NASDAQ: AKBA Akebia Therapeutics Looks Strong, But Risks are Also There

NASDAQ: AKBA Akebia Therapeutics Inc Stock

Akebia’s key item being developed is Vadadustat, orally regulated inhibitor of hypoxia-initiating component prolyl hydroxylase (HIF-PH) protein which is being tried in two Phase 3 trials in non-DD, CKD and DD-CKD patients. Hindrance of this protein recreates the physiological impacts of high height, consequently expanding erythropoietin discharge and expanding red platelet generation. At present, the backbone of treatment in iron deficiency with CKD is an organization of ESAs which are costly and are connected with antagonistic symptoms like the expanded danger of thromboembolism and stroke.

CKD patients on ESAs may likewise require intravenous iron supplementation. Intravenous iron has symptoms like extreme touchiness responses and gastritis, and furthermore, numerous CKD patients may get to be lethargic to ESAs. Numerous CKD patients with paleness, particularly those not on dialysis are undertreated for pallor. Vadadustat is controlled once day by day orally (not at all like subcutaneous ESA infusions).

Vadadustat additionally has other potential advantages over ESAs; for instance, it might maintain a strategic distance from the requirement for supplemental iron treatment and the erythropoietin levels delivered in light of the medication have a typical physiological circadian mood not at all like the abnormal states seen with ESAs (which are connected with unfriendly thromboembolic and cardiovascular occasions). Contrasted with other HIF-PH inhibitors being developed, Which is all the more particularly focused at HIF-2 alpha.

Akebia’s principal rival is Fibrogen (NASDAQ: FGEN). Fibrogen’s HIF-PH program (roxadustat) was authorized by AstraZeneca (NYSE:AZN) in the U.S., China some different markets. Fibrogen additionally authorized the medication to Astellas in the E.U., South Africa, Middle East and some different markets. Fibrogen’s licenses for roxadustat were repudiated in aggregate in Europe and a section in the U.S. Furthermore, Japan, therefore giving Akebia licensed innovation advantage.

The organization may require more money to forward its R&D programs requiring obligation and/or value financing that may put descending weight on the normal stock. Akebia likewise has a progressing patent question with Fibrinogen over HIF-PH inhibitors. Akebia has gotten positive managing so far in the progressing patent question yet it is conceivable that it might get an antagonistic choice later on.




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Yamana Gold (NYSE:AUY)

Yamana Gold (NYSE:AUY)

Yamana Gold (NYSE:AUY) has done truly well this year, rising just about 150% driven by the rally in gold prices. Notwithstanding, over the previous month, Yamana’s shares have gotten hammered, losing near 20% of their quality. This shortcoming in Yamana’s execution available is driven by two reasons – the organization’s powerless second-quarter report and a slight plunge in gold costs generally because of the hypothesis with respect to an expansion in financing costs.

Notwithstanding, I believe that this drop in Yamana’s stock cost recently is a chance to purchase more shares as the conditions in the gold business sector will keep on remaining good and help the organization enhance its money related execution.

The normal price of gold in the second from last quarter of the year is around $1,340 an ounce, which is higher than what Yamana has seen in the before quarters of the year. Looking ahead, I trust that Yamana will have the capacity to record an indistinguishable normal acknowledged cost in the second 50% of the year.

In that capacity, if Yamana’s normal acknowledged gold price in the last two fourth of the year comes in at $1,340 an ounce, it will be higher than the normal acknowledged cost of $1,156 an ounce that was common all through 2015. In addition, the yearly normal gold cost of $1,255 an ounce is additionally 9% higher than the cost predominant a year ago.

This implies Yamana’s working edges for 2016 will be at any rate $355 an ounce (accepting the midpoint of the organization’s determined holding nothing back supporting money expense of $900 an ounce). This looks at positively to the working edge of $288 an ounce seen in 2015 as Yamana’s AISC was $868 an ounce and the acknowledged gold cost was $1,156 an ounce.

Hence, higher gold costs will permit Yamana to report an expansion of no less than 23% in working edges in the present gold estimating environment. However, it won’t amaze if Yamana posts more grounded development as the cost of gold is required to increment further.

Its outstanding shares are standing around 936,606,000, while authorized shares at 150,000,000.

