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Ready for a short squeeze?

Huge potential in Short Squeezes

One of my favorite type of swings trade are potential short squeezes. A short squeeze happens when a stock has a high amount of short interest, and increased buying pressure forces short sellers to have to buy back their shares at a higher cost. When a market maker opens up a short position that market maker is betting against the stock.

When a market maker is short they are hoping that the stock goes down. This will allow them to cover or buy back the shares they are short at a lower price and they get to keep the difference in price. If a stock continues to go up and they are forced to cover or buy back at a higher price and they will lose money on the trade.

If the stock in a thinly traded stock with a low float it may be difficult for shorts to buy back their shares. When they start competing to buy back shares and the stocks price continues to rise it creates a short squeeze. A Short squeeze can be more problematic for those who have a short position when a stock starts setting off margin calls for them and their brokers automatically start buying shares back on the ask.  Short Squeeze are very good for those who bought a stock in hopes of it going higher!

Naked shorting and penny stocks

Penny stocks are loosely regulated which opens up the door to market manipulation. One form of manipulation is where market makers will naked short a stock. When a market maker shorts a stock they borrow shares. They borrow the shares and sell them into the open market. They then promise to buy back the same amount of shares at a later time.

For example if Market Maker CDEL decided to short 100,000 shares of a stock that was trading at $1 a share they would borrow those 100,000 shares sell them at $1 a share for a cost of $100,000 plus a predetermined amount of short interest. Lets say that stock went down to .50 a share and CDEL decided to cover or buy back their short position, They would then spend $50,000 to buy back that 100,000 shares, and their profit would be $50,000 ($100,000-50,000=$50,000 profit). Now lets say the stock went up to $1.25 a share instead of falling. If the short seller CDEL had to buy back or cover at this price it would cost them $125,000 for the 100,000 shares. So they would end up losing 25k ($100,000-125,000=$25,000 loss).

Now with penny stocks market makers are extra aggressive. They will do what is called naked shorting. The SEC allows market makers to take up to 72 hours or 3 trading days to find shares to borrow. It is called a naked short because they don’t have to actually have any shares available to borrow for up to the 72 hrs. After 72 hours has past they must either buy back the shares and cover or find available shares to short.

Market makers got smart and found a loophole around covering their shares. What they would do is arrange secret agreements with other market makers. They would help cover each others short position. This allows market makers to extend well pass the original 72hrs. They can get away with this for up to 30 days before they have to cover all of their shares. They extend the time hoping the stock will fall in price before the 30 days are up.

Let’s take a look at the high short interest in CPWY.


Why I am so excited about CPWY stock is that there currently is zero diltuion and a huge amount of short interest. Over the last 15 days there has been 26,761,654 shares shorted. That’s over 26 million! and according to my calculations the majority of those shares still need to be bought back and covered. Right now market makers keep doubling down hoping they can scare out retail buyers into selling shares and they keep adding to their short position. If retail buyers hold strong and not get tricked I believe in around 15-20 days CPWY could see a massive short squeeze sending the stock price skyrocketing! The OTC has seen a few nice short squeezes lately. One was VYST which went from .0006 to .06 which was over 10,000% and another one is SHMP which was at .005 and has went over .60! I believe CPWY could be next!

The most difficult part is not falling for market maker games. They are good at what they do. They will make it look like there are huge sell offs. They will stack large sells on the ask, They will create large spreads and they do this to try to discourage people from buying and to try to trick people into selling. I have been fortunate enough to make a lot of money in stocks by noticing these Market Maker games and having the patience to avoid their tricks.

Disclaimer: Everything in this article is for entertainment purposes only. The author of this article has not been compensated to write about CPWY. The author of this post does own shares of CPWY and trades the stock daily and they reserve the right to buy or sell shares at any time, and his opinion should be considered bias.  The author does not have shares of VYST his initial buy was 20 million shares  of VYST at .0007-.0008 and has taken profit and sold all his shares. The Author of this article does not have shares of SHMP. This is not investment advice and the author is not a registered broker and is not an investment advisor. Ideas and opinions on this site are for entertainment purposes only. It is the readers responsibility to do their own research. Penny stocks are very risky. Please make sure you read our full disclaimer at

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Best under the radar Marijuana Stocks and Pot stocks to buy in 2019

Marijuana Stocks

Welcome to our website! We are the most trusted source when it comes to marijuana news as well as marijuana stocks. We are here to help investors keep up to date with the newest market trends in the marijuana penny stocks, cannabis and pot stocks sectors.

Over the last five years, marijuana stocks have seen enormous growth. Every year more legislation is being passed giving people access to both medical and recreational use of Marijuana and Cannabis related products. The medical marijuana industry is expected to reach over 55 billion by 2025 some experts are estimating that California will add an addition 5 billion to its economy because of their decision to legalize the recreational use of the plant. By 2020 it is estimated that the weed industry will create an additional 350,000 jobs.

As I am sure you can imagine smart investors are looking to take advantage of the future explosion in the industry. Our focus is to stay ahead of the game and be able to provide our subscribers with the most current and relevant Cannabis news as well as top-notch marijuana stocks alerts!

Some of the most frequently asked questions we get are:

What are the best marijuana stocks to buy in for 2019?

Because the marijuana industry is still a relatively new industry some of the best marijuana stocks to buy are new companies that haven’t hit the mainstream newswires yet. This is good for you because it allows you to purchase these stocks before the crowd for a cheap price per a share. Our newsletter and text alerts are specifically in place to help get the word out on these new companies. Make sure you sign up so you can stay ahead of the average investor.

What have been the top stocks in the sector the last several years?

There have been some stocks that have seen major growth over the last few years. Some of the most popular stocks have been MJNA, POTN, CANV, VAPE,GWPH,CANN, and TRTC. Some of the more popular ones lately are TLRY,CGC,NBEV,CRON. If you look below you will see more stocks listed.

Are weed stocks something good to buy now and hold long term?

That depends on what investment strategy fits you. Some people like buying stocks to swing trade and others are looking more for long-term holds. Find out which investment style fits you best.

Are both Hemp stocks and Cannabis stocks worth looking at?

The legalization of Cannabis for recreational use will also lift restrictions when it comes to hemp related products. Hemp was a ton of different uses. So savvy investors will be looking to make money in both the hemp and marijuana market.

Will marijuana companies have to use a crypto-currency like bitcoin?

There has been some speculation that companies will use cryptocurrency similar to bitcoin in order to accept payments for their products. Since state laws don’t necessarily match federal laws this is a precaution a lot of companies may take.

Where can I find an updated watchlist for marijuana stocks?

We provide our email and text subscribers with updated watchlist and alerts, so they are never left in the dark.

Can I invest in Canadian marijuana stocks?

