How to invest in marijuana stocks?

Marijuana stocks are the best way to get started for a penny stock investor. If you have not invested in penny stocks till date, this could be a great opportunity for you to explore. Marijuana stocks are super-hot stocks right now. The growth of legalized pot in various states of the US and Canada for medical and recreational use has led the investors to focus on the stocks.

If you’re interested to invest in marijuana penny stocks but don’t know the right way to begin, here is the full information about them. This sector is in trend right now due to legalization of pot in various forms. Some projects are new but require market capitalization to increase the annual marijuana stocks towards a much higher level. The marijuana market is expected to grow up to $150 billion or more after a decade, or so. As the sector is hot, the stocks could be hard to handle at times. The investors new to the marijuana world need to know what all to look and what to ignore while buying these stocks.

Marijuana Industry Basics

Marijuana have always been in trend for recreational purposes as a drug. In the present time, there are medications formulated by the use of marijuana and these trends have made it as a baseline for the stocks to grow. The dynamics are changing on the rapid basis and medical marijuana has become legalized in 30+ countries on global basis. The trend of recreational basis is common only in a few nations but the US and Canadian permissions have given a hint for the number to grow. Hemp was legalized at the national level in many US states in December 2018.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the primary chemical responsible for causing the ‘high factor’ for the consumers. The chemical ingredient cannabinol (CBD) is not as psychoactive as THC and have been quite useful in the medical researches to control the problems like epilepsy, insomnia, and inflammation.

There are many products made from marijuana, like CBD oils, edibles, concentrates used in creams, lotions and vaping, beverages, flower, and many other forms. The marijuana industry stocks are involved in manufacturing and marketing of these products.

Investing in marijuana stocks

After getting the basics about marijuana industry, it is important to note the important elements of the industry. There are majorly three types of companies which could be considered in the investment of marijuana stocks:

  1. Marijuana growing companies: These companies are associated with the cultivation of marijuana in the indoor facilities and the greenhouses.
  2. Providers of ancillary products and services: These companies provide key services or products to the marijuana industry, like lighting systems, packaging, distribution, consultation, hydroponics etc.
  3. Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies: There are companies taking the medical use of marijuana for its benefit in the therapeutic industry. The medical use of marijuana is carried forward by many companies all over the globe and drugs are being manufactured for the treatment of chronic diseases.

Marijuana penny stocks 2020

The end of last year was a big high for marijuana stocks with the numbers got gains with the enhanced percentage points. This was due to the legalization of marijuana in several important parts of the US and recreational pot in Canada. There is a lot with the industrial progress of these stocks and marijuana stocks are expected to grow at a wild rate with the growth of this segment all over the Americas.

Marijuana news is still on the major driving pattern of the gains and in the penny stock market, there will be both positive and negative turnarounds for these stocks. The investors need to make the right decision for purchasing the stocks and there are some important factors to consider for checking out the growth of the marijuana industry. The legal bounds are becoming open for the marijuana industry and it is giving a fair chance to some of the new companies growing into this sector. There are long-term gainers and the short-term progressive companies which could be considered for an appropriate move.

Some of the major marijuana stocks like Cronos Group Inc. (NASDAQ: CRON), Hexo Corp (TSE: HEXO) and Canopy Growth Corp (NYSE: CGC) have attained a supreme position in the penny stock market. There have been many gains attained near the year ending of 2018 as the major stock exchanges even played a role in getting the stocks to the high level. Apart from the established companies, there are many companies with the low-priced stocks which have come up with the new concepts for the direct or indirect linkage with the marijuana industry.

All the stocks on the major stock exchanges are not fair and similarly, the stocks on the OTCBB or pink sheets are not necessarily fake. It depends on the investment approach to check out the stocks on different sources. There are different aspects linked to the stock market and diving in the right direction would lead you towards the ultimate success. Pot stocks have made successful ventures for many people all over the world. There are many lists of successful stocks available on the web and the names could be taken for making the research. Ultimately, your own wit will matter in the long run. The business models of companies could be viewed and the plans for forward-looking statements could be checked at various platforms. The marijuana companies move with the activities in its segment. There will be companies having a strong base but are new in the market. Those could be considered for a long-term projection.

Global spending on legal cannabis has hit a value of $57 billion on the global level. There is an increasing demand in the recreational and medical cannabis mainly with the US and Canadian legalization. There are major companies having plans to deal with cannabis stocks in the upcoming times. There are several software applications applying algorithms to check out the financial developments of the companies in the research and ancillary business.

How to grab the best marijuana stocks 2020?

Marijuana sector is a high-scope segment at this point because it has many associated companies that have given a huge contribution to the cannabis sector. There are some things to look while making the choice for the best marijuana stocks which can fetch a good amount for you.

  1. Decide the marijuana stocks to grab today

Unfortunately, there is no source which can guarantee you to buy the particular weed stocks at the moment. It is entirely up to you to look for the amazing stock options available on the web under $1 value. Make emphasis on the volatility of the stock and if there is no variation in the pricing, it means that the profit potential of the stock is on the lower side. You can also look for the high-volume stocks as the greater number of stocks traded every day will lead to better returns for the investors in the long run. You can control your losses only if you’re able to buy and sell the stocks quickly.

  • Use chart patterns and technical analysis for finding the best chances

Technical analysis is available for every stock on the web. It is the responsibility of the investor to make the stock trade research with carefulness to put your cash at risk. Stocks are all in the charts and the investors need to make sure that they’re fully researching them with due diligence to make the appropriate returns. It is always preferable to check out the clean chart patterns to make the diligent move and get greater odds of success. Your idea about volumes, price variations, and exciting news will make the things simpler for you to think and execute. Marijuana stocks might show a sudden boom in recent times but make sure that you’re making the right move to fetch the promising results.

  • Fundamental analysis for marijuana penny stocks

Marijuana penny stocks don’t have the strongest fundamentals and there are many untrue companies giving fake news and results showing developments. Make sure that the information you’re getting about the stock is from a good source. The company’s announcements regarding new contracts, subsidiary ownership, regulatory issues, and financing are done to increase your odds of success.

  • Grab hot stocks and gain profits

There is no use of buying a marijuana stock when there are no people discussing it. If nobody notices the stock, there will be simply no chance to gain profits from it. Make sure that you’re getting the hot stocks and people should talk about it for the big moves. It is important to buy and sell stocks at the right time. Checking out the right time is important than becoming greedy and selling off the stocks really late. The hype won’t last for eternity and this is the reality of stocks. Once you sell it at a profit, there is no use of checking the prices and repenting that you should have sold it later at a relatively higher price. Whenever you’re getting profits, remain contented and move ahead with a strong investment.

  • Create your own list of stocks

Keep the stock list ready to view on your mobile or laptop application. It is the way to take immediate advantage and a potential victory.

How to grab the best marijuana stocks 2019?

Weed penny stocks

Weed penny stocks are becoming red-hot popular in the present US and Canadian stocks. This herb has revolutionized the trends and the legalization of cannabis has led to a wider scope for the stocks related to cannabis in any way. The trades will become more profitable with the weed boom linked with various industrial segments. There is a lot of action taking place in the penny stock industry on a regular basis and pump & dump is the major scam due to which it becomes difficult to trust these stocks. There are rapid profits attained from some penny stocks but those are one in hundreds and a clever analyzer could only find them from a bunch of marijuana stocks on different stock markets.

Weed market growth

There are many people expecting that marijuana stocks will become 200-300% higher in price within very less time. This is the reason for the weed market growth and the stocks are coming up with many startups. The legal marijuana industry is expected to surpass almost every segment which has created a boom in the stock market. California is considered to be the hub of the weed markets all over the US. Medical marijuana was legal in the state for years but at the beginning of 2018, CA made adult-use of weed legalized as well. The market is huge and the inclusion of cannabis in many new segments has given a space for the industry to grow on the global platform.

Canada has already made the recreational weed usage legal and it is indeed the first nation to legalize it on the national level. Weed companies will have the most promising future in the sense of giving a lucrative beginning on the stock markets. Keeping an eye on the Canadian and USA weed stocks would probably lead towards a positive future for the companies.

Benefits of penny pot stocks

You need to concentrate on the two most important things to make quick and trusted profits on the stock market.

  1. Pick up a weed segment having the massive potential for growth. Check out the market trends, government news and the particular opinions on the sectors of your choice.
  2. Find out small companies having the probable approach to give profitable results from the hot sector where you can apply can turn huge profits. Keeping an eye on the beginner companies for marijuana stocks is a great idea for the investors to double or triple their money within the least possible time.