Timberline Resources Posts losses, But CEO looks Convinced

Timberline Resources Posts losses, But CEO looks Convinced

Timberline Resources Corporation is centered around propelling area scale gold investigation and improvement ventures in Nevada, incorporating its Talapoosa venture in Lyon County where the Company has finished and unveiled a positive preparatory financial evaluation.

Timberline likewise controls the 23 square-mile Eureka venture lying on the Battle Mountain-Eureka gold pattern. At Eureka, the Company keeps on propelling its Lookout Mountain and Windfall venture regions.

Investigation potential happens inside three separate basic stratigraphic patterns characterized by unmistakable geochemical gold abnormalities. Timberline likewise claims the Seven Troughs property in northern Nevada, known not one of the state’s most noteworthy evaluation, previous makers.

The company’s stock currently trades around 0.17 a share with an average daily volume of 159,890 shares. The company’ market capitalization is standing around 2 million, while outstanding shares are at 11 million and authorized shares at 10,000,000.

In the latest quarter, Timberline posted a consolidated loss of $0.5 million, which includes exploration expenditures of around $34 thousand. Its exploration expenditures in the quarter continued to be shortened; but, in June, it tripled the original amount of its non-brokered private placement and closed a $1.5 million equity financing which allowed it to initiate a metallurgical and geotechnical test program at Talapoosa in July 2016.

Timberline’s President and CEO, Steve Osterberg, commented, “We are pleased to see continued strength in the gold market and the significant support for our financing in May and June. In July, we moved quickly to commence metallurgical and geotechnical testing at Talapoosa in order to further advance the project. We look forward to continuing the advancement and development of our assets.”

Vista Gold Corp. (VGZ)

Vista Gold Corp. (VGZ)

Speculators unquestionably must be content with Vista Gold Corp. (VGZ ) and its transient execution. All things considered, the stock has hopped by 203.7% in the previous 4 weeks, and it is likewise over its 20 Day Simple Moving Average also. This is surely a decent pattern, yet speculators are presumably asking themselves, would this be able to positive pattern proceed for VGZ?

While we can never know without a doubt, it is entirely reassuring that evaluations for VGZ have moved higher in the previous couple of weeks, implying that expert notion is moving in the correct way. In addition, the stock really has a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy), so the late move higher for this spotlighted organization may proceed throughout the following couple of weeks.

Denver, Colorado-based Vista Gold Corp. is an international gold mining company with a 20-plus year history of gold exploration, development and operations. The company’s two main projects are the Concordia gold project located in Baja California Sur, Mexico, and the Mt. Todd gold project in Northern Territory, Australia.

The company’s shares are currently trading around 1.04 a share with an average volume of 439,893 shares. Its outstanding shares are standing around 84 million.

The company recently announced results for the second quarter of 2016. Its net income stood around $1.6 million or $0.02 per share, including an unrealized $3.3 million mark-to-market gain on its investment in Midas Gold Corp. In the same period of last year, it generated net income of $3.6 million or $0.04 per share.

In the first half of this year, its working capital totaled about $16.0 million, which includes cash and short-term investments, while the company has no debt at the moment..

Paramount Gold Nevada (NYSEMKT:PZG)

Paramount Gold Nevada (NYSEMKT:PZG)

Paramount Gold Nevada (NYSEMKT:PZG) has had a stunning +75% pop in the last few sessions. Obviously a few financial specialists just barely now found the stock when the news of the organization’s securing of Calico Resources Corp. was made last week. In any case, Paramount reported the consent to make this arrangement back in March, so it wasn’t an astounding advancement by any means.

At the point when the stock was exchanging around $1.60/offer, it was an amazing quality. Presently above $2.10/share, it’s not such an exceptional quality. Its outstanding shares are standing around 8,518,791 while authorized shares at 200000000. Gold mining speculators can discover better esteem somewhere else, for example, in International Tower Hill Mines (NYSEMKT:THM).

The organization possesses the Sleeper Gold Project in Nevada, and with the procurement of Calico it now claims the Grassy Mountain Gold Project in Oregon. They guarantee a noteworthy aggregate of 5 million ounces of Measured and Indicated Mineral Resources of gold. My worry is about the amount of that gold they will ever have the capacity to bring out of the ground.