Some of the biggest stock gainers in the last few years have been Canadian marijuana stocks. Most popular brokers and trading platforms like Etrade, Scottrade, and TD Ameritrade allow you to trade Canadians stocks.

In Conclusion

There is a ton of excitement surrounding the industry. Pot Stocks should be a booming industry for a long time! Below we have some useful information that we will keep updating regularly. You can sign up for our email alerts by visiting our homepage. We specialize in penny stocks, oil stocks, solar stocks and bitcoin stocks.

Make sure you sign up for our free text stock alerts by texting “ateam” to 94253 with your mobile device.

Top Marijuana Stocks to buy this month!

Ticker Symbol: CPWY – Clean Energy Pathways inc.

This is a super low float stock that is under the radar. They are current on their filings. If a innovative company like CPWY gets a government contract share holders who had the foresight to buy low will be rich. This stock is still trading under .10 a share in a multiple billion if not Trillion dollar industry. This is rare stock that has been trading under the radar in the energy sector. The last stock I found VYST at .0007 went up over 3,000%  if CPWY were even able to capture a small portion of the market and have a 1 Billion dollar market cap that would bring it to over $5 a share! This stock is still under the radar and that is why I have been grabbing shares.

Ticker Symbol: CGC Canopy Growth Corp.

CGC has been slow and steady but great for making swing trades on. This will be a slow mover but worth throwing some money in and waiting. 



Disclaimer: We own shares of CPWY and reserve the right to buy or sell shares at any time. We don’t currently own shares of CGC. Everything written here is just for entertainment purposes please make your own buying and selling decisions.

The United States is starting to completely green! Every year more and more states are legalizing marijuana.


Marijuana stocks in United states

List of Pot Stocks doing business in California

 2018 is expected to be a huge year for pot stocks because you have heavy populated states like California that are not legalizing marijuana.

List of marijuana penny stocks that either have done business in California or their business is currently in California. This list includes stocks that have mentioned Marijuana or Hemp related products since 2014.

ACOL- Acology Inc
ADVT-  Advantis Corporation
AVOP- AV1 Group, Inc.
CBIS- Cannabis Science Inc.
CNBX-Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc.

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Best Penny stocks to buy in February and March 2019

Penny Stocks to Watch

Here is where you will find weekly updates on which penny stocks are on our watchlist.

Every day people are searching for the best penny stocks to buy.  There are over 10,000 different penny stocks to invest in. Most people do not have the time to research all of them. What we have done is put together a list of penny stocks to watch for potential breakouts.  You still want to make sure you do your research on the companies listed below. This list is just for entertainment purposes and just an opinion. Make sure you make your own buying and selling choices. Penny stocks can be very risky.  If you see any stocks you feel should be on the list please be sure to tag us on Twitter with @pennystocksm or us Weeeeeeeeeeee! 

We depend on investors like you to help make this the best penny stock watchlist possible. 

Everything is opinion based and for entertainment use only. Please read our disclaimer.

Stocks posted by members of our Elite Facebook group.

Everyone should take advantage of our free text alerts. Text ATEAM to 94253

Make sure you also take a look at our featured pages for our various stock list. We have a page dedicated to Marijuana penny stocks, Oil stocksSolar Stocks, Gold Stocks, Technology stocks, and Biotech stocks.

Our OTC watchlist is just our opinion. We list stocks that we like and most of the stocks we list we will end up buying shares of and selling. So we are biased. We are not a broker. We are not making any buy or sell recommendations. We are not offering financial advice. We may buy and sell shares at any time. This list is not in real-time. 

Best penny stocks to buy  February and March  watchlist 2019


CPWY- Clean Energy Pathways Inc.

This is a very low float stock that is under the radar. They focus on green energy solutions. Fossil Fuel replacement, Low carbon footprint fertilizer, Solar thermal Water Filters, and a whole bunch of creative and efficient green energy solutions. I bought shares of this stock because this is a multi billion dollar sector and if CPWY gets a big contract it could go up 1,000s%. I found VYST last month and so far it has 3,000% I am hoping CPWY can go up an even higher percent!



RJDG- RJD Green Inc.

This is a holdings company that specializes in healthcare and green energy. It had a low float. It gets pumped regularly. Based on their latest SEC filings I believe it will get pumped again soon so I bought shares


Disclaimer: I own shares of SBES, CPWY, and RJDG. I reserve the right to buy or sell at anytime. Everything on this page is not advice and is just an opinion. Make your own buying and selling decisions. Please do your own due diligence.



Market News LLC’s business model is to receive financial compensation to promote public companies.Market News LLC, a Wyoming Corporation that has been compensated $20,000.00 by MAPH Enterprises LLC ( ) for a period beginning August 13, 2018 and ending September 13, 2018 to publicly disseminate information about (GTBP). We own zero shares, but we may buy or sell additional shares of (GTBP) in the open market at any time, including before, during or after the Website and Information, provide public dissemination of favorable Information. We own 1.8 million shares of Hdii and 1.1 million shares of Rbii. Our opinion should be considered biased.


Commonly asked questions about penny stocks

What are penny stocks?

Penny stocks are companies that are not listed on a major exchange like the Nasdaq. Some people consider any stocks under $5 a penny stock while others consider those micro-cap stocks and won’t call a stock a penny stock unless it is trading under $1 a share. Penny stocks are usually companies that fall short of the basic requirements to up-list on a major exchange.

How can you buy penny stocks?

Some brokers actually won’t let you buy penny stocks because they believe the risks are too high and they don’t want to pay the extra fees that brokers have to pay with OTC stocks. We recommend ordering a brokerage account with Etrade. There are a lot of people starting out that like Robinhood because there are no broker fees but you are very limited with the stocks that you can buy with Robinhood. Etrade or Scottrade are much better brokers to use.

What are the top or best penny stocks to buy?

This really comes down to individual trading style. We like low float stocks because they have the potential to move the quickest. We also pay attention to what sectors are hot. A lot of times entire sectors will move at the same time. Look for hints in SEC filings. Remember most penny stocks move based on market awareness and exposure and not necessarily how solid a company is.

Where can you find a list of penny stocks?

We have several lists of different type of penny stocks listed on this site. You can click on any of the drop-down list above on the menu and find the sector you are looking for.



Past Months Watchlist


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PLPL-Plandai Biotech

Is PLPL a life-changing stock?


PLPL-Plandai Biotech is a company that specializes in Botanical exaction.

They are looking to make a name for themselves in a multi-billion dollar wellness industry.

Here is a short video about their company.


They have now entered the Cannabis sector with their botanical extraction and many believe it could be a real game changer!