Finding the best weed stocks

Weed penny stocks are hot but you need to find out the appropriate resources to fetch the correct information about these stocks. Firstly, focus on day trading stocks. Penny stocks would change their values very soon and you can get in and out of the stocks by remaining informed about the day trends, price changes and appropriate steps to follow. You can decide the stocks to buy and check out its movements from time to time. It is merely the job of the investor to view the stocks and read everything about them before actually finalizing the stock for purchase.

Canada Marijuana Stocks

Cannabis stocks in Canada are very lucrative investments for people in America. The powerful bull market trend is set to go much higher with the legalization of hemp in the major US sectors. The market forecasts are giving a green signal for the Canadian marijuana stocks and it is anticipated that the investors will double, triple or even quadruple their investments by associating with some of the largest growing weed companies.

The government of USA legalized cannabis in some states in the year 2018 for recreational use. This expansion in the US market has given a chance to many Canadian companies to produce their products (medicinal or other forms) for the US market to generate better revenues. The demand for cannabis has increased because of legalization in recreational and medicinal use. There are new concepts introduced every day which require cannabis in different forms. There are supportive services giving indirect services to the cannabis sector (real estate, software, payment methods, and other modes). There has been a global acceptance and legalization of cannabis over time in Canada and it has flourished many companies associated with the hemp sector in any way.

Cannabis Stocks Canada 2020

Canadian Cannabis stocks are ultra-bullish at present and the forecast for 2020 is highly progressive. In the US market, the forecast for the annual compounded growth rate is expected to be 28% of cannabis demand. The Canadian market has already got hundreds of companies dealing with marijuana in any way. It is important for the investors to get in the stocks fast and even plan out their exit plan with the purchasing to assure their success. Smart investors have already clubbed their stocks and invested their amounts in the right penny stocks to avoid any surprises later on.

There has to be a focus on outperforming cannabis stocks in Canada. North American indexes are quite convincing in the present times and the cannabis stocks are expected to outperform and even triple out their value in 2020. Those who have accumulated the stocks in 2019 will get higher benefits than the people planning to buy the stocks now. Smart investors pick out the blooming segment stocks and make their diversified portfolio. It is a better choice than going for ETF for investments. Decent research is required before picking up the stocks. There is absolutely no secret followed for the investments but the investors need to be aware of what they are purchasing and WHY.

There are many Canadian marijuana stocks having a position on the major stock exchanges and some of them are on the penny stock lists (OTCBB and pink sheets). There are some stocks like Aurora Cannabis, Organigram Holdings, Kush Bottles, etc. which have given a positive performance in the marijuana stock investments. It is important to identify the right stock and make a wise movement by analyzing it well. Penny stock investments are worth purchasing as the majority of the stocks belonging to the reputed companies are growing or will grow in the coming future.

Penny Stock App

Penny Stocks are significantly low-value shares having existence on the pink sheets or Over The Counter Bulletin Board. These stocks are easily manipulated and have a positive position in the market. If you are thinking about buying penny stocks, the first step is to know about them and understand about the companies having these stocks.

Technology has crept into every business and stocks are no different. Everything is available in your smartphones or electronic devices and you can get the whole data about the stocks you’re following on your screen. There is no domain left by the technology shifting and penny stock apps have given an easy way for the investors to check their stocks and keep a track of their long and short-term investments. There are some applications which can provide assistance in penny stock trading. The investors need to take precautions and understand about stocks in an elaborated way by downloading the application on their Android, iOS or Windows-based mobile device or tablet.

You can begin trading penny stocks and become a part of the traders who can give the best information by their experience. Also, even if they’ve not purchased the respective stocks, they can let you know about the tactics and the trends to follow to become successful in your penny stock investments. There are several courses available online which teach the newbie investors to become a profitable trader. The penny stock investments are highly risky and you can start understanding them by reading the stock news and picking up a list of stocks having a probability to grow. You can get the basics of training by checking out the expert tips which could lead you towards a positive investment path. There are many strategies and techniques to become consistent in your gains and develop your own trading techniques.

Penny stock apps can help in managing your stocks in a better way by understanding the market trends and giving a chart explaining the stocks, their increased prices and showing the graph of success. The psychology of trading is not easy to understand in the beginning and hence, the app will give you the whole idea about trading in the right way and without any burden. The basics of day trading could be learned very sharply by the traders and they can even know the loop-holes behind your understanding of penny stocks. There are many real-world examples and news given in the applications which give the guidelines to investors to follow or unfollow a stock or a coming trend. These could be a way to develop your personalized trading strategies and make use of the techniques to give your mind a direction towards a successful business.

Penny stocks are small packages which can multiply your money but you need to understand the psychology of the company’s management to make the right decision. You’ll find many names which have turned into major successes and were micro-stocks in the beginning. Penny stock apps are the best way to club up your stocks and check their performance whenever you want to.

Investing in Penny Stocks

Investing in penny stocks has become quite popular in the past decade. There are many stories available on the web enlisting the profits attained from the low-value companies. The success stories are so tempting that everyone gets fascinated and wants to be a part of the league. Most people don’t know that penny stocks are highly tempting but at the same time, these are the stocks having a volatile nature. More than the success stories, there are many cases of fraud, scams, and losses illustrated by the majority of the people who’ve made the worst decision by choosing penny stocks.

Create wealth by investing in penny stocks

  1. You can figure out by making small trials and get the right response for the same. This is the least preferred path because losses are disheartening and would mislead your assumptions for any kind of stock but the fact is that the penny stocks can be evaluated by your own by jumping into the pool of stocks and purchasing a few of them to get the practical idea. There are only a few people who get a ‘trial and error’ approach to becoming successful. Over 90 percent of the people will lose money in this way and no matter what you think, the losses teach you good lessons at times.
  2. Pay someone to teach you. This is a good way to pick up an expert lined up in the thousands of gurus online and observe their trading secrets to understand about the stocks. Remember that only a few gurus in the stock lines are actually legit and turn you in the right direction. There are many chances that you put your money into some valued e-book or course and understand the stocks before making your first investment. There are good programs available on the web but the major thing to look for is to find them and evaluate the right source for the same. Your investigation for the program will be very essential and give you the right response for your efforts. Many courses are quite expensive and you need to make sure that they are actually qualified to teach you the pros and cons of investing in the right stocks.
  3. There are people who follow the experts to pick the stocks for them. If you’re new to the world of investments, it is important to pick up the right source to follow. It is good to pay to a worthy stock trading guru than losing all your money by getting into the wrong hands. Many people take the route of getting help, in the beginning, to understand the penny stock investments and then carry forward their routes. The programs will usually take subscription fee and the stock picking expert will give you their pre-evaluated and researched picks. It is essential to do the extensive research before trusting a stock guru and do your complete homework before investing in the stocks. Just be careful of where you look and what options you pick as the good experts are hard to find.

How to find penny stocks?

There is no scarcity of the places offering opinions about penny stocks. It is quite easy to find the stocks but picking the right ones from a list of thousands of available stocks is a daunting task. You might wonder where to get started and how to find the penny stocks giving positive returns to the investors. It is a tricky part as it requires intensive research to find out the most rewarding stocks which could actually increase your money.

Finding the penny stock list

It is difficult to find the right penny stocks. You need time to research the penny stock lists and gather information about the companies in which you actually think that there could be substantial gains. It is not at all encouraged to buy a stock just because your friend, coworker or some relative has purchased it. Your personal efforts on the stock search are quite important in getting successful results.

There are many websites offering excellent penny stock investments. Most of the chances are that these platforms will lead you towards the companies planning for pump and dump schemes. Finding the website that lists the penny stocks is very easy and there are many of them available on the web. It is essential to proceed with the legitimate penny stocks and start with one-two preeminent websites to get the suitable list. You can follow the filters on the websites based on the desired criteria. Make sure that you search for each company individually to evaluate the companies by using the fundamental tools for getting the technical analysis for penny stocks.

5 tips to avoid scams for penny stocks:

  1. Be prepared for a scammer until all the odds are ruled out

If you come across any recommendation related to the penny stocks, the advice is probably from the company itself. The promoters, advertisers or paid links will stand to profit from your investments and look out to attract you towards making a stock purchase.

  • Investigation of the company

It is essential to carefully go through the financial statements of the company and get your hands on the business prospectus and information relating to the company. The information is hard to find out but it is not impossible. The more you gather about the company, the better it will be.