A gold mine venture in Oregon is a major bet. Numerous individuals in the state are professional mining, yet numerous individuals in the state additionally are hostile to mining because of ecological concerns. This article in The Oregonian daily paper in 2012 clarified the worries and hindrances that are keeping down gold mining in Oregon. This circumstance could change, however it’s a bet, not an insurance.

Nevada then again is obviously the best state in America for gold mining.

Be that as it may, after the current week’s keep running up in the stock value, I can’t tell on the off chance that it’s a decent esteem or not any longer. The company’s stock currently trades around 2.10 with a market capitalization of 18 million and outstanding shares are at 9 million .

Silver Bull Resources, Inc. (NYSEMKT:SVBL)

Silver Bull Resources, Inc. (NYSEMKT:SVBL)

Silver Bull Resources, Inc. (NYSEMKT:SVBL) made a declaration last year, demonstrating that it would apply to move its posting from the “NYSE MKT” trade to the OTC trade as this would spare the organization cash. Just on the off chance that not all financial specialists understand, the NYSE MKT is not the same as a customary New York Stock Exchange posting, in light of the fact that the NYSE MKT trade is intended for littler organizations that may typically have an OTC posting.

Its outstanding shares are at 174,774,967, while authorized share are at 300,000,000.

Prior to this news turned out, Silver Bull shares had effectively gotten hammered because of the decrease in the prices of silver in the previous year or thereabouts.

Taking into account various measurements, the organization as of now had all the earmarks of being profoundly underestimated, yet the stock is significantly less expensive now because of what gives off an impression of being an incredibly overstated auction and eruption by a few financial specialists.

Shares of Silver Bull have a 52-week high of 35 pennies and were thumped (simply like numerous silver stocks) to pretty much 11 pennies for each share toward the beginning of June.

Be that as it may, Silver Bull shares are presently down to around 7 to 8 pennies for every share, which speaks to an extra decrease of around 30%, right over the news about exchanging to the OTC trade.

That is a gigantic overcompensation, since this organization is as of now terribly underestimated while considering the silver and zinc saves it holds, additionally in light of the fact that this is a sensible move for the organization as a component of watching out for costs.

Purchasing out-of-support stocks for as little as possible is a most loved technique of mine and it can pay off to purchase when different financial specialists are frightful and excessively negative.

Shares of Roxgold Inc (ROG)

Shares of Roxgold Inc (ROG)

Shares of Roxgold Inc (ROG) got a decent knock after the organization discharged production and operations guidance for ultra-high review Yaramoko venture in Burkina Faso.

The Toronto-based junior was changing hands at $1.51, including 2.7% the TSX Venture Exchange on the day, conveying year to date picks up for the $534m counter to 116%. Its outstanding shares are around 18,041,151, while authorized shares at 50,000,000.

Roxgold declared toward the end of August gold generation had achieved 35,753 ounces at a normal plant bolster evaluation of 15.44 g/t Au, including that the organization remains track to achieve business creation this quarter.

The organization poured first gold at the $111 million underground mine in West Africa in May. Yaramoko will deliver 99,500 ounces all things considered every year for an underlying 7.4 years.

In August, stoping operations were set up with the fruitful mining and extraction of the principal stope. Because of the ideal rock conditions experienced the stope size was expanded from 25 meters to 40 meters and conveying 4,321 tons of metal at a normal gold evaluation of 28.49 g/t Au as indicated by an announcement.

The general weakening for the stope was 10.7%, contrasting positively and the Feasibility Study presumption of 20.5%. As of now a second stope is being gotten to, said Roxgold.

The handling plant keeps on working great with high accessibility and gold recuperation has normal 99% in August, over the plausibility study suspicion of 96.9%. Moreover, the plant group keeps on watching enhanced working execution in the gravity circuit as indicated by Roxgold.

Work is additionally advancing on the association with the high voltage national power framework in Burkina, which ought to be finished amid the principal quarter of one year from now.

Roxgold possesses 100% of Yaramoko, however the legislature of Burkina Faso is qualified for 10%. Top shareholder is Appian Capital Advisory, a $750 million private value firm shaped by industry veterans a year ago.