Disclaimer: The author of this post currently owns 11 million shares of PLPL that were purchased on the open market. We reserve the right to buy or sell shares at any time. We have not been compensated for the market awareness of PLPL Please do your own due diligence. Everything on this site is just for entertainment purposes only and should not be considered investment advice. We are not licensed brokers or licensed professionals. Please read our full disclaimer at

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Penny Stocks to watch October Update

Penny Stocks to watch October Update

October is always an exciting month in the OTC. This is usually the month where you will see some major breakouts!

Right now here is a look at some of the stocks we have been keeping an eye on.

  1. ICNAF- Integrated Cannabis Company Inc.

Icnaf is at the top of our list because it has been a monster! x-sprays seem like a product that will be a huge hit! The company has been announcing several upcoming catalysts and has just announced an upcoming clinical trial for their propriety sleeping supplement. We started talking about this stock last month when it was under .50 a share and now it is over $1 a share and looking very strong!

2. Hdii-Hypertension Diagnostics, Inc.

hdii is an extremely low float penny stock in the medical industry. According to it has some patents that could be life-saving and it currently is doing business Globally. This stock appears to have bottomed out and could be due for a major bounce. Low floats stocks like hdii are high-risk high-reward type plays.

3.MJNE-MJ Holdings, Inc.

Mjne is a marijuana stock focusing on development and cultivation of marijuana in Nevada. There hasn’t been any major news for awhile on this stock. We consider it more of a swing trade and are wanting it to drop to $1 a share before we will enter for a trade.

Don’t forget next week will be alerting our potential life-changing alert! It is a company in the medical industry and it should be very exciting!


This newsletter is a paid advertisement, not a recommendation nor an offer to buy or sell securities. This newsletter is owned, operated and edited by Market News LLC. Any wording found in this e-mail or disclaimer referencing to “I” or “we” or “our” refers to Market News LLC. Our business model is to be financially compensated to market and promote small public companies. By reading our newsletter and our website you agree to the terms of our disclaimer, which are subject to change at any time. We are not registered or licensed in any jurisdiction whatsoever to provide investing advice or anything of an advisory or consultancy nature, and are therefore are unqualified to give investment recommendations. Always do your own research and consult with a licensed investment professional before investing. This communication is never to be used as the basis of making investment decisions, and is for entertainment purposes only. At most, this communication should serve only as a starting point to do your own research and consult with a licensed professional regarding the companies profiled and discussed. Conduct your own research. Companies with low price per share are speculative and carry a high degree of risk, so only invest what you can afford to lose. By using our service you agree not to hold our site, its editor’s, owners, or staff liable for any damages, financial or otherwise, that may occur due to any action you may take based on the information contained within our newsletters or on our website.

We do not advise any reader take any specific action. Losses can be larger than expected if the company experiences any problems with liquidity or wide spreads. Our website and newsletter are for entertainment purposes only. Never invest purely based on our alerts. Gains mentioned in our newsletter and on our website may be based on end-of-day or intraday data. This publication and their owners and affiliates may hold positions in the securities mentioned in our alerts, which we may sell at any time without notice to our subscribers, which may have a negative impact on share prices. If we own any shares we will list the information relevant to the stock and number of shares here. 

Market News LLC, a Wyoming Corporation that has been compensated $10,000.00 by MAPH Enterprises LLC ( for a period beginning September 10, 2018 and ending October 10, 2018 to publicly disseminate information about (ICNAF / ICAN). We own zero shares, but we may buy or sell additional shares of (ICNAF / ICAN) in the open market at any time, including before, during or after the Website and Information, provide public dissemination of favorable Information. (Full Disclaimer) We own 2.2 million shares of hdii, and we may buy or sell additional shares of (hdii) in the open market at any time, including before, during or after the Website and Information, provide public dissemination of favorable Information Any compensation is a major conflict of interest in our ability to be unbiased. Therefore, this communication should be viewed as a commercial advertisement only.  We have not investigated the background of the hiring third party or parties. The third party, profiled company, or their affiliates likely wish to liquidate shares of the profiled company at or near the time you receive this communication, which has the potential to hurt share prices.  Any non-compensated alerts are purely for the purpose of expanding our database for the benefit of our future financially compensated investor relations efforts. Frequently companies profiled in our alerts may experience a large increase in volume and share price during the course of investor relations marketing, which may end as soon as the investor relations marketing ceases. The investor relations marketing may be as brief as one day, after which a large decrease in volume and share price is likely to occur. Our emails may contain forward looking statements, which are not guaranteed to materialize due to a variety of factors.

We do not guarantee the timeliness, accuracy, or completeness of the information on our site or in our newsletters. The information in our email newsletters and on our website is believed to be accurate and correct, but has not been independently verified and is not guaranteed to be correct. The information is collected from public sources, such as the profiled company’s website and press releases, but is not researched or verified in any way whatsoever Read More

Hemp Inc.-HEMP

Hemp Inc.-HEMP

Hemp, Inc. is a publicly traded company with ticker symbol OTC. It was founded in the year 2008 and has its headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. The company provides green solutions with the eco-friendly and healthy approach towards the environment. The legalization of hemp in the United States has been a progressive step for the company to get all the products with the tagline having the hemp growth in the United States. The company wants to change the worldly approach by producing the healthy life solutions by banning GMOs, eating organic, reduction of carbon and producing the best solutions for mankind. The company aims at making a difference by working with the positive notes and the dedication towards bringing the best for industrial hemp sector.

With the 52-week low and high values of $0.01 and $0.06 respectively, the company is looking for the investors to trust their policies and gain valuable assets by bringing the green revolution. Hemp requires less water and energy and is an ecologically preferred crop than the other ones. The company’s subsidiary Industrial Hemp Manufacturing, LLC (100% owned) has the largest decoration plant in the North American region. The plant will be completed this year with its moves towards North Carolina (in the 9 acres warehouse of the company).

When the plant will become operational, it will begin production of fiber for its products. The products will be using industrial hemp for its best lead. The products used will be oil absorbents from kenaf and LCM (Lost Circulation Material). The kenaf plant core has been found as the most absorbent material on the earth. The company will be manufacturing the product used effectively for the spilled oil cleanups (Product Name: SpillSuck™). This remarkable product was used on the coast of Louisiana for dealing with its big oil spill. LCM will be produced by the company for its drilling industry also. The product is capable of producing millions of dollars in the Hemp, Inc. revenue.

There are thousands of products made from Hemp. The major thing about the same is that the whole plant is used to make the beneficial products. The flowers and leaves can make high-end CBDs, oil for health and beauty products, fiber for fabric and paper, seeds for nutritious protein, core to make bio-fuel, LCM and building materials. There is so much to be attained from hemp and it is ultimately a win-win situation to entrust the material.