  • The positioning of the stock

There are some penny stocks positioned on the major stock exchanges like Nasdaq, NYSE, TSE, and others. These stocks are probably the positive sources than the OTCBB and pink sheets which are truly the scammer sources for ruining your investments.

  • Verification of the claims

Penny stock promoters will give false reports about their companies. The claims are often the bait for you to buy the stocks without giving a second thought. You can find the supplementary information from the legitimate sources to get the most accurate results for your stocks purchase.

  • Keep a skeptical approach

No one can turn rich very rapidly. Everything requires time and efforts to become successful and penny stocks are no different.

Cannabis penny stocks

Cannabis stocks have gained success in the United States and Canadian market. It is important for the investors to understand that the investment in cannabis is not limited to growing, retailing or distribution of the weed. There are many companies providing indirect services for real estate, pharma, biotechnology and other sectors associated with the cannabis segment. It is important to know whether the stocks you’re buying are good or bad cannabis stocks. The investors need to do their own research to make the decision to buy the marijuana stocks having less per share value. People need to get access to the resources to make an informed assessment of the company. There are companies investing in cannabis-related stocks having a diligent approach.

There are many Canadian cannabis stocks having overrated status in the market. It is required to start focusing on US cannabis stocks to get ahead in the investments related to marijuana. There are many US states have legalized recreational or medical uses. There are many businesses undergoing the biggest chances and getting positive chances for improvement in Canadian exchanges. Many publicly traded companies are not subjected to making their defined business statements in the major stock exchanges with SEC imposition.

There are many risks and challenges involved with the stocks present in the OTC exchanges. Some people are biased and don’t consider penny stocks at all. However, there are many beginner companies having a good scope in the market and could be considered for better returns.

Steps to investing in cannabis penny stocks

Research the Company: It is important to search for the company you’ll be investing in. There are many documents to be searched and thought about while making the right choice.

Investment Amount: Always keep the thumb rule active for the investment: ‘Never invest more than you can afford to lose’. Stocks are unpredictable and initiate a feeling of greed in the mind of investors. Hence, it is very essential to make the right move in terms of investment and keep an investment for which you could afford to lose.

Timeline decision: It is important to buy and sell at the right time. If the stock falls or rises to a certain level which is fixed by you, immediately make the decision in turning it off or getting it in your portfolio.

Select the right broker: Your middle person for buying cannabis stocks have to be very important. You can buy your stocks through an online brokerage company or sign up directly for an online platform. You’ll be able to trade your account once it is funded.

Buying the stock: This point is the major point and is complex in its own way. There are different types of stocks executing at the market price and a limit price gives the low-priced entry to the investor. It is not guaranteed in cannabis penny stocks that the limit order is executed. Hence, the decision has to be well informed.

Selling the stock: Once you feel that you’ve attained the expected results from the stock, just sell them. You can’t expect them to grow and grow, as there is a limit to everything. Selling at a right time is very important.

All Penny Stocks

When you’re thinking about the potential success with penny stocks, there is a need to go through the subject in detail. You can experience the financial fears with regard to all penny stocks and think that these couldn’t benefit you much. The reality is that penny stocks trading can get you ahead of these fears and you can find out the ways to earn well by investing in the low-priced stocks.

Penny stock listing

The ultra-low-priced stocks play psychologically with the minds of the investors. These can make you win with the clear power secrets to achieve success in your business objectives. Penny stock trading is a hobby for some and could be an expectation for some people to grow their investments. The major aspect to look for a penny stock investor is that they must become aware of the significant companies and their theme to buy the successful stocks. The fears and doubts holding you back from buying the stocks should be cleared and when you consider buying the cent stocks, the technological evaluation about them would make it much easier for you to enter the world of the penny stocks.

After you’ve collected the data about the penny stocks worth investing in, it would be wise to make a list of the stocks which could really give you an apprehension in the money. Traditionally, it was a blockage for the investors to research about the stocks but with the advancement in the Internet, it has become very easy for the people to search about these stocks and find out the right stocks to buy.

It is a daunting task for the investors to look for possible companies and then creep into the market to find out the potentially growing segments. Everything turns out to be positive as per the particular regions. People rely on the tips or information provided by the companies for making selection for the stocks to buy. The search for the most rewarding penny stocks from a list of thousands of stocks is a huge task. It is like finding a diamond from the mines having a big collection of coal.

List of penny stocks

There would be many free software apps available online which will do the hard work for you. These pre-programmed software apps will give you an option to analyze thousands of stocks and give the investors the ideas based on the previous results. This software might help you in finding out the companies having better investments than the ones having no fruitful results. It is not necessary that the stocks given by the software programs will definitely give you a profit. It is the need of investors to go through all penny stocks and find out the most promising ones in the list to get the final results. The various categories under consideration are marijuana stocks, biopharmaceutical stocks, oil and natural gas stocks, technology stocks, gold and mining stocks, and many others having a huge scope in the market.

Penny pot stocks

Marijuana stocks are highly in demand by investors in the United States. When it comes to marijuana stocks, the investors have to come up to date with the newest market trends in the pot stock sector. Over the last five years, marijuana-related stocks have attained a huge growth with its legalization in the US states for medical and recreational use. The medical marijuana industry has grown tremendously and is expected to grow over a level of 55 billion dollars by 2025. This rise in marijuana requirement has led to the creation of additive jobs for the Americans in all the related streams.

Smart investors are leading towards the penny pot stocks and putting their investments to stay ahead in the game of rising finances with marijuana. Cannabis news is breaking forward in the upcoming phases and there is a good opportunity for the investors to get the best out of their speculations.

Penny Pot Stocks for 2020

The marijuana industry is very new and there are not many companies having too much progression from the penny stock accumulations for the market cap. The beginner companies make it a point to make you purchase these stocks beforehand for a cheaper price per stock. It is important for the investor to make research over the stock companies and stay ahead in understanding the pot stock investments to get the profits in a progressive mode. Make sure that you find out the best techniques to get the penny stock analysis in detail.

Top Penny Pot Stocks for Several years

There have been a few important names which have gained a growth over the last years with the legalization of marijuana in the United States. These stocks are MJNA, TRTC, CANN, GWPH, VAPE, CGC, NBEV, POTN and CRON.

The investment strategy fitting the investor would give an idea about doing short-term trading or long-term investments with weed stocks. Find out your level of speculations with the company’s financial strategies to swing trading and looking for more long-term options. You can check out the investment style fitting you the best and then start making investments.

Legalization of Cannabis has made an impact

Cannabis legalization for the recreational and medicinal purpose has made an impact on the stocks. There are many companies which have upgraded their financial statistics with the growth of the cannabis sector in the United States and Canada. There have been many speculations made for cannabis products but those don’t stop the investors to look out for the most promising stocks in terms of cannabis.

Legal cannabis has opened the door for many companies and there have been many jobs offered to the people in the US and Canada with the growing marijuana industry. There are many websites providing the watchlist and alerts for the stocks related to cannabis and there have been many stock gainers for the last few years for Canadian marijuana stocks. Cannabis industry has a lot of excitement and penny pot stocks can be considered for the better returns over the investment.

Penny stocks for dummies

There are many brilliant companies which were traded as penny stocks at their primary phases and they grew up to become the larger brands having lucrative scope for the investors. Penny stocks have attained a bad name among the investors due to the negativity spread by some companies. There are some easily avoidable pitfalls in the penny stocks world which can help you in keeping your money safe and secured. Penny stocks are traded below the value of $5 per stock.

Buying Penny Stocks: For Dummies

The investors unsure about the right protection ways to buy penny stocks often get burned up for investing in these stocks. If you are aware of the low-quality investments and misleading information made by many marketers, it would be easy for you to make an investment in the stocks.

  1. Avoid lower caliber markets: Don’t rely on OTC or Pink sheets to buy penny stocks. Instead, choose the lower priced stocks from NASDAQ, AMEX or OTCBB.
  2. Don’t follow stock picks: If you’re getting free information through emails, newsletters or any other sources, make sure that they could be fake. They can trick you and mislead you regarding the dishonest tactics. Pump and Dump scheme is quite prevalent in the penny stock world.
  3. Fundamental penny stocks: It is important to examine the information of the company by choosing rewarding business ideas. Check the online financial position of the company to attain the best rewards by investing in it.
  4. Don’t follow tips: Do your personal research before investing in a stock and don’t just follow any tips from your family or friends. Your own research about the stocks is highly beneficial in making it a success.
  5. Greed leads to failure: Some stock investments have incredible stories linked to them and it could prompt you to make the investments in a hurry. Stocks with stories are usually having compelling business concepts for marketing and are meant to turn on the greed factor of the investors. It should be avoided for the chances of failures.
  6. Investor relations department contact: It might sound indifferent but the investor relations department of ethical companies would be happy to speak to you and enable you to ensure the legitimate business.