NewCastle Gold Ltd. (CVE:NCA)

NewCastle Gold Ltd. (CVE:NCA)

NewCastle Gold Ltd. (CVE:NCA) stock kept on progressing after the organization reported extra examine comes about because of the organization’s continuous 22,000 meter drill crusade at its Castle Mountain oxide gold task situated in San Bernardino County, California.

By the nearby on Thursday the little top changed hands at $1.22 a share in the Toronto Stock Exchange with a higher than normal one million shares changing managing the organization a business sector worth $194 million. Vancouver-based NewCastle stock is up a bewildering four-fold in quality this year. Its outstanding shares are at 157.93m, while authorized shares at 100,000,000.

In an announcement the organization said the system keeps on focusing on the strike and profundity augmentations to the principle mineral asset along the Oro Belle Trend. The OBT is one kilometer wide by two kilometers in length and stays open toward the upper east and at profundity

President and CEO Gerald Panneton who joined said “the nearness of high-review gold mineralization 100 meters underneath the presently displayed pit will have a positive effect in the subsequent drill program got ready for our pre-plausibility study, which will concentrate on the southern part of the OBT. The present system is characteristic of the brilliant potential to enhance the evaluation and coherence, furthermore to build the asset potential close to the present pit limits for future arranging.”

Panneton, a geologist with more than 30 years in mineral investigation and improvement joined Newcastle a month ago. Panneton was the author of Detour Gold and under his initiative, the Detour Lake Project developed from 1.5 million ounces in assets to more than 16 million ounces for possible later use and into generation in under 6 years after its securing.

Independence Energy (IDNGD.OB)

Independence Energy (IDNGD.OB)

Independence Energy (IDNGD.OB) is a $100+ million self-recognized oil organization, that doesn’t really create any oil, and has an administration with a background marked by association in advanced organizations which experienced ensuing calamitous decrease in share price. This piece will concentrate on administration’s questionable foundation, current limited time exercises encompassing IDNG’s stock and some extra supporting proof that IDNG is being utilized as a vehicle for a Pump and Dump plan.

Its outstanding shares are standing around 357,072,547, while authorized share are at 450,000,000.

Independence Energy Corp. came into its present incarnation as a consequence of a converse merger with a recorded shell organization Oliver Creek Resources in 2008, as plot in this 8-K. Analysts highlights reverse merger organizations are regularly utilized as vehicles for extortion and the SEC has likewise cautioned financial specialists about the dangers of putting resources into converse merger stocks like IDNG in a late notice accessible here.

As indicated by its filings, IDNG was composed to investigate normal asset properties, right now in The United States.

Then, the recorded financials of the latest 10-Q demonstrate that the organization has never created any income or oil from its properties and records an unimportant $308K in resources. As indicated by the latest 10-K the main representative, officer and board executive is Gregory C. Rotelli.

The recent stock split also raised traders concerns. Since it looks bad from a business point of view and would just serve to restrain the real financing choices accessible to IDNG, analysts see the split as a manipulative activity. There is no purpose behind this stock split other than to make the stock less alluring to short. The company’s authorized shares are standing around 450,000,000.

Imperial Petroleum Found Guilty in Misrepresentation

Imperial Petroleum Found Guilty in Misrepresentation

The last respondent in a biofuels trick was discovered blameworthy in government court this week in what prosecutors said was “the biggest scam and securities extortion plan in Indiana history.”

Its outstanding shares are standing around 34.90M, while authorized share are at unlimited.

Imperial Petroleum Inc. President and CEO Jeffrey Wilson of Evansville was discovered blameworthy Wednesday night on numerous criminal allegations taking after an eight-day jury trial. U.S. Locale Judge Sarah Evans Barker of the Southern District of Indiana managed the case.

Wilson was sentenced securities misrepresentation, recording false reports with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, erroneously confirming reports to the SEC, deceiving the organization’s outside reviewer and misleading government specialists.

The extortion included more than $140 million in income and $56 million in criminal benefits, prosecutors said.

Wilson was one of seven respondents—including two Fishers occupants—charged for the situation. The greater part of the others as of now have confessed.

The SEC started researching the case in 2012 after E-Biofuels LLC of Middletown, an Imperial Petroleum auxiliary, petitioned for Chapter 7 liquidation insolvency.
Government prosecutors reported 88 separate charges against the seven co-respondents, in addition to three partnerships, in September 2013.