Hemp, Inc. fully supports the Industrial Hemp Farming Act (2015). This is the primary step towards production of industrial hemp farming in the American states. The approval of growing hemp for R&D in Northern Carolina is a positive aspect for the company to grow legal industrialized hemp. The company even spreads awareness and knowledge about hemp along with the benefits it has. Hemp Inc. has a great future and the company has given many purchase plans, acquisitions and various segments for the hemp industry. There is strategic business flow anticipated with the valued positioning of the operations of the industrial hemp industry.

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Helix TCS, Inc.-HLIX

Helix TCS, Inc.-HLIX

Helix TCS, Inc. is a provider of technology-based security systems for the legalized cannabis industry in the US. The company is a subsidiary of Helix Opportunities LLC and has its headquarters in Greenwood Village, CO, United States. The company deals with the provision of security solutions to the business related to marijuana, inclusive of planning and assessments based on the system designing, protection of assets, security assurance and transport facilities. The security is handled with IP CCTV systems, access control, security consultation, and alarm systems. The physical security systems are for risk management, background checking, armored transport, and other guards.

The company has its Cannabase platform designed for providing the best customer security service. It has the most powerful and professional security bases in the legalized marijuana industry. The competitive pricing for security operations is meant to provide the best customer service to the individuals in the legalized cannabis segment. Legal cannabis locations can result in violent crimes and robberies. It is an industry including huge amounts of cash and restores of expensive materials. The dangers towards this business can be covered with a good security system and Helix TCS, Inc. makes sure that they provide the preeminent security to the cannabis market. Cannabis industry always has a threat for the criminal aspects.

The 52-week range of stocks of the company is $ 0.282 – $ 1.950. With a positive name in the industry, this company is expected to grow in its

The flagship marijuana security services offered by Helix TCS include:

Armed Site Security

The company employs military, security, corrections veterans and law enforcement bringing an armed skilled approach to the firm. There are unique training services on the legal cannabis industry having the experience in tailoring the best services to the industry.

Unarmed Site Security

This platform provides the cost-effective results to the company at competitive prices. The experienced industry professionals receive the baton skills, state of art training in de-escalation, industrial practices and other duties as the armed operators.

Monitoring & Responsiveness

The company announced its services for ‘Eyes on Monitoring and Response’. It is the best service with the cost-effectiveness of 24/7 security. The surveillance specialists do active monitoring of the camera feeds and notify the law enforcement and dispatch the patrolling unit to the facility for the total security. There is an Audio Deterrent Solution giving an option to talk to the intruders, delay and prevent the threats until the physical help appears. There are many benefits including the monthly analytical crime data reporting and tracking of license plating. This monitoring provides the best crime deterrence with half of the savings in comparison to the physical security guards present.

Transport Monitoring Services

Helix TCS even works for the leading cash transport services. The cannabis business is assisted for making deposits and pay the monthly taxes. The cannabis business is helped in making the cash deposits, centralizing cash and paying the monthly taxes. The company even helps in conducting invoicing and cash pickups for the receivable amounts.

Security-mind business course

This security course is specially designed for the employees working in the cannabis industry and the experts of Helix TCS make appropriate steps to perform the enforcement in the best way. Employees can learn the observation techniques for recognition of the potential threats and dealing with the basic risk covering techniques.

In-House Security Force Training

Helix TCS is highly committed for improvement of the safety in the cannabis industry with the public perception and support of legislation for cannabis usage. The company shares the comprehensive training with other security companies and guards the in-house staff. Helix experts can build a team, train the existing team or outsource the security professional team with professionalism.

The company leads in the operation of the security systems for the legal cannabis industry. The acquisition of Cannabase is the best component of Helix’s technology initiatives with data security, integrity and leading platform for the marketers and consumers of the industry. The company uses these aspects for the technology-driven approach:

Compliance: Legal cannabis businesses manage the challenging federal regulations of the state by making the customers happy and keeping the competitors at the edge. The company safeguards the clients against the risks which could cause a loss of license. It continues to grow and develop with the most sophisticated tools for the budding cannabis industry.

Security: Helix TCS has grown as the largest security firm in the last year. It is the reason for the investors to trust this company having the most advanced and cost-effective techniques for providing security & best services to the cannabis industry.


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InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. (IMLFF)

InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. (IMLFF)


InMed Pharmaceuticals was incorporated in the year 1981. It is a pre-clinical stage biopharmaceutical company having the concept of R & D of the researches and cannabinoid-based therapies. The company has its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada with the variety of treatments having cannabis as the major platform. The company’s leading product is INM-750 and Pharmaseed Ltd has made a mutual agreement with the company to develop the formulation of the drug for treating EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa), wound-healing and other dermatological applications. The company deals with the targeted therapy with the intent of modification of the cause of the disease in certain patients suffering from EB Simplex and the treatment of the major symptoms of the EB problem. These diseases are handled with the aim of reduced pain, itching, healing and providing an antimicrobial approach. INM-750 has an impact on the underlying disease with the increased production of the keratins (proteins) in the skin area.


The research for INM-085 is under progress for treating the problems like dermatology, pain, inflammation, arthritis, cancer and other chronic diseases. The company is working on the concept of development of 3-D human skin models of EB for evaluation of the drug efficiency of its medications. The company had its former name as Cannabis Technologies Inc. and it changed the name in 2014. The majority of the R&D companies using cannabis revolves around the active ingredient ‘Cannabinoids’. This along with Tetrahydrocannabinol is the compound found in cannabis plant which is used to craft medicines. The company is a pre-clinical stage biopharma group specializing in the new therapies introduced through intensive research along with the innovative drug delivery systems.


The company is gaining a strong name in the medical industry. Its drug development pipeline with cannabinoid biosynthesis technology is the major aspect in driving the fundamental value to the company. The bioinformatics database drug and disease targeting tool are used by the company to make the best value of medicines to the products. The 52-week stock price range of the company is $0.28 – $1.95. The stocks are blooming with the new researches being introduced by the team of medical experts. It is expected that the company gets the best responsiveness with the new conceptual medicines being introduced.


In the recent news, this company has made an announcement for the filing of Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application having the proprietary program for biosynthesis for the manufacturing of cannabinoids similar to the natural options available. It is a major step for the company and the conversion of the patient application will be positive for the protection of biosynthesis platform of technology. It will ultimately protect the efforts for modulation of the internal machinery for increasing the metabolites required for the biosynthesizing of the cannabinoid. The company is actively making the moves to manufacture cannabinoids through the process of biosynthesis. The experts and the medical team are looking for the resourceful investments to give the required results to the medical field. It will be a great move for the company and the investors will benefit from the patent coverage through the global patenting of the coverage of the products.