Criteria to choose the right penny stock

  • Growing market share in the stock market
  • Profitability of the company with revenue growth and reduction of expenses
  • Stocks having compelling value at present in comparison to the peer group shares
  • Strong management team leading to higher rated success
  • High product acceptance among customers/ associated investors
  • Effective marketing accentuating the brand
  • Technical analysis, price momentum and buying indications

Become a smart penny stock investor

You can become the penny stock investor by using the best strategies. The more you study about the companies and the niches, the better the results will be there for your stocks. Write down the list of trades you have made and make the appropriate decision to buy and sell the stocks by looking at the charts in detail.

NASDAQ Penny Stocks

NASDAQ Penny Stocks

The definition of penny stocks illustrated by the experts for trading companies is that the per share value will be less than $5. At some places, you’ll read that the value is lesser than $1. In the majority of the cases, there are no penny stocks included in Nasdaq. However, there are some large groups that trade below $5 per share on the major stock exchanges like Nasdaq but those companies meet all the criteria for their listing on Nasdaq. The companies have a solid reputation and submit the financial reports on a regular basis to the SEC to make out their position in NASDAQ or NYSE.

There are certain standards to be followed for being listed on the penny stocks. There are certain stock options having top-notch performance in NASDAQ penny stock list category:

  • IDSY (ID Systems, Inc.)

This company has been working well since they’ve attained a large contract with Avid Budget Group. They deal in the wireless technology business and have an association with big segments like the US Postal System and Wal-Mart. The company has presently been working on the acquisition of new contracts with the companies involved in packaging, tobacco and dairy manufacturing.

  • MRGE (Merge Healthcare, Inc.)

This is a hot penny stock in NASDAQ having the services related to healthcare and data imaging technologies. It is working to spread the roots in the global market.

  • LIOX (Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.)

This company has involvement in the establishment of business on an international level with the industry-specific necessities for a strong global presence. The services are marketing, app testing, and translation.

  • CPST (Capstone Turbine Corporation)

Although the past performance of the company has been slower, it is working on the elevation of the micro-turbine industry to reach heights. There is power generation and backup power sources kept and there is a long way to go with the company’s transparent financials. The sales limit crossed the level of a hundred million dollars and there is a long way to go in the future.

  • DSCI (Dema Sciences, Inc.)

Derma Sciences is the best penny stock as the company has become a producer of the high-quality bandages with wound healing ointment technology. The scientists are under the process of development of the best wound healing drug to alter the way of healing wounds.

  • GENE (Genetic Technologies Ltd.)

This is an Australian company having a wide range of products for treating cancer. The share prices have been elevated with the progression of the company. Genetic Technologies have opened 6 new breast cancer diagnostic centers which will reveal a positive result for the stocks.

  • HSON (Hudson Global, Inc.)

This company stands on the NASDAQ list with its steady growth from the year 2014. The recruitment agency specializes in the field of temporary and permanent recruitments, outsourcing and contract consultation in North America, Europe, and Asia.

  • EXEL (Exelixis Inc.)

Exelixis is involved in developing and producing drugs for treating thyroid cancer. There are growth opportunities for investors with an increase in stock prices.

  • RIGL (Rigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.)

Rigel Pharmaceuticals is a company involved in the development and testing of drugs for treating asthma, arthritis, eye problems, chronic musculoskeletal disorders, and similar issues. The merger of the company with Briston-Myers Squibb Co. for oncological researches have been a great move and since then, the investors are keeping an eye on the company for better returns.

  • PSTR (PostRock Energy Corp.)

This is a good choice for the oil and natural gas company investors. It is a successful company and is expected to grow in the coming future.

News out for this mining company

IMIMF has released more news today! This is a stock we have been talking about over the last month. Thake a look at the stock price now! Below is a copy of the press release issued an

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / April 6, 2020 / IMC International Mining Corp (CSE:IMCX)(OTCPINK:IMIMF)(3MX.F) (the “Company” or “IMC“), is pleased to announce that it has engaged CME Consultants Inc. (“CME) to conduct exploration and prospecting on the Company’s Thane Property including the Cathedral Prospect. CME is part of the CME network of companies, an international full service consultancy and contracting group that has served over 100 clients in 25 countries and has employed over 3000 people. Mr. Chris Naas, P.Geo. will be the managing professional from CME on IMC’s Cathedral Prospect.

Mr. Naas is a graduate in geology of Dalhousie University (B.Sc., 1984) and has over 34 years experience in the mineral exploration field in Canada, Africa and South America. He has extensive experience in the supervision of mineral exploration programs in western North America and internationally that have successfully developed mineral resources from grassroot prospects. In 2005 he consolidated land positions and co-founded Yellowhead Mining Inc. (“Yellowhead“) to develop the Harper Creek property. Mr. Naas was instrumental in developing the Harper Creek property and Yellowhead was later acquired by Taseko Mining. He served on the board of Yellowhead until April 2012 and Harper Creek Mines, Yellowhead’s subsidiary, until 2019. Mr. Naas was also instrumental in consolidating the land position that now makes up the Thane Property and has managed the work on this property since 2012 for Thane Minerals Inc.

CME is currently undertaking an analytical geochemical program for IMC that consists of verifying geochemical results as well as assaying for the first time, certain rock, soil and silt samples taken from the Thane Property. The samples will be sent to ALS Laboratories located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for analysis. Depending on the sample type, the samples will be assayed for gold, copper and potentially other elements. The results of these analyses will be made public in the coming weeks as they are received and evaluated by the Company.


Brian Thurston

Chief Executive Officer and President


IMC International Mining Corporation is a junior exploration and development company. It is focused on creating shareholder value through the advancements of its assets which include the Thane Property Cathedral Prospect in Northern British Columbia and the Bullard Pass Property in Arizona. The Company continues to look for further assets in North & South America as it increases its asset portfolio. International Mining will utilize its heavily experienced management team to evaluate assets that provide shareholder value.

IMC continues to evaluate additional properties to add to its portfolio of mining assets.

1 (604) 588-2110

Forward-Looking Information: This news release contains “forward-looking information” within the meaning of applicable securities laws relating to statements regarding the potential delineation of mineral resources within the Thane Property area, and the Company’s business and plans, including with respect to undertaking further acquisitions and carrying out exploration activities in respect of its mineral projects, including the Cathedral Prospect. Although the Company believes that the expectations reflected in the forward-looking information are reasonable, there can be no assurance that such expectations will prove to be correct. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking information. Such forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that may cause actual results, performance and developments to differ materially from those contemplated by these statements depending on, among other things, the risks that no mineral resources are delineated within the Cathedral prospect area, that the Company does not complete any further acquisitions; that the Company does not carry out exploration activities in respect of its mineral projects, including the Cathedral Project, as planned (or at all); and that the Company may not be able to carry out its business plans as expected. Except as required by law, the Company expressly disclaims any obligation and does not intend to update any forward-looking statements or forward-looking information in this news release. Although the Company believes that the expectations reflected in the forward-looking information are reasonable, there can be no assurance that such expectations will prove to be correct and makes no reference to profitability based on sales reported. The statements in this news release are made as of the date of this release.

Disclaimer: DO NOT BASE ANY INVESTMENT DECISION UPON ANY MATERIALS FOUND ON THIS WEBSITE. We are not registered as a securities broker-dealer or an investment adviser either with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) or with any state securities regulatory authority. We are neither licensed nor qualified to provide investment advice. Market News LLC’s business model is to receive financial compensation to promote public companies.  Market News LLC, a Wyoming Corporation that was compensated $2,000 by Midam Ventures LLC for a period beginning March 20th and ending March 21st, 2020 to publicly disseminate information about (IMIMF) We have not been compensated for this article. We own zero shares of IMIMF, but we may buy or sell additional shares of (IMIMF) in the open market at any time, including before, during or after the Website and Information, provide public dissemination of favorable Information. .  Our opinion on the stocks should be considered biased. Market News, LLC and/or its affiliates may hold, buy, and sell securities that are discussed on We reserve the right to buy or sell the shares of all the companies mentioned in any materials we produce at any time. trades are made with a company portfolio, the funds are not directly from Market News, LLC. Full disclaimer can be found at

Oil Stocks

Oil Stocks

Oil stocks could be the next big thing in 2019! Stay ahead of the game and make sure you sign up for our free penny stocks alerts newsletter.