Prosecutors said E-Biofuels picked up benefits wrongfully by asserting to deliver biofuel at its Middletown plant, charging a premium for the item and guaranteeing government tax cuts saved for biofuel makers.

In actuality, prosecutors said, E-Biofuels was obtaining biodiesel from co-plotters Joseph Furando and Katirina Tracy in New Jersey, through their organizations CIMA Green and Caravan Trading Co. E-Biofuels spoke to clients that it was delivering the biofuel however it was very checking up the fuel and exchanging it at a benefit, prosecutors said.

“By and large, the backstabbers included overabundance of $1.60 per gallon for doing nothing to the biodiesel other than move it around,” a U.S. Lawyer’s Office proclamation said.

The co-litigants running E-Biofuels included siblings Craig Ducey and Chad Ducey, both of Fishers, and Chris Ducey of North Webster alongside Brian Carmichael of Bend, Oregon.

Hydrocarb Energy Corp (OTCBB:HECC)

Hydrocarb Energy Corp (OTCBB:HECC)

Hydrocarb Energy Corp (OTCBB:HECC) is moving lower in late exchanging after a surge upwards toward the start of the year.

The ticker has been around for a considerable length of time experiencing 2 reverse stock parts and the same number of name changes including Strategic American Oil Corp until April 2012 and Duma Energy Corp until February 2014 preceding transforming it to Hydrocarb Energy Corp.

Hydrocarb Energy Corporation is a publicly-traded Domestic and International Energy Exploration and Production Company targeting major under-explored oil and gas projects in emerging, highly prospective regions of the world. With exploration concessions in Africa, production in Galveston Bay, and Oil Field Services in the United Arab Emirates, we maintain offices in Houston, Texas, Abu Dhabi, UAE and Windhoek, Namibia.

The company has outstanding shares around 26,066,191, while authorized shares are standing around 1,000,000,000.

Galveston Bay, Gulf Coast, Texas: Hydrocarb has 18,850 sections of land Held by Production (HBP) and a few investigation ventures being developed in the Bay, 90 wellbores presently under specialized assessment for potential workovers, and 15 Frio skylines to be re-assessed.

Furthermore, in 2015, HECC’s store substitution proportion, a key measure of development for financial specialists, was more than 1800% (18.9:1) for oil and more than 4100% (41.1:1) for gas. Stores were assessed by petroleum engineers R.E. Davis and Associates utilizing SEC rules.

On December 3 HECC announced Mr. Robert M. Harrell has joined the company’s Board of Directors as the second independent director effective November 23, 2015. The company previously disclosed the appointment of Mr. Harrell in its Current Report on Form 8-K filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on November 23, 2015. Now with two out of three directors being deemed independent, the company has a majority independent board.

GMX Resources Inc Separated Following oil Prices Slump

GMX Resources Inc Separated Following oil Prices Slump

GMX Resources Inc. is an unadulterated play free oil and common gas investigation and creation organization. The Company is centered around the advancement of Haynesville/Bossier Shale and Cotton Valley Sands in the Sabine Uplift of the Carthage, North Field of Harrison and Panola districts of East Texas (its center range).

Its outstanding shares are standing around 2,000,000, while authorized share are at 350,000,000.

GMX Resources has risen up out of liquidation as two secretly held organizations: Thunderbird Resources Equity Inc. also, Thunderbird Resources LP.

The Oklahoma City-based oil and characteristic gas maker petitioned for liquidation security April 1, 2013, posting resources of $281 million and obligations of more than $485 million.

An insolvency judge endorsed the redesign arrangement Jan. 22. Under terms of the arrangement, holders of a portion of the organization’s senior secured notes consented to purchase “generously all” of the organization’s advantages for $338 million.

The rearrangement arrangement decreases the aggregate sum of remarkable obligation by about $505 million. General unsecured lenders got an ace rata offer of premiums in a loan boss trust and $1.5 million in real money. All rights and interests of holders of GMX’s basic and favored stock have been ended.

GMX beforehand said it had 65 representatives in its workplaces in Oklahoma City, Denver, Texas and North Dakota before taking out an unspecified number of positions a year ago.

The organization controls oil and normal gas delivering resources in North Dakota, Colorado and East Texas.