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Indoor Harvest Corp-INQD

Indoor Harvest Corp-INQD

Indoor Harvest Corp. is a technology company dealing with the production of fully researched and developed biopharmaceutical grade cannabis for the medicinal purpose. The headquarters are located in Houston, Texas, United States. The company designs the environmental facilities, LED lighting, sensor and control technologies, HVAC system designs and high-pressure aeroponics under the Harvest branding. The company provides advanced procedures and methods for cultivation of cannabis. The technologies are offered for the cannabis industry giving an upper edge to this legalized platform of cannabis for medicines. Indoor Harvest Corp. was founded in the year 2011. The company blends the harvest precision agriculture with the true biopharma sector. It has been developing the agricultural technology focusing on the manufacturing and marketing of the pharma grade cannabis for R&D. The development of next generation personalized medications is promoted by the company and it has been giving a business update to the investors at the regular interval.

The results of the company’s stock growth have been quite positive and the company is evolving in the legal cannabis industry by keeping the long-term success view. The company has made the strategic association for the best opportunities available for the cannabis medical usage. The technological and scientific developments made by the company are anticipating a lot to give towards the company’s benefits. There are collaborated efforts made by the innovators and associated teams. It is important at this level to get engaged in partnerships and identify the assets to identify the market opportunities in a fair way. The company’s 52-week stock value range is $0.050 – $0.45. It has been making new projections and the exploration of the world of cannabis will lead it towards a better mode. The company was primarily founded with the precision agriculture technology platform having a focus on the high-pressure aeroponics for utilization of the space. The mission of the company has been eco-friendly with the elimination of harmful chemicals, reduction of water and other inputs by replacing them with biomass and other alternatives and feeding the expansion in the most suitable way.

The company turned its focus away from its core branch towards the production of pharma-grade cannabis for R&D of the community and exploring the new medicines which could be useful to the people. Indoor farming has the future of aeroponic platform as an integral element. Cannabis is by far the most attractive application of Indoor Harvest technology due to its growing value in the medicinal field. The focus of the company is to deliver the true pharmaceutical grade products having a positive use in the market. The company has restructured its team and the strategies for the execution of the mission by making new researches. The great team is not meaningful without the associated game plan designed for its execution. The higher capital accumulation through investors would assist the company to make new moves and explore the options to grow in its respective motives. The new plans and vision would give a positive note for the company to bloom in its segment.

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Integrated Cannabis Company Inc.

Scared Money

If you have been watching the Canadian Marijuana Sector you would know it has been on fire lately. Thursday something strange happened. There was a re-circulated article on some of the major stock market sites that was originally published back in June. This article seems to cause a bit of panic selling.
What does this mean?
Well, Warren Buffett once said: “Be Fearful when people are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful”.
We all know Canada Legalizes marijuana on Oct. 17th. Have we been blessed with a great buying opportunity because people sold on fear over the last two days?
We are very impressed with the recognition and progress of one Canadian marijuana Stock.
That stock is  Integrated Cannabis Company Inc.  it’s trading under the ticker symbol ICNAF in the United States.
ICNAF has just launched the new website  This CBD and THC infused sprays are sure to be a very hot item!
 Just last week the company released the following Press Release with some huge news in it!
“Integrated Cannabis Company, Inc. Develops THC-Infused Spray Product Press Release | 09/13/2018

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept. 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Integrated Cannabis Company, Inc. (CSE: ICAN, OTCQB: ICNAF) (the “Company” or “Integrated Cannabis”), is pleased to announce the completion of a market ready Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)-infused spray product and the required licensure for manufacturing of the product in Colorado.

Over the past ten months the Company has engaged and worked with contractors, consultants and various state and municipal regulators in order to successfully gain licensing and approvals for facilities that manufacture CBD- and THC-infused products in the State of Colorado.

The THC product employs the same nanotechnology used to enhance the CBD-infused X-SPRAYS™, resulting in higher bioavailability and faster uptake versus capsules or powder.  The Company continues to enhance the flavor profiles in order to find an optimal formula.

“We are pleased to be adding THC products to our proprietary line of sprays and plan to launch via distribution in Colorado beginning in Q4 and shall pursue other legal markets thereafter,” said Mr. John Knapp, CEO of Integrated Cannabis.

To best demonstrate the Company’s activities in the Manufacturer of Infused Products (MIP) area, a chronological outline follows:

  • Completed the build out of a commercial kitchen adjacent to a licensed Medical and Recreational extraction lab
  • Completed Process Validation with the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED)
  • Secured a high-quality CBD source from a supplier with Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) Registration Certificate and Colorado Hemp License
  • Received Shelf Stability approval to sell X-SPRAYS™ CBD formulation in Denver
  • Received approval to sell CBD formulated products throughout all of Colorado
  • Secured a high-quality THC source from a duly licensed Colorado Medical and Recreational extraction lab
  • Received approval to sell THC formulated products throughout most of Colorado – only awaiting approval for City of Denver
  • Submitted Shelf Stability application to sell X-SPRAYS™ THC formulation in Denver

About Integrated Cannabis Company
Integrated Cannabis Company, Inc. is comprised of dedicated scientists and product engineers who are passionate about health and creating health and lifestyle products utilizing advanced delivery systems and formulations. For more information, please visit the company’s website at:


“John Knapp”

Chief Executive Officer

For further information, please contact: 
Eugene Beukman

The CSE does not accept responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.  

Neither the Canadian Securities Exchange nor its Market Regulator (as that term is defined in the policies of the Canadian Securities Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release. The Canadian Securities Exchange has not in any way passed upon the merits of the proposed transaction and has neither approved nor disapproved the contents of this press release.

This news release may include forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties. All statements within, other than statements of historical fact, are to be considered forward looking. Although the Company believes the expectations expressed in such forward-looking statements are based on reasonable assumptions, such statements are not guarantees of future performance and actual results or developments may differ materially from those in forward-looking statements. Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in forward-looking statements include market prices, exploitation and exploration successes, continued availability of capital and financing, and general economic, market or business conditions. There can be no assurances that such statements will prove accurate and, therefore, readers are advised to rely on their own evaluation of such uncertainties. We do not assume any obligation to update any forward-looking statements except as required under the applicable laws.”


This newsletter is a paid advertisement, not a recommendation nor an offer to buy or sell securities. This newsletter is owned, operated and edited by Market News LLC. Any wording found in this e-mail or disclaimer referencing to “I” or “we” or “our” refers to Market News LLC. Our business model is to be financially compensated to market and promote small public companies. By reading our newsletter and our website you agree to the terms of our disclaimer, which are subject to change at any time. We are not registered or licensed in any jurisdiction whatsoever to provide investing advice or anything of an advisory or consultancy nature, and are therefore are unqualified to give investment recommendations. Always do your own research and consult with a licensed investment professional before investing. This communication is never to be used as the basis of making investment decisions, and is for entertainment purposes only. At most, this communication should serve only as a starting point to do your own research and consult with a licensed professional regarding the companies profiled and discussed. Conduct your own research. Companies with low price per share are speculative and carry a high degree of risk, so only invest what you can afford to lose. By using our service you agree not to hold our site, its editor’s, owners, or staff liable for any damages, financial

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RNVA-Rennova Health Inc.