There are a lot of Oil stocks.  We are here to help you find the right stocks.

Oil stocks have been starting to pick up a lot of momentum lately. They had a big correction over the last several years but now they are one of the hottest sectors! We are constantly looking for the best Oil Stocks.  We look at ETF, regular stocks, as well as oil penny stocks. Below is some very general information. Also, you can find a list of some of the oil stocks out there.

If you are looking for potential breakout stocks you will want to make sure you join our email list and our Text message list by texting ATEAM to 94253

Top high risk Higher reward stock to buy this month is:

Ticker Symbol AXGC: AXIS Energy Corporation

although information on the stock is limited it has an extremely low float and we have seen stocks like this take off.

What are Oil & Gas Companies

An incorporated oil and gas organization is a business substance that participates in the investigation, creation, refinement, and circulation of oil and gas. Given the high section costs identifying with numerous oil and gas industry operations, a hefty portion of the world’s biggest oil and gas organizations, similar to Chevron Corporation and Exxon Mobile, are coordinated. Normally, coordinated organizations partition their different operations into classifications: upstream, which incorporates all investigation and generation tries, and downstream, which is bound to refinement and showcasing exercises.

Oil and Gas Operations

Oil and gas operations can be classified into upstream, midstream and downstream exercises. The upstream action includes oil and gas investigation and creation, the midstream action concentrates on oil and gas transportation and capacity, and the downstream movement manages oil and gas refinement and showcasing. These apparently diverse business exercises actually require particular and committed assets to oversee, and there are numerous stand-alone upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas administrators. Be that as it may, integrated oil and gas organizations with both upstream and downstream operations are still a noteworthy power inside the oil and gas industry.

Integrated versus Independent

There are upsides and downsides for being an Integrated or Independent oil and gas organization. With vertically incorporated operations, an Integrated oil and gas organization is in direct contact with the vitality end showcase and may increase certain business sector knowledge. This thusly helps it better oversee oil and gas creations taking into account changing business sector requests.

Be that as it may, an Independent oil and gas organization can be hard to esteem when distinctive sorts of creation and working resources are all lumped together, prompting possibly brought down business sector valuation. A free oil and gas organization with one and only sort of operation conveys a more keen center to its business movement, for example, disposing of contending asset portions among various organizations. In any case, the absence of benefit offset amongst upstream and downstream operations could be a test for free oil and gas organizations in unfavorable economic situations.

Productivity Interdependence

Independent oil and gas organization may flourish or wilt on the ascent or fall of the oil and gas prices, while an integrated oil and gas organization frequently has less worry about value volatilities. Adjusted by its upstream and downstream operations, the matter of a coordinated oil and gas organization could basically support its benefits against business sector downturns. For instance, when raw petroleum creations experience reduced benefit from declining oil costs, refining operations at a coordinated oil and gas organization would likely see extended overall revenues as a result of the lower input costs, following certain level of secured benefits.

Oil and gas organizations can, for the most part, be partitioned into three portions: upstream, midstream and downstream. Upstream firms bargain principally with the investigation and beginning creation phases of the oil and gas industry. Numerous substantial oil organizations are called “coordinated” on the grounds that they join upstream exercises with midstream and downstream operations, which happens after the creation stage through to the point of offer.

Make sure you check out our article about the biggest oil discovery in the last 50 years.
There are lots of people excited about all kinds of different stocks. We have a page that is dedicated towards marijuana stocks, We have another page that is dedicated to gold stocks, and then we have a page that is dedicated towards all different types of penny stocks. Below we have listed serval different oil stocks that you can take a look at.

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Penny Stocks DCLT, CDTX, CNAT, BTX

DCLT- Data Call Technologies

DCLT is due for a bounce. This is an under the radar real time data technology company that has a very small float and is current. These type of stocks have a history of 1,000-3,000% gains. This is a buy low sell high play.

CDTX-Cidara Therapeutics, Inc.

CDTX is a biotech company that specializes in treatment of infections. Cidara is working on advancing its echinocandin antifungal, rezafungin acetate, in a Phase 3 clinical trial, for the treatment of candidemia and invasive candidiasis and continues to discuss with regulatory authorities its plans for the design and initiation of a second Phase 3 trial in the prophylaxis of invasive fungal infections in patients undergoing allogeneic blood and marrow transplantation. They have a presentation coming up in at the 29th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID). April 13th is the date we are watching with this stock. We believe the stock price sees nice momentum going into the phase 3 results. After the results come out these are normally a gamble so we usually take profit before to manage risk.

CNAT-Conatus Pharmaceuticals

CNAT is a biotech company with the focus on treating and curing liver diseases. It currently has two fda trials Emricasan, an Oral Caspase Inhibitor and Emricasan, a Caspase Inhibitor, for Treatment of Subjects With Decompensated NASH Cirrhosis (ENCORE-LF).

The dates we are watching are: Late breaker at EASL April 13, 2019, 4:00 p.m. CEST. 48-week liver function data due mid-2019.

BTX-BioTime Inc.

BioTime is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing new cellular therapies for degenerative retinal diseases, neurological conditions associated with demyelination, and aiding the body in detecting and combating cancer. They are currently working on Dry age-related macular degeneration. We are expecting an update April 30th at the Ophthalmology Annual Meeting.

Disclaimer: I own shares of DCLT,CNAT, BTX and CDTX. I reserve the right to buy or sell at anytime. I view these stocks as swing trades only. Everything on this page is not advice and is just an opinion. Make your own buying and selling decisions. Please do your own due diligence.

Penny Stocks ready to explode in 2020

Penny Stocks

Welcome to our help page on  penny stocks. On this page you will find a list monthly penny stocks to watch. A lot of people broadly define penny stocks as any stocks that are traded under $5. The average person most likely considers a penny stock to be a stock that trades under $1 and is not listed on a major index like the Nasdaq or The Dow. This page is going to be dedicated to trading stocks under $1. Penny Stocks are usually extremely volatile which means you can make a lot of money but also lose a lot of money. The more you educate yourself the higher chance you will have for success.

If you scroll down you will find weekly updates on which penny stocks are on our watch-list.

Every day people are searching for the best micro-cap stocks to buy. There are over 10,000 different penny stocks to invest in. Most people do not have the time to research all of them. What we have done is put together a list of penny stocks to watch for potential breakouts. You still want to make sure you do your research on the companies listed below. This list is just for entertainment purposes and just an opinion. Make sure you make your own buying and selling choices. Penny stocks can be very risky. One of the hottest sectors is marijuana penny stocks. They have had explosive gains over the last 6 years. Make sure you also take a look at our featured pages for our various stock list. We have a page dedicated to Marijuana stocks, Oil stocksSolar Stocks, Gold Stocks, Technology stocks, and Biotech stocks.

Everything is opinion based and for entertainment use only. Please read our disclaimer.

Stocks posted by members of our Elite Facebook group.

Everyone should take advantage of our free text alerts. Text ATEAM to 94253

Our OTC watchlist is just our opinion. We list stocks that we like and most of the stocks we list we will end up buying shares of and selling. So we are biased. We are not a broker. We are not making any buy or sell recommendations. We are not offering financial advice. We may buy and sell shares at any time. This list is not updated in real-time.

Top Penny Stock to Buy this month

Ticker Symbol: CPWY

CPWY is a low float stock we have grabbed some shares of and plan on getting more. This stock ran over 1,000% this time last year. We think it could be in for another run.

Ticker Symbol: AVXL

The Anavex Life Sciences Corp. (AVXL) stock is getting a boost from company news and technical signals on the charts. The company has been granted a new treatment patent for Alzheimer’s disease. This patent is for the long term and could remain valid until 2037. Stock markets love this kind of news of any long-term success. That is why the AVXL stock is also getting much attention from traders and investors. This is another stock that you might like to include in your portfolio and buy it near the technical support levels, when the stock moves up with higher volumes

Ticker Symbol: TGODF The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd.

This is a stock we are watching to see if it can break through resistance at the 200 day moving average with buying volume. If it fails then we will be looking to buy at the 50 day moving average. TGODF is a marijuana stock that gained a lot of popularity last year. Their were a lot of pre-IPO shares sold at a discount and we believe that has had a negative effect on the company’s share price.