GeoGlobal Resources Inc.,

GeoGlobal Resources Inc.,

GeoGlobal Resources Inc., is a rising universal oil and gas E&P organization with its real advantages in India, where oil and gas generation has started in three of the Company’s advantages in the inland Cambay Basin, and gas creation testing has initiated from the major demonstrated seaward Deen Dayal West Field in the Krishna-Godavari Basin where GeoGlobal’s accomplices have spent over US$3 billion on investigation and improvement to date.

Its outstanding shares are standing around 185,900,113, while authorized share are at 250,000,000.

Notwithstanding continuous challenges, the Company has been gaining significant ground as it recoups from its condition of close fall nearly eight months prior.

The arranged determination of extraordinary non-installment of due income from the Cambay Basin delivering fields is currently in procedure of settling, taking after which the Company hopes to then get around US$100k a month as its income offer from these interests.

Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, as of late gave the important change to accommodate creation beginning of the hotly anticipated Tarapur #6 and related seven evaluation wells. This will give the hotly anticipated extra creation income from wells bored in 2007-2009 and give expected income in overabundance of $400,000 every month, net to GGR from early this year.

Expected penetrating of creation wells in the 1,200 sq km Tarapur Ring Fence Block booked to begin in the not so distant future is gauge to give operational income upside as GeoGlobal will target generation of 30,000 BOPD in the underlying advancement stage.

The Offshore KG field, where our accomplices to date have spent over US$3 billion in investigation and improvement, at last started gas creation testing in Aug, 2014. Introductory test creation is anticipated at around 55 MMcf every day by late Q1, 2015 and to more than 200 MMcf every day in 3-4 years. A further six Discoveries in the KG Offshore field are yet to be created.

It has settled issues and obligation with the Myra and Sara JV Block accomplices, where Ratio and Energean have gotten to be accomplices to re-bore and work the Sara Prospect at an expense of about US$80 million. Right now, GeoGlobal holds a 5% interest.

Gastar Exploration Inc. (GST)

Gastar Exploration Inc. (GST)

Like insightful purchasing choices, leaving certain underperformers at the correct time amplifies portfolio returns. Auctioning off failures can be troublesome, however in the event that both the offer cost and gauges are falling, it could be a great opportunity to dispose of the security before more misfortunes hit your portfolio.

One such stock that you might need to consider dropping is Gastar Exploration Inc. (GST), which has seen a noteworthy value decrease in the previous four weeks, and it has seen negative profit gauge modifications for the present quarter and the present year. A Zacks further affirms shortcoming in GST.

Its outstanding shares are standing around 4,045,000, while authorized share are at 10,000,000

A key purpose behind this move has been the negative pattern in income gauge corrections. For the entire year, Zacks have seen 4 gauges moving down in the previous 30 days, contrasted and no upward correction. This pattern has brought on the accord misfortune evaluation to augment, going from lost 18 pennies an offer a month prior to its present level of lost 25 pennies.

Additionally, for the present quarter, Gastar Exploration has seen 1 descending evaluation update versus no correction the other way, enlarging the agreement misfortune appraisal to lost 6 pennies an offer from lost 5 pennies in the course of recent days.

The stock likewise has seen some quite horrid exchanging recently, as the share price has dropped 50.3% in the previous month.

So it may not be a decent choice to keep this stock in your portfolio any longer, at any rate in the event that you don’t have quite a while skyline to hold up.

On the off chance that you are still inspired by the oil fare and generation area, you may rather consider a superior positioned stock – TransGlobe Energy Corporation (TGA), which now holds analysts Strong Buy and might be better choice as of now.

Dune Energy Eaten Away with Low oil Prices

Dune Energy Eaten Away with Low oil Prices

Dune Energy Inc. petitioned for liquidation security in the wake of falling oil prices brought on a proposed merger with Eos Petro Inc. to go into disrepair. Its outstanding shares are standing around 72,644,643, while authorized share are at 4,200,000,000.

The Houston-based vitality organization petitioned for Chapter 11 protection in U.S. Liquidation Court in Austin, Texas, posting resources of $229.5 million and obligations of $144.2 million. Senior loan specialists are owed $39 million, while second-lien moneylenders are owed about $68 million.

As a state of a $10 million liquidation credit, Dune’s senior loan specialists are requiring that the organization put itself available to be purchased. Pre bankruptcy showcasing endeavors neglected to deliver a lead offer, court papers say.