Rennova Health Inc.  – RNVA

Rennova Health Inc. is a vertically integrated public healthcare holding company. The company gives innovative solutions for the healthcare and associated categories. The Market Capitalization of the company is $ 4.901 M and the management is looking for the stockholders to bring the investments towards a higher level.

There is enhanced business, systems and services for supporting the better treatment procedures with cost-effective patient care and revenue streams. There are best services available for accountable, transparent, responsible and regulatory compliances. The diversified solutions offered by Rennova Health Inc. have the diagnostic laboratory testing for precise medication with the sophisticated software solutions meant for comprehensive medical billing. There is enhanced revenue cycle management with the medical billing and financial services.

Rennova Health Inc. also deals with the medical billing systems (MBC: Medical Billing Choices) for the health segment and labs. The modern methods including MBCs include the acceleration of the tasks related to insurance, claims, and collection of payments. The main focus is to maximize the profit and eliminate the extra billing costs. Rennova Health gives single-source healthcare solutions with excellence. The tremendous growth in the field of technology and healthcare has led to the demand of companies to get additive solutions for their clinical services and financial segment.

The diagnostic features are also given by Rennova Health Inc. with a high level of clinical and laboratory services. There are prescription medicines, drugs, and medication monitoring tools designed for the comprehensive clinical testing services. The medical billing solutions also make it simple and efficient to make insurance verifications. There are customer-centered workflow systems established for minimization of errors and streamlining the billing cycles in the most appropriate way. It even helps in maximizing the cash flow of the health care stream. There are simple and special applications designed for EHR (Electronic Health Records), web-based order entries and advanced LIMS (Laboratory Management System). There are information systems meant for delivering the superior outcomes in precision. The financial service solutions help in streamlining the cash flow and acquisition of the accounts receivable for the discount value.

Rennova has integrated the industry-leading diagnostics and it made an announcement for acquiring the second hospital (after closing the previous one) with eighty-five beds and acute care services. There are separate physician practices operating along with the 24- hour Emergency services department. The annual revenues for the company are approximately $15 Million. The acquisition is anticipated to complement the efficiently working hospitals located within one hour drive from the new location. The expansion of the services will probably increase the opportunity and growth for the shareholders. It is indeed a positive ray of hope for the shareholders and the new associates with the company to become a part of the Rennova Group and attain collaborated returns over the investment.

The efficient and effective patient services and superior clinical outcomes have the scope of the increased value of the company’s financial stats. The company has a 52-week range of $ 0.00 – $ 8.23 and is soon going to rise with the projective growth of medical facilities and ventures.

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CMG Holdings Group, Inc.-CMGO

CMG Holdings Group, Inc.-CMGO

CMG Holdings Group, Inc. is an entertainment, marketing, management and sports company. It has operations through 3 segment names: Good Gaming, CMG Holdings Group and The Experimental Agency, Inc. The company has the major services related to licensing and broadcast, syndication, event management and productions. There is experiential advertising and e-Sports concept involved with the company through Good Gaming, Inc. The 52-week stock prices of the company are in the range of $ 0.0005 – $0.021.

Glenn Laken was appointed as the CEO of CMG Holdings Group in April 2014. Jeffrey Devlin and David Kovacs were introduced by Laken to the management board. Mr. Laken is an experienced person in the financial services sector and has led the company towards a positive mode. His professional experience with the esteemed companies prompted the management to designate him as CEO. His success as a business leader has certainly brought the company towards a better position in terms of business and reputation. Mr. Laken has been seeking out for new opportunities and ideas for adding the shareholder value for the company. The assets of CMG are organically growing and the company is anticipated to become a world-class entertainment and gaming company.

The headquarters of the company is in Chicago, IL, United States. There was a name change made and the company’s future looked bright with the change in management. However, there were many issues involved with the company’s position. The shareholders demanded the appointment of the new board of directors and there was a complete change made beginning from the ending of 2012.

In the past 5 years, there have been variations in the company’s growth rates. The net income and revenue are still recovering but the gross margin is on the higher side. The company is dealing with digital media and alternative advertising which is the need of today’s media marketing service operations. The digital media and operations with TV and video production have moved to a new level and there are advancements made in the field of advertising under different platforms.

Apart from the HQ in Chicago, the company has its offices in NY, Miami, and Tucson. This is allowing the company to make its stronger presence in the advertisement and marketing stream. There are many chances for the company to grow its position with the digital media operations and new marketing platforms. The interconnection between these offices would accumulate the staff ideas and make the opportunities grow towards a better side. The growth of the digital media industry is endless and there is something new anticipated by the end-users of every service industry. There are highly-skilled professionals involved in the digital media stream and it would be a big plus for the company to hire the new personnel having experience in their own stream.

CMG Holdings Group Inc. is a communication and marketing holding company. The aim of the organization is to deliver exclusive solutions to new media marketing and alternative advertising. The stocks of the company will probably grow in the future with the intellectual growth of the digital media platform, patenting, sales and marketing.

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WMIH Corp.   

WMIH Corp.      


WMIH Corp. is a corporation with its headquarters in Seattle, Washington, United States. WM Mortgage Reinsurance Company, Inc. and WMI Investment Corp are the children associates of WMIH. The situation of the company went low in 2012 when it emerged from bankruptcy proceedings with succession to Washington Mutual, Inc. They had limited operations as there was no new business from September 2008. The company went into the run-off mode and actively participated in checking the opportunities across a wide range of industries.

The company was primarily known as WMI Holdings Corp. and changed its name to WMIH Corp. in May 2015. The beginning of the company was in the year 1889 and had its legacy in reinsurance business with respect to mortgage insurance in the second mode. The company faced three and a half years of the bankruptcy proceeding and emerged from the situation on March 19, 2012, with a new board of management. It was the time when the company changed its name. At present, WM Mortgage Reinsurance Company, Inc. had the sole activity in reinsurance of mortgage insurance policies.

In late 2006, the company began to get in the recessional mode and came in the hands of Great Depression of 1929. The business strategies couldn’t proceed in the right way during these years and the disaster came in 2007 when the company had no option left. The housing rates were in the sky before the recession strike, the company used its assets and leverage to make loans in subprime credit cards and mortgages. The company would eventually leverage due to the increased number of ARMs (Adjustable Rate Mortgages).

With the slow-down of the US economy, the home load defaulter numbers began to escalate. The home prices fell off and most of the companies had to face bankruptcy condition. Even with the foreclosures and properties in the hands of the company, there were no sellers in the market and the revenue could not be covered in any way. Credit card division also faced a big surge in the late and non-payments being made. This was the toughest time for the company. Still, WMIH has regained its position in the market and tackled the tough phase of bankruptcy, which could have been a disaster for the company. Credit card division also got deterioration with the number of late fee and non-payment cases. On the whole, WMIH was able to face the situation with its strong management and the expert team.