Click on the links below to access the pages

List of penny stocks

Learning how to trade penny stocks

Robinhood Penny Stocks

Discloser: and affiliates own  shares of CPWY and is looking to sell those on a swing trade. We currently do not own shares of TGODF but may buy shares if the chart behaves favorably. We reserve the right to buy or sell more shares at any time.  You should do your own due diligence on the stock.

What are penny stocks?

Penny stocks are companies that are not listed on a major exchange like the Nasdaq. Some people consider any stocks under $5 a penny stock while others consider those micro-cap stocks and won’t call a stock a penny stock unless it is trading under $1 a share. Penny stocks are usually companies that fall short of the basic requirements to up-list on a major exchange.

How can you buy penny stocks?

Some brokers actually won’t let you buy penny stocks because they believe the risks are too high and they don’t want to pay the extra fees that brokers have to pay with OTC stocks. We recommend ordering a brokerage account with Etrade. There are a lot of people starting out that like Robinhood because there are no broker fees but you are very limited with the stocks that you can buy with Robinhood. Etrade or Scottrade are much better brokers to use.

What are the best  stocks to buy?

This really comes down to individual trading style. We like low float stocks because they have the potential to move the quickest. We also pay attention to what sectors are hot. A lot of times entire sectors will move at the same time. Look for hints in SEC filings. Remember most penny stocks move based on market awareness and exposure and not necessarily how solid a company is.

Where can you find a list of stocks?

We have several lists of different type of penny stocks listed on this site. You can click on any of the drop-down list above on the menu and find the sector you are looking for. Also, check out our penny stocks of the month page. This will give you some great information on which penny stocks are hot!

Penny Stock investing is sometimes considered one of the trickiest ventures and if a person is not careful they could end up Losing a lot of money. Some people view penny stock investing as a way of diversifying their investments. It is a very risky investment that does not require a lot of money to do.

How to start buying penny stocks

When  getting started in buying penny stocks the first thing I would recommend doing if you haven’t already is making sure you are in the right mindset. Jump on YouTube. Listen to motivational speakers like Tony Robbins, Will Smith, and others. You want to be in the right mindset to attract success. Once you are in the correct mindset define what success is for you. Get out a piece of paper and Detail exactly what your goals are. Attach emotion to those goals. Put those goals in a place where you can see them daily. Start every day with Positive Affirmations. You need to believe you are worthy of your goals.

Once you have defined and committed yourself to your goals and that trading penny stocks is a set to help you accomplish those goals you are ready to begin the next steps.

Setting up a brokerage account.

You will need this to need this to be able to trade stocks. There are different brokerage accounts that work better for different purposes. If you are looking to trade penny stocks the best brokerage accounts are Etrade and TD Ameritrade(they allow you to trade more penny stocks). If you have limited funds and an account under $300 you can consider Robinhood. Robinhood doesn’t charge broker commission so that will save you $7-10 a trade but the downside is that they don’t allow you to trade OTC stocks as the other brokerages.

Choosing the right brokerage firm for investing

First and foremost, do a thorough research to ascertain that whoever you are dealing with is a legit firm. There are so many fraudsters out there targeting rookies and new investors and no one wish to begin on a wrong footing.

Take time to find a brokerage firm with a proven track record in sorting out its finances and taking care of its revenues. Transparency is paramount especially in this form of investment and if a company is not willing to be clear with information then certainly something fishy is going on. The same company must be open with its finances to make it clear for potential investors and at least to win their confidence. No one wishes to lose their hard-earned money easily.

For the sake of saving time, enquire from friends who perhaps might have had successful spells with their brokerage firms. A friend will always be handy to provide clear information without being bias. Penny stock investing can be quite appealing especially when some companies have been mentioned but the history of the company should be put under the microscope. Companies come and go and when they do, they disappear with investors money and there is nothing to be done.

Beware of hidden broker charges that may pop up later after signing all the paperwork. Your chosen broker must put everything on the table and if possible an attorney must be present to oversee any transaction or as a signatory whenever there is doubt.

Here are some websites and resources that will help when getting started. this is a website that provides information about each company. Everything from charts, Share Structure, to SEC filings and press releases. This site is one of the most helpful and important you can use. This site provides free charts to use. It allows you to look at a bunch of different technical signals which can help you get an idea of what the stock price will do next. This is the URL where you can search and find all the SEC filings for a company. SEC filings will be used to find out what the stock is really doing.  What type of revenue as well as red flags a stock may have.

Ihub– This is a message board/ forum website that a lot of investors use. We will show how you can use this site later to expose pumpers.

Twitter/Instagram/facebook These social sites are good to join and keep connected as well. They help you keep up to date with what is going on and which traders/pumpers are hot.

You will also want to find access to level 2. Level 2 is very important when it comes to trading stocks. Some people also use different scanners to find stocks that are ready to break out. There are many YouTube videos on how to use these scanners. Personally, I have always networked with traders and investors who already were great at reading scanners. Networking allows you to work as efficiently as possible.

Make sure you sign up for our penny stocks watch list. We not only send out alerts of stocks ready to break out from time to time but we also send out weekly watch list for stocks that either have rumors of future news, look great chart wise, or our scanners have picked them out as the potential break out stocks.

Once you receive the penny stocks on our watch list it is import to check them out for yourself. I am going to jump right into using OTCmarkets. If you run across any terms you are not familiar with please go visit our stock market terms page. There are several ways to approach investigating a stock. Some may choose to check out Facebook or Twitter first to see if people are already pumping it. Others will jump on IHUB. Some people they will look immediately at the chart. For these steps, we will be going to OTCmarkets first with the assumption that the chart already looks promising.


Otc Markets search

Once you have logged in select a stock that you want to search. Type the name or ticker symbol into the top left. We will be using the example of MJNA. Click on the company profile page.

Highlighted and circled in red on the image are some important things we will want to quickly locate. 

OTC markets company profile

A. The company website. I always start by making sure the company has a website and that they keep it updated. If they forget to renew their domains or they let their website go it can be a huge warning sign

B. Make sure the company is current. There are several different types of stocks depending on how transparent they are willing to be with the company fillings. Companies should always be able to keep a status. Companies that are Pink limited, Pink no information, or grey market are a lot more risky and a lot of times hiding that information so they can take advantage of people.

C. This is the share structure of a company. First thing I look at is the market cap. This is the total market value of the company’s outstanding shares. In penny stocks, most of these companies are extremely overpriced. If a company has a market cap of hundreds of millions but only have a net income of $20,000 that should raise some red flags. Keep in mind most these companies are set up just to get people excited so they will buy shares. Most of these companies have zero chance of ever becoming strong legitimate companies. That doesn’t mean you can make money trading them is you understand the psychology behind how they work. The next important thing to pay attention to is authorized shares. Companies with a huge number of Authorized shares can at any time start printing more stock with will dilute the shareholder value and make the stock go down. It is always good to check and make sure the company’s outstanding shares haven’t gone up a ton in the past couple of years. If they have this is a huge red flag as well.

D. This is a link to the Transfer Agent. You will want to call the TA and verify all the information you are seeing. Some company’s gag their Transfer Agencies. That should raise red flags if they do.

E. This is a section where you can find out about the company’s history when it comes to reverse splits. When a company does a share decrease it is known as a reverse split. If a penny stocks company only applies the share decrease to the Outstanding shares and doesn’t apply an equal increase to the Authorized shares this is a huge negative thing. It means the company plans on diluting more shareholder value and the stock most likely will come down a long way. Reverse Split and Authorized share increase are very bad news for penny stocks. If the company has a history of Reverse Splits (Share decreases) you may want to avoid that stock altogether.

The next thing we want to look at is Filings and Disclosures. You can click on the left side tab. Demonstrated in this photo here. 

SEC filings locator

The most important things to locate first are the earning statements and well as read any possible important updates.

A.  8-k these are good to read through quickly to see if the company has recently filed to have a reserve split or an Authorized share increase. Be very cautious if you find out the company has recently had a Reverse Split of an Authorized Share Increase.

B. This is the last reported quarterly report for the company. Double check this is updated and accurate on the SEC filings site mentioned above. Some companies choose to file with OTC and not with the SEC. I am always a little bit cautious of those companies.

The next step from here will be looking at the SEC Fillings. On our SEC filings page, we will be explaining briefly some important things to look for. Check our our SEC filings page here.

Key points to keep in mind when learning how to invest

Narrow down the trade list

You need to understand where the penny stocks need to be traded. You can use the stock screening tools and check out the stocks under $1 pricing. It will be easy to pick up the right stocks from the list of penny stocks.

