLMonarch America, Inc.0.0007261,000,000  Pink No Information
BZTGBuzz Technologies, Inc.0.006400,000,000  Pink No Information
CATV4Cable TV International, Inc.0.0001300,000,000  Pink No Information
CCAQWCommitted Capital Acquisition Corporation II0.0068,000,000  Pink Limited
CDEXCDEX Inc.0.0024300,000,000  Pink No Information
CDKGChina Du Kang Co., Ltd.0.0041250,000,000  Pink No Information
CDMCCindisue Mining Corp0.00100,000,000  Pink No Information
CDRLCommodore International Corp.0.0022150,000,000  Pink No Information
CESXCES Synergies Inc.0.01250,000,000  Pink Current
CETGCapital City Energy Group, Inc.0.00769100,000,000  Pink No Information
CEXECircle Entertainment Inc.0.002575,000,000  Pink No Information
CFRIConforce International, Inc.0.0008250,000,000  Pink No Information
CGHCCapital Group Holdings, Inc.0.0054300,000,000  Pink No Information
CGNHCardioGenics Holdings Inc.0.0086150,000,000  Pink No Information
CHCCChina Chemical Corp.0.003180,000,000  Pink No Information
CHLECentennial Specialty Foods Corp.0.004120,000,000  Pink No Information
CHSHChina Shoe Holdings, Inc.0.000423310,000,000  Pink No Information
CHSOChina Shouguan Mining Corp0.005300,000,000  OTCQB
CLADChina Liaoning Dingxu Ecological Agriculture Development, Inc.0.001175,000,000  Pink No Information
CLCLCALCOL, Inc.0.0021100,000,000  Pink No Information
CLISClickStream Corporation0.007300,000,000  Pink No Information
CLKTFCalciTech Ltd.0.0006300,000,000  Pink No Information
CLPEClear Peak Energy, Inc.0.004100,000,000  Pink No Information
CMGOCMG Holdings Group, Inc.0.0014450,000,000  Pink No Information
CMITCMARK International, Inc.0.0004250,000,000  Pink No Information
CNBIChina BCT Pharmacy Group, Inc.0.0098150,000,000  Pink No Information
CNCLCancer Capital Corp.0.0020,000,000  Pink Current
CNGIConcordis Group Inc0.01100,000,000  Pink No Information
CNHCChina Health Management Corp.0.001150,000,000  Pink No Information
CNOZCono Italiano, Inc.0.0009150,000,000  Pink No Information
CNWTCistera Networks, Inc.0.00850,000,000  Pink No Information
CPPDCirca Pictures & Production Co. International, Inc.0.00223150,000,000  Pink No Information
CPWYClean Energy Pathways, Inc.0.0011190,000,000  Pink No Information
CRCLCircle Star Energy Corp.0.0022100,000,000  Pink No Information
CRDXCredex Corporation0.00100,000,000  Pink Current
CRGEClenergen Corp.0.000575,000,000  Pink No Information
CRRSQCorporate Resource Services, Inc.0.00138495,000,000  Pink No Information
CRSQCorporate Restaurant Concepts, Inc.0.0011100,000,000  Pink No Information
CUAUCasablanca Mining Ltd.0.0018100,000,000  Pink No Information
CWNRCrosswind Renewable Energy Corp.0.002150,000,000  Pink No Information
CXCQCardXX, Inc.0.003540,000,000  Pink No Information
CYPJCyber Operations, Inc.0.00560,000,000  Pink No Information
DAKPQDakota Plains Holdings, Inc.0.0037100,000,000  Pink No Information
DCGDDiscovery Gold Corp0.0025250,000,000  Pink
Read More

Three Penny Stocks to Watch archive f

Three Penny Stocks to Watch in the Second Half

Penny Stocks is a perfect way of starting trade for new investors who are seeking to expand their hard earned money while staying on the safer side amid their low price per share. Penny stocks usually trade under $1 per share but some analysts consider all those stocks as penny stocks that are trading under $5 per share. Unlike large-caps that have significantly higher per share prices, penny stocks do not require large capital.

Nevertheless, investing in penny stocks and making profits from your trades require some investing experience and keen eye on the global business activities. Irresponsible risk management could result in big losses in a very shorter period of time. Once you took a position in any company with bleak future fundamentals and low liquidity position, the chance of losing money are greater than generating profits from that trade.

On the other hand, when you used the right strategy and timing of investing in any particular penny stock, the chance for wining are higher. It is also equally important for new investors and beginners to predict the exit point for penny stocks to comfortably capitalize on recent gains. Below, I’ll take a look at few penny stocks that have strong upside potential in the coming days and have had posted significant profits in the last couple of quarters.

Golden Minerals Co. (AUMN) engages in the mining of silver and gold bars, lead, precipitates zinc, and pyrite concentrates. The company’s market capitalization is standing around 74.34 million and its trading volume is around 919,125 shares.

Mining companies are always cyclical in nature and they have offer a lot of room for traders to make profits. Share price movement and financial performance of mining penny stocks are directly correlated with the commodity prices. If investor has some hold on precious metals and commodities, they can easily make profits from its investments in mining stock.

Golden Minerals share price soared nearly 365% since the start of this year, a significant price appreciation for any company and its share holders. This clearly means that if someone had invested in Golden Minerals at the beginning of this year, their initial investment have increased 365%. Falling crude oil prices, volatility in the stock market, stable interest rates and supply and demand dynamics are key drivers for significant price rally. New traders always need to look at these drivers if they are planning to invest in mining related stocks.

Despite the significant share price rally, Golden Minerals share price have further upside potential moving forward. Crude oil prices are unlikely to rebound in the near-term and global economic environment is expected to remain week, which could move investors towards safe heaven assets and mining stocks. Therefore, Keep Golden minerals at your watch list.

Sirius XM Holdings (SIRI) is among those penny stocks that have generated significant revenue and earnings growth in the last couple of years on the back of its innovative strategies. It provides satellite radio broadcasting services including free music, news and comedy, premier sports, entertainment and key events and wide range of other programs.

Five years back, Sirius XM was only trading around 1.50 per share. This penny stock surged nearly 125% in the last five years and nearly going to become a small cap-stock. Some penny stocks with strong business fundamentals have potential to turn their status as a small-cap stock from a penny stock.

The company’s future fundamentals are strong as the company has recently beaten analyst estimated for both earnings and revenue for the second quarter of this year. Its revenues surged nearly 10%, while EBITDA increased almost 13% compared with the same period of last year. With the growth in earnings, its cash generating potential has also been expanding year over year. Therefore, buying and keeping this penny stock on the watch list could result in healthy gains.

Plug Power, Inc. (PLUG) offers alternative energy technology, particularly focusing on the design and development of fuel cell systems for the industrial off-road market. Plug Powers share price declined in the last few months amid slow off-road market. However, this penny stock is presenting a perfect case of buying low and selling high. Its stock price is currently trading around $1.71 per share, significantly lower from 52-week high of 2.52 per share.

The company’s future fundamentals are strong and its share price has significant upside potential. Recently, the company has beaten analysts earnings estimate by 0.02 per share for the second quarter of this year. In addition, the company’s revenue of 37.9 million increased 59% compared with the same period of last year. New investors must add this penny stock on their watch list, as this company has substantial upside potential considering its revenue and earnings growth.


New investors can make big profits by investing in penny stocks by using timely and right strategies. If investors want to make profits from its trades, they need to have a keen eye on the company’s future performance and business fundamentals. Those penny stocks that have strong business models and potential to generate a sustainable growth should be on new investors watch list.

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