The market capitalization of the company is $287.33 M. The company is regaining its position and has 52-week low and high values as $ 0.60- 1.61. The stock prices are booming and it is anticipated that the share will reach towards a higher level with the company’s success rate. In 2008, the CEO of the company Kerry Killinger was suspended by the company’s board. The company didn’t get a buyer and was seized by FDIC and then came the transitional phase. WMIH was bought by JP Morgan Chase in a secretive deal brokered by FDIC for 1.9 billion dollars. The shareholders have a positive hype about the company and it is expected to cross higher values with its sustaining business.

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Advaxis Inc. ADXS

Advaxis Inc – ADXS

Advaxis Inc. is a biotechnology company having developments in immunotherapies with at aim at enlisting the immunity of the body to fight against cancer. The market cap of the company is $88.04 M and the 52-week low-high price is $1.51- $8.36. This American company has headquarters in Princeton, NJ, United States. It is devoted to the usage of Listeria monocytogenes (Lm) for innovation, progression, and marketing of immunotherapies for cancer treatment.

The platform on which the company manufactures its products is attenuated LM having an ability to secrete adjuvant fusion/antigen proteins to make an impact on the immune system of the patients. It focuses mainly on the T- cells with an immune response to the secreted antigen on the cancer cells that helps in eliminating cancer. These treatments are termed as Lm-LLO immunotherapies. At present, Advaxis has 15+ constructs in various developmental stages that are found with the direct development of the company with its excellence centers located in the different parts of the US.

Advaxis was acquired by Shell Corporation in November 2004. Great Expectations was the acquiring company at that time and it was incorporated in the year 1987. In the year 2014, Advaxis entered a commercial agreement and co-development association with Indian Biocon for the treatment of mainly HPV-associated cancers, inclusive of cervical cancer. The novel technology of Listeria monocytogenes (Lm) is bio-engineered by the experts to secrete the fusion protein. The key elements of the immune system affected by cancer are targeted and the cancer defense is handled up to 80% with this process.

The management team of Advaxis Inc. is highly capable having skilled personnel with the proven track record in the medical and commercial industry for cancer therapies. The research team is dedicated and committed to the new approach and development in the cancer care industry. There are most rewarding collaborations made with the major Pharma companies to enhance the market trust and save lives of millions of people suffering from cancer. The company has all its treatments approved by FDA and has a promising treatment option which is the major reason for the stockers to trust them to make secured investments.

Lm technology immunotherapies have the best anti-tumor response with the costimulatory molecules and checkpoint inhibitors. The strategic collaborations of the company with other Pharma companies for development and commercialization of the products is a great step in establishing a positive impact on the medical world. The immunotherapies development is in partnership with the esteemed cancer centers and has a full support of the advocacy foundations.

The strong management of the company is led by the President and CEO Mr. Kenneth A. Berlin. He has been heading this post for last 9+ years and has led to the successfully led the projects for developments in the cancer industry. The team and management are extensively knowledgeable in their streams and have a successful track record in development and commercialization of anti-cancer drugs. The company has a positive future with the listed policies and every associated member is trying to make it as a successful move to pursue the cancer immunotherapy treatment.

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eXeBlock Technology Corp – Is EXXBF a scam or the next big thing?

Is EXXBF- eXeBlock Technology Corp the next big thing?

Let’s first start by talking a little bit about EXXBF

EXXBF is the stock symbol for eXeBlock Technology Corp under the Candian Stock Exchange. This company deals with blockchain decentralized applications termed as DApps. The company aims at providing cost-effective, easily usable and scalable blockchain solutions for global business markets. The headquarters of the company is situated in Debert, Nova Scotia.

eXeBlock Technology Corp is a Canadian software company specializing in the decentralized applications designed with blockchain technology. The company even does customization of the Blockchain Technology services having specialized features required by specific businesses. The requirement of every business is different and eXeBlock Technology Corp. team makes sure that the features included in particular apps are of the best use for the company and its users.

There is a charity fundraising DApp created by the company and another DApp is used in the same is the software designed for the users for conversion of conventional cryptocurrency entities into applications. DApps are integrated with all the applications and other requirements. eXeBlock Technology Inc. is the subsidiary of the company and is used for the important app creations.

The market capitalization of EXXBF is $13.36 M and the 52-week low and high range is $0.195 – 1.79. With the increasing use of self-contained decentralize apps with blockchain technology, eXeBlock Technology works for the benefits of their customers from its transparent, low-cost and accurate solutions. The open source ‘Per-Pay-Use’ model is a way to generate the consistent revenue stream initiated by the third party development.

Blockchain technology development in different industrial segments has led to the need for the most valued and cost-effective plans for the companies to create their applications with blockchain technology. The expertise of the development and analysis of the requirements of a company needs to be understood by the expert technicians and managers. eXeBlock develops the blockchains meeting the anticipation of the customer. It earns revenues from the tokens which are more than 940K at the present time. The goal of the company is to develop their own DApps or Blockchain DApps for any 3rd party.

The business model of eXeBlock is its strength and it involves the DApps (partner and proprietary). There is the announcement of new proprietary options for DApps which involves the development of additive DApps. The traditional ways of conducting businesses are expected to be cost efficient and developed. The application software is serving many telecom and gaming industries in Canada. The applications created are White Label apps which are easier to use. The experienced leaders have the best skills in the industry. The founder of the company is JONATHAN BAHA’I and he has come a long way with the other experts to lead the company towards the successful way.

The present-day range of EXXBF is quite viable of getting a growth towards the higher side and the company is under the observation list of the marketers among the list of blockchain companies on the verge of getting better revenues through stocks. Strong management, transparency & cost-effective concepts are the major plus points of the company.

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DCC DigitalX Limited


DigitalX Limited is an Australian company with its HQ in Perth and another operative office in the New York City. The company provides ICO (Initial Coin Offering) advisory services, blockchain software development and consulting services. The major focus of the company is to deliver the unique products to the worldwide segment. The company has a Market Capital of AU$ 99.57 million and the 52-week price of the stock is in the range $0.02 – 0.44.

DigitalX works in coordination with the high-end companies for optimization of the ICO launching. There are services given to the companies worldwide and the company has a positive relationship with Australia’s largest cryptocurrency group (Blockchain Global). The CEO cum MD of the company Mr. Leigh Travers is the Vice Chairman of the ADCA (Australian Digital Commerce Association). The president Neel Krishnan is another well-experienced person with experience in capital markets and designing the trading and analytics software. The strong team of the company makes it a right choice for the investors to think about investing in this blockchain segment stock with a potential to grow in the right direction.