Open an account

There are many things included in the trading account, including the transferring of funds, fee and customer service. Take your time to shop around and choose the broker meeting all the requirements in the right way. Investors need to check out the fee structure of the commissions on a per-share basis. This is quite suitable for long-term investors looking for the purchase of a low number of shares. For day traders, there are other options available which could be lucrative for the investors who trade on penny stocks.

Understand the risks

It is very important to understand the risks involved in penny stocks. The associated companies having penny stocks have lower liquidity levels and are highly volatile. Hence, it is important for the traders to make enough research before making an investment.

Understand the risk of investing in penny stocks

Investing in penny stocks can bring substantial rewards, and the risk is low enough for anyone to become a stock trader. These tips will help investors become more successful in trading penny stocks.

Look for Companies that can Make a Profit

If the company has made a profit or is making a profit now, that’s a good sign. Startup companies often operate at a loss but don’t assume that will change. Look at the causes of the losses. Why is this company losing money? Will they be able to recover on their own? If they have to seek additional financing, that will dilute your shares, and a joint partnership may give control or financial advantage to the other company. Avoid situations where the company does not look poised to become profitable. These are definitely not awesome penny stocks.

Be Realistic

Understand that these are penny stocks, and there’s a reason for that. Don’t expect to discover the next Coca-Cola or Wal-Mart. Know what penny stocks are and what is reasonable to expect. Awesome penny stocks can be a good investment, but it’s important to keep their nature in mind.

Look at Liquidity

You want to see a consistently high volume in trading. The average may not be very enlightening because a large volume Monday but no trading for six days could still yield a deceptively large weekly average trading volume. Also, make sure that the trades are not all from one insider. You don’t want to end up dead money that you’ll have to dump at the bid for a lower selling price. You want awesome penny stocks with great volume and returns.

Have a Plan and Follow that Plan

Most penny stocks are not stable. They move quickly in either direction and if you’re not careful with your investments, you can quickly end up running out of money when a stock drops quickly. Remember, if a stock costs $0.10, a decline of only $0.02 is a 20% loss. Move on when you get stopped out. Don’t be tempted.

Know Your Source

Many penny stock investors get their stock information from email newsletters. This is not necessarily a bad thing. There are great newsletters out there. However, others are nothing but pump and dump schemes. Before trusting any source, subscribe to the newsletter and track the investments it recommends. After a short time, you’ll be able to tell whether the newsletter is giving good information about Awesome penny stocks with a legitimate opportunity to make money.

Penny stocks are a good investment when done right, and investing in awesome penny stocks is enjoyable. The volatility of the stocks adds to the fun of trading. An investor armed with these tips for doing well in penny stocks will be much more successful. As a byproduct, penny stock trading will be more fun, because success is always more enjoyable than the alternative.

Don’t be fooled into becoming a cult penny stock follower

The Kenny Rogers song “The Gambler” is extremely accurate when it comes to penny stocks and the OTC market.  If you are going to learn to play the game you better learn to play it right.

Almost all of the Otc market and penny stocks move on hype. Market awareness and promotion influence whether these stocks move up or down. If you look at the five year charts most penny stocks they have moved down big time. Penny Stocks are like playing slot machines some win big but if you stay at the machine too long you will lose all of your money.

We are all going to get rich!

Penny Stocks hold a lot of the same psychology as Ponzi Schemes as well as multi-level marketing. You will see a bunch of people spreading the word and pumping stocks that they own shares of trying to influence others to buy. The companies are almost always overpriced and most of the people pumping the stocks are simply regurgitating information that was pumped and passed on to them. This creates a rippling effect especially if the stock has forward momentum.

Shun the Unbeliever!

Penny Stock pumps fulfill some basic humans psychological needs. Ordinary people get to feel important and part of a group. Most people end up losing sight of why they first got involved in penny stocks, which was to make money. They trade that goal in, for a sense of community and team. People convince themselves that they actually believe in these junk companies. They tell their friends and family about them too. These beliefs are solidified when someone oppose them. Opposition is quickly labeled Bashing or Shorting. Almost all belief structures are strengthen when there is a perceived bad guy or enemy.  Religious people have the devil, Americans have Isis, and Penny Stock Believers have Shorters and Bashers.

There will be winners and losers in every stock

In every penny stock there will be winners and losers. There are two type of winners, Those who got lucky, and those that have learned from their losses and mistakes. If you are new to stocks and you have been making money consider yourself to be lucky. Too many times new investors will get lucky and develop a huge ego. They will think they developed some secret system for picking the correct penny stocks. Their luck is almost always short lived. They will get crushed in the market. My first year investing in the OTC market I turned 9k into 180k in 4 months. Then I received a huge blessing in disguise. I invested in a stock and let my ego get the best of me and lost 100k in three months.  At the time this sucked but it was a great learning lesson. It is important to have the mindset that every time you lose on a stock that you can learn from it. Failures make up the build blocks to success.

View Every Penny Stock as a potential scam

One of the best tips I can give beginners is to look at every penny stock as a scam. Put yourself in the shoes of the scammer. If you had tons of shares to sell how would you keep people excited? If you had an unlimited number of shares and the only way to make money was to keep people buying; What stories would you tell? What chart patterns would you intentionally setup? What news would you sell on? How would you get people excited? If you look at penny stocks this way you will start to see that they become a lot more predictable.


In closing I want to leave you with some very simple tips.

  • You won’t go broke taking profits
  • Focus on making money and let others foolishly believe in these companies
  • Buy Low and Sell High
  • Cut losses early if a trade is not going your way
  • Be patient when choosing where to enter a stock and don’t chase
  • Avoid trading on emotion while understanding the emotions of others
  • Don’t get too greedy
  • Learn to read Level 2 and SEC filings or you will lose money


The investment in penny stocks requires cautiousness. In most of the cases, these small-cap stocks are susceptible to becoming highly volatile. If you are sure that you’ve understood the risks associated with these stocks, it will be easy to proceed. Stock screeners can help in getting the narrowed listing of the stocks which meets your trading pattern, niche choice and the tolerance of risk. There is a different answer for every stock trader for investing in penny stocks. Make sure that you understand the stocks before investing and choose the right stocks by making the appropriate moves. It is essential to get the penny stocks screening before making the right choice for your investments.


Around 100k people every month search on Google for penny stocks. The trend has gone up a ton since the movie wolf of Wall Street came out. It movie about how an ordinary man became a millionaire through talking investors into trading penny stocks. Penny stocks are stock that typically trade under a dollar. They attract investors who like to take risk. Because of how volatile penny stocks can be some people have made several thousand percent return on investment in one day! However most people actually lose money on penny stocks. Most are awful companies backed by huge debt and promotions. Designed with the same psychology and addition behavior you see with slots machines from Vegas. The key to making money off penny stocks is being one step ahead of the average person. Never fall in love with penny stocks. Always learn to take profit and cut losses quickly. If you can learn to have discipline and the proper techniques you can become a very good trader and make a killing off of penny stocks. If you don’t get the proper training chances are you will get crushed and lose all of your money.


Obviously the ones about to go up right?! This can be a tricky question. Generally penny stocks are about following the momentum. There are different reasons why penny stocks go up. In most cases you want to buy the rumor and sell the news. When companies release Press Releases to the public or shareholder updates Volume goes up. These press release can mean the company is becoming more active or it can mean someone has notes that are due and they want to sell shares. This is why it is important to have Level 2 access. Level 2 allows you to watch the different market makers. You can learn more about Level 2 here.


There are so many people with social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Ihub, etc…. telling you to buy or telling you that they have inside information. So who do you trust? No one. Truth is in most cases when people are telling you about a penny stock they have already bought shares at a much lower rate. Chances are they do not have “insider information” and if they do it would be illegal to share with you. Now, sometimes when you are new people will give you a good pick to gain trust. If they tell you about a stock and that stock goes up 200% they know the next time they tell you about a stock you are going to be eager to buy as many shares as possible. A lot of promoters pretend to be normal traders. Truth is they have several different alias online and in a lot of cases they are pretending to be several people at once. Use this to your advantage. If you can recognize these phony promoters you can use their game against them. You can load up on the picks they have that are to build confidence and you can act like you loaded up on the picks they gave you to scam you. Then when the stock tanks tell them you are not happy and that you will give them one more shot. Tease them about 401 k money you have that you want to invest but you need to know you can trust them. Tell them you have a settlement coming in a few months that you are willing to invest in their picks if they can show you that they can pick winners. Learn to play these corrupt penny stock promoters. Never trust any of them. They are all out to get your money.