In a statement recorded with the court, Dune’s rebuilding boss, Donald R. Martin, said the decrease in oil prices cut into the organization’s primary concern, with 2014 income of $43 million down from $55.5 million in the earlier year. After Dune stumbled money related contracts on its advance, its banks restricted how much the organization could acquire, inciting the Chapter 11 recording.

“Amid 2014, as an aftereffect of a critical decrease in oil prices, the account holders’ incomes fell forcefully,” Mr. Martin said. “In spite of the fact that the account holders could diminish costs, the noteworthy decrease in income forced a strain on the indebted individuals’ liquidity.”

Established in 1998, Dune’s possessions incorporate properties covering more than 74,000 gross sections of land crosswise over 15 creating oil and normal gas fields in Texas and Louisiana. Vitality delivered is sold fundamentally to residential pipelines and refineries, court papers say.

Rise started searching for a purchaser a year ago and settled on Eos, whose merger offer esteemed the organization at $135.9 million, as indicated by Mr. Martin.

Eos, be that as it may, was eventually not able to arrange the financing, and the merger assertion was ended. As indicated by Dune, it is owed $5.5 million as a separation charge. A representative for Eos couldn’t promptly be achieved Monday for input.

Don’t Invest in Longwei Petroleum Investment Hold Ltd (LPH)

Don’t Invest in Longwei Petroleum Investment Hold Ltd (LPH)

Longwei is purportedly occupied with the wholesale conveyance of completed petroleum items in the People’s Republic of China (the “PRC”). LPH’s home office are situated in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, adjoining and ignoring its Taiyuan fuel storeroom. LPH has a reported fuel stockpiling limit of 220,000 metric tons situated at three storerooms inside Shanxi: Taiyuan, Gujiao and Huajie, which it claims have singular stockpiling limits of roughly 50,000 metric tons (“mt”), 70,000mt, and 100,000mt, separately.

Lamentably for proprietors of LPH stock, analysts have discovered that the organization’s indicated business operations are hugely exaggerated and a bold extortion, on a request of size unmatched before by any China-based organizations we have seen.

Moreover, analysts have no confidence in LPH’s inspector, Anderson Bradshaw. This is on account of the company’s head of value control, Russell Anderson, was the review accomplice of YUII while he worked at Child, Van, Wagoner and Bradshaw. Russell neglected to recognize the huge YUII extortion we revealed and did not leave until the YUII Chairman conceded misrepresentation.

LPH stock as analyst think is practically useless, totally un-investable and ought to be promptly delisted by the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”). We are sending the greater part of our proof to the NYSE and different securities controllers, pretty much as we have done in earlier cases.

Recently, on June 27 — China-based Longwei Petroleum Investment Holding Ltd. and its chief financial officer Michael Toups made fraudulent misrepresentations about the concern’s storage capacity, the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The agency is asking the court to order permanent injunctions, civil money penalties, disgorgement plus prejudgment interest, and an officer/ director bar against Toups. The commission also launched an administrative proceeding against Longwei to decide whether to suspend or revoke the registration of its securities.

Its outstanding shares are standing around 100,179,198, while authorized share are unlimited.

Dejour Energy Inc. (TSX:DEJ)

Dejour Energy Inc. (TSX:DEJ)

Dejour Energy Inc. (TSX:DEJ) a free oil and gas investigation and creation organization working in North America’s Piceance Basin and Peace River Arch districts, recently reported that its name has changed to DXI Energy Inc. It is foreseen the Company’s shares will start exchanging on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the NYSE MKT under the new name and ticker image “DXI” upon the opening of the business sectors on Friday, October 30, 2015. The Company has likewise gotten another CUSIP number (23286A104) for its shares.

The Company additionally declares the finish of a solidification of the Company’s shares on a “one for five” premise bringing about an aggregate of 36,494,609 issued and remarkable starting today. Its outstanding shares are standing around 44,808,286, while authorized share are unlimited.

It as of late declared its vital arrangement to extend production and enhance operational efficiencies at its center Woodrush venture in NEBC.

As beforehand reported, the Woodrush extend as of now incorporates 4 oil wells and 9 regular gas wells with noteworthy preparing offices and set up pipeline to bolster further extension. The Company possesses a 99% working enthusiasm for these wells and is the undertaking administrator.