The company has a large network of cryptocurrency investors and maintains a diverse range of investors based on the higher liquidity and safe investment levels. DigitalX currently has a network of over 50K investors and the number is growing every day. The access to high-quality investors across the Asian and Pacific regions will surely make the company generate better revenues. The credibility of public ICO documents increases the liquidity of tokens on the listing of exchanges.

There are many important requirements for Blockchain companies for their ICO, including developer support, auditing, technical guidance, and security. The direct support of the developers and management team by Blockchain Global can be gathered with the management support. There is close working of DigitalX with the Blockchain Global team to develop the best token-marketing documents and tailor the utilities according to the requirements of the companies. The company offers a wide range of development and security services for testing modules and security services for the technology-based platforms.

The investors trust the company services for their expertise in cryptocurrency trading and blockchain developments to include cryptocurrency concepts into your business. The trading software and cryptocurrency modules are made for the companies based on the software development, financial models, and business opportunities. There are customized solutions meant for the blockchain development with the usage of AirID platform. The management team and the technical teamwork coherently to work in the best way to deal with application management, conceptual ideas, cryptocurrency, commodities, currency trading and regulation of financial markets.

The company has a huge scope in the global payments industry and involves the development of applications for different segments. It has already laid consulting services to blockchain companies and developed customized solutions for retail-based consumer applications. It is analyzed that the growth of DigitalX Limited will be higher in the coming years and the company’s management will lead it towards a better status from the present.

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Should you invest in CINGF- Coinsilium Group Ltd or is it a scam?

CINGF- Coinsilium Group Ltd

With a 52-week range of $2.50-26.75, Coinsilium Group Ltd is leading towards the upper range of the graph with its persistent blockchain concept. Coinsilium is an investor, venture, and enhancer in the field of blockchain technology & the digital token finances. COIN symbol is listed in the NEX market and the company is laying its strong verticals in the ‘Foundation Technology’ termed as blockchain technology.

Now despite being volatile it does seem that CINGF is a real company trying to grow.

The company has partnered with some of the leaders in the segment. The digital assets are increasing in the trend and the token-based models are designed to play a primary role in the market. The stocks are traded on NEX Exchange Growth Market and it is a Recognized Investment Exchange. The accelerator programme of the company works within the blockchain community. They are innovators with the variable product and service guides and the new companies are driving forward to get the most reliable concepts from Coinsilium Group. The company provides excellent coders, entrepreneurs, and developers to explore their ideas and initiate the new technology in the field of Blockchain.

Mr. Eddy Travia is the CEO of the company. The company has recently made its association with Singapore registered company (PLACTAL) to provide the exclusive advisory services in their decentralized sector for the Token Generation Event. A compound of ‘Play Data is Capital’ PLACTAL is the first Dapp created on the blockchain concept by game-playing the data. It will give an allowance to the major game companies to target the game lovers and give rewards to them for sharing the gameplay data in the form of digital tokens. The gaming industry is very vast and its tech-savvy user base gives the use of virtual currency in their gaming experience.

The CEO commented that they are projecting the fastest growth for the highly transparent advertising models in various digital platforms. It will be the tough market to deal with and the company aims to get the perfect solution for reducing the issue within the market. There is ample of experience required by the programmers and technical experts in the field of mobile applications. Asia and South Korea have strong gaming community which requires the digital currency usage. It can move ahead with PLACTAL platform for the best results in terms of digital currency systems.


Coinsilium Group Limited gives the mainstream platform of blockchain technology with the products and services. The company invests in the groups associated with blockchain technology which is the latest trend of today. The blockchain is the new stream and the company has been involved in developing new ventures since the year 2014. The company completed the sale of many bitcoin platforms and has many subsidiaries giving a boost to its stock price. In comparison to the previous times, Coinsilium Group Ltd. has a huge scope of getting better market cap and share price. There are many projections of the company, including the preparation to launch the private fund for digital tokens. Blockchain technology is growing and there is a demand for technical excellence and experience which is the actual strength of the company.


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Is BTLLF BTL Group Ltd. a stock selling scam or the real deal?

BTLLF Stock-BTL Group Ltd. 

BTL Group Ltd. is a technology company focusing on the development of Blockchain technologies in different industries and businesses. There is secured platform created for allowing the enterprises for building the applications related to the settlement, trading, back-office, and auditing of the companies. The technology platform has the secured blockchain technology creation with the variable settlement solutions to render the services to Canada and the UK to target countries.

Despite some draw backs it does seem like BTLLF is trying to grow and be a big part of the new growing technology. We have a page dedicated to bitcoin and crypto stocks. Should we add BLTTF?

BTL Group Ltd. is based in Vancouver, Canada. The market capitalization of the company is $159.629M. The 52-week range of BTL is $2.79 – 18.90. Recently, the company has announced that Interbit is the next generation blockchain platform and is available for feedback and testing. It is a platform for better scalability and secured environment using the coding language of Javascript. There is data privacy ensured for the multiple blockchains which will make the system faster and flexible.

Blockchain technology has failed to scale on the demand and can’t provide the highest level of security. The present focus is to ensure privacy and bring Interbit to the market with the best achievement in the technological segment. The blockchain-based cross-border settlement is the first of its kind and its exploration is to get the smartest contracts with blockchain technology. The eligible participants get the knowledge and experience for assessing the benefits of transformative technologies and the financial services on their whole. The creation of Interbit is a great move from BTL and it is anticipated that there will be high data integrity and privacy assured with this new venture.

The goal of BTL is to become professional-grade blockchain developers among business leaders, developers, application designers and solution architects. There are best blockchain-based applications created as per the requirements of industries. The head office of the company is in Vancouver with the other offices in Calgary and London. BTL has proven itself as the best lead in blockchain ecosystem providing knowledge and best advice to the industry leaders.

Management of the company:

Mr. Dominic McCann: CEO cum Director

Mr. Scott Maxwell: Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Tom Thompson: Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Robert Suttie: Chief Financial Officer

The key management of the company is highly knowledgeable and expert in their personalized streams. The next-gen blockchain platforms are focused on giving the most reliable data integrity, privacy and security.

In the world of blockchains, privacy is not about encryption alone. Data needs to be available to the users who are allowed to see it. Every business requires scalable platforms and Interbit helps in building it to the scale. It doesn’t require learning new programming languages or attain in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology.

There are smart contracts allowing the developers to incorporate the appropriate enterprise applications. There are smart contracts and API suites for the developers to get the best blockchain concepts for applications. This concept is becoming very popular with its huge demands. There is a huge scope for the investors in this segment and BTL will probably turn out to be lucrative for the investors trusting blockchain technology.

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BTCS is the company with a market capitalization