There is so much money in sending out alerts. We will admit it we will even send out paid alerts but at least we are upfront about it. Paid newsletter alerts or penny stock alerts sent out through text message are a multi-million dollar if not billion dollar business. These alerts are there to generate exposure to a business or a stock. The best alerts are generally non compensated alerts. These are meant to create momentum and build trust. These alerts are meant to skyrocket and for you to wish you would have invested. In most cases these alerts come when you least expect it. By design most people miss out on these alerts. Again the purpose of these alerts are to build trust. They play off your greed. You will dream of what it would have been like if you put 5k in and in one day could have made 25k. You will convince yourself that next time you won’t miss out and you will go in. Then when you do you end up buying into dilution. The dilution paid alert rapidly falls. You lose money so quickly you hold onto shares hoping it will go up. Most new investors make the mistake of not taking losses quickly and getting out. They end up becoming what a lot of people refer to as bag holders. Bag holders is the slang term for penny stock investors/believers who allowed their greed to have a negative effect on their penny stock trading and end up losing a lot of money and are hoping and praying the stock will go up because there shares are pretty much worthless. These people a lot of times suffer from Cognitive Dissonance and will defend the scam companies to the death no matter how many empty promises the company and CEOs have or how far the stock drops.


There are a few different places you can find penny stock list. One of the places we use id We have dedicated a page that will help teach you how to search for penny stock list on OTC Markets to teach you how to find certain stocks that may go up. You can find a guide to how to use this search by clicking on Penny stock List page. There are several different types of stocks. There are Oil Stocks, Marijuana Stocks, Biotech Stocks, Gold Stocks, Solar Stocks, cheap stocks, Tech Stocks, Pink Sheet Stocks, small cap stocks Etc… So depending on what you are looking for there will be different ways to search for it.


The purpose for this site is to make money obviously but the main goal of this site to give new investors and good people an honest chance at making money in penny stocks. Let’s call a spade a spade most of these penny stock companies are ran by CEOs who have no idea how to run a business. They hype up ideas and act like they will be the next best thing. You will hear people reference how Monster Energy Drinks use to be a penny stock and went from $0.69 and has reached $160 a share! They will play to your greed of how you could be rich or tell you how True religion traded as low as 0.67 a share and how you could purchase an island if you would have only took a risk and bought when it was low. Success stories like this is what makes Penny Stocks exciting but as you will find out in most cases these penny stocks are ran by shady CEOs and Penny Stock promoters looking to make money of your dreams. They sell you hope and take your money. This site is designed to give you the best chance possible to make money in micro-cap and penny stocks. We plan on providing as much information as possible free of charge and only ask that you share our website and help spread the word and do your part to help other good people make money in Penny Stocks. There are many “gurus” out there taking videos bragging about fancy cars and yachts they own. They sell their “proven” courses for thousands of dollars… truth is most these so called Gurus got lucky and now make the majority of money selling their products to investors. We believe with your help we can teach penny stocks tips and strategies free of charge. We can save honest working men and women thousands of dollars they would spend on courses and teach them how to be profitable. We believe in paying it forward. When you are part of our team all we ask is that you share our website and when you make money help pay it forward by doing good deeds.

Welcome to our penny stocks Website

Welcome to our penny stocks website. We specialize in finding hidden gems in the OTC. We find companies with new and exciting visions and help spotlight these companies. Make sure you check out our which Penny Stocks To Watch page. The great thing about Penny stocks is that they give investors the chance to make an enormous return on a small investment. We have had several stocks that we have alerted that have went up 200-500% and even some marijuana stocks that have went up a much as 3,000%

I want you to take a second and think about your goals and your visions.

  • What are your dreams?
  • What are some things about your life that you would like to change?
  • Now time for the tough question…. If you keep doing what you are doing right now, how long will it take for you to accomplish your goals?

If the answer is too long or never then penny stocks may be the answer to helping you accomplish your goals and dreams.

Let me ask you this…. What is the difference between yourself and the people who are making millions investing in Penny stocks? Is it that they are more motivated than you? Or is it they you lack the knowledge that they have?

If the answer is knowledge we may be able to help. We believe in the power of networking. We believe that there is power in numbers! We have been able to network with some of the most successful stock market traders in the industry. We all work together as a team finding hidden penny stock gems ready to explode. We then work together as a team to bring awareness to these stocks on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and well as a stock market forum like Ihub. This powerful networking strategy has been extremely successful for us! Wouldn’t you love to be a part of our team?!

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What are marijuana penny stocks?

What are marijuana penny stocks?

Marijuana penny stocks belong to the beginner companies or the small-segment companies having a presence in legal marijuana industry. It might be associated with marijuana segment in any way: cultivation, marketing, stocking, retailing, medical-usage, transportation, and many other streams.

After Canada legalized marijuana for recreational and medical use, many US states came up with the concept of legalization of pot for growing the state economy. Many companies were associated with the weed boom by getting associated with the industry in any way. The expansion of many development companies mounting with the pot segment has given a fair chance for their growth. There are some great price moves seen in the marijuana stocks that give an opportunity to the investors to expand their investment portfolio.

With the rapid expansion and the massive price movements, there is a lot of pump-and-dump action associated with the marijuana sector which gives an option to rethink about the choices to make. The skillful traders make it a point to select the most trusted companies for trading in weed stocks.

Marijuana market growth

The marijuana industry is expected to become the hottest segment within a few years. It is still the most prominent segment and many new companies are thinking about the ways to get inside it in some or the other way. For example, the companies marketing carbonated drinks are including marijuana content in their drinks and making their new products trendy as per the present trend.

Many states have permitted recreational marijuana and the places like California, which have been a great spot of weed markets, have been given a legal signal for the purchase of weed. The market has become huge and people are coming to CA for enjoying the green weed in different forms. The impact of legalization of weed in Canada has also made a large impact on the US marijuana industry. Gold, natural gas and other lucrative stocks appear nowhere in terms of the pot companies. The size of the marijuana industry is going much beyond the expectation of the shareholders.

Benefits of investing in marijuana penny stocks

Stock investments are best to be made in the sector which is expected to have huge growth potential. Check out the news on regular basis and find out the stocks which can actually give you profits in the long run. The excitement levels should be high for the industry you’re choosing to invest in and marijuana stocks are among those fascinating stocks for the investors at present.

The second thing is to look out for the companies which are benefiting from the hottest sectors in which the trading is done in huge amounts. The marijuana industry is trendy and the investors are looking forward to their investments in the sector to attain profits in high number.

Finding the best marijuana penny stocks

Marijuana penny stocks are looked by many potential investors and there are a few strategies to follow to find out the most promising penny stocks in the pot segment:

  • Make your watchlist for the marijuana stocks to grab

Your first aim should be to create your own watchlist and find out the stocks which can fetch you high-profits in the coming future. Check out the volatility of the stocks as the stocks with no price changes will have low chances of getting the required results. It is important to see the number of stocks being traded every day. The buying and selling numbers should move smoothly which mean that you should be able to make any transactions without any limits.

  • Look out for charts and technical readings

There are many platforms to research for the stocks and the trader must be aware of these locations to put their cash away from the risk. ‘It is all in the charts’ and you need to understand that they are the best indicators to get the price variations, trends and technical analysis of the stocks.

  • Fundamental analysis

There are no strong fundamentals involved in penny marijuana stocks and they are hyped beyond limits. You have to remember that you don’t ride into the general predictions or news about the stocks. The actual data has to be collected to get the real earnings, financing, regulatory and contracts of the marijuana companies you’ll deal with. It will give you a fair review of the companies in which you are thinking to invest.

  • Trade hot stocks and grab profits

The stocks you are trading in need to be quite famous. If people are talking about them on forums, news or blogs; and the charts appear clean, go for those options. These hypes don’t last forever. So, be a good buyer as well as a smart seller of the stocks.

  • Track your watchlist

Your watchlist should be handy and easily analyzed whenever you want. Subscribe to any good alerting applications and get regular updates on the stocks on your watchlist. You will get real-time updates and get an idea about onboarding on the profit trend.


Marijuana penny stocks provide endless opportunities for the investors looking forward to investing in the trending pot sector. There are some huge fortunes expected to be made and lost in weed stocks in the upcoming years.

You need to follow the right track of the hype and remain open in choosing the profitable moves to get higher profits. Research is the key to get profits in stocks and the traders need to make sure that they go through the newsfeeds, charts, and watchlists to give the propitious returns over your investments.