Given flow item costs and through basic appraisal of the midway pools on the leasehold, the Company’s architects have discovered that there is a critical potential for oil creation extension by reconfiguration of waterflood operations and specific investigation.

To address this open door and support the monetary record of the Company, DXI arrangements to raise up to C$3 million by means of a non-facilitated value raise at a cost of C$0.12 per offer through the issuance of up to 25 million regular shares. Insiders plan to buy 25% of the proposed issue.
“We are satisfied to advance with our key arrangement to grow oil creation and fabricate long haul manageable operations in Canada. This speaks to a basic establishment venture in our 2016 system as we keep on evaluating extra chances to further influence our Canadian operations for long haul creation and store development,” expressed Robert Hodgkinson, CEO.

Warren Resources (NASDAQ:WRES)

Warren Resources (NASDAQ:WRES)

Warren Resources (NASDAQ:WRES) petitioned for liquidation insurance under Chapter 11 on June 2. This was not astounding as Warren had contracted a Chief Restructuring Officer toward the beginning of April. Warren already said that its first-lien loan specialists had made a rebuilding proposition, yet that the second-lien and unsecured banks had not consented to it yet.

This time the main lien, second-lien and unsecured loan specialists are all going to play a part with the rebuilding understanding.

As expected, the value is likely useless as the rebuilding arrangement mulls over the value being wiped out as a feature of the rebuilding. New value will be issued to the banks, with 82.5% heading off to the principal lien debt holders and the staying setting off to the second-lien and unsecureds.

Warren Resources managed to get its advantage costs decreased significantly as a consequence of the rebuilding, despite the fact that the loan fee on its new first lien office is high with money enthusiasm at LIBOR + 900 premise focuses with a 1% LIBOR floor, in addition to another 1% to be added to the chief.

Warren’s anticipated earn back the original investment point descends from $75 WTI oil and $4 Henry Hub common gas to around $66 oil and $3.35 normal gas or $62 oil and $3.50 characteristic gas.

Warren needs higher oil and gas prices to have the capacity to keep up generation levels post-rebuilding without resource deals. This is recognized in the SEC documenting, with one potential arrangement including turning into a Marcellus immaculate play with no obligation subsequent to offering its different resources.

Warren’s rebuilding will altogether decrease its obligation and interest costs. In any case, extra strides might be expected to address the organization’s long haul suitability if oil and gas costs don’t enhance by a reasonable piece. Hence, we may wind up seeing Warren turn into an unadulterated play Marcellus organization in the event that it offers its different resources for pay off its obligation.

Zynerba Pharmaceuticals has Further Upside

Zynerba Pharmaceuticals has Further Upside

Zynerba Pharmaceuticals, Inc. engages in the research and development of drugs. The company’s clinical programs include: patch and gel for transdermal delivery and synthetic cannabinoid therapeutics. It is is headquartered in Devon, PA and was established on January 31, 2007.

The company’s stock currently trades around $10.5 a share with a 52-week range of $4.64 a share to $23 a share. It has market capitalization of $94 million, while daily volume is around 74,121 shares. Its outstanding shares are standing around 8,733,963.

Zynerba as of late reported solid results for the second quarter of 2015. Amid the second quarter, Zynerba accomplished a few clinical turning points and reinforced the association. The company accomplished a huge breakthrough with its lead improvement compound, ZYN002, including start of a Phase 2 clinical study in epilepsy patients.

It is additionally satisfied to welcome two new options to its official administration group. Jim Fickenscher, who will go along with the company on September 13, is a prepared official in the pharmaceutical business who has been the CFO for other biopharmaceutical organizations, including Auxilium. He brings an abundance of monetary and corporate advancement experience. The company additionally welcomes Dr. Nancy Tich, who went along with the company in June.

Aside from management changes, the company also looks in a strong cash position to support its investment in growth opportunities.

At the end of second quarter, cash and cash equivalents stood around $32.1 million, compared with the same period of last year.

The company’s research and development expenses for stood around $4.8 million, including stock-based compensation of $0.4 million. The company’s net loss for the second quarter of 2016 was standing around $6.2 million with net loss of $0.70 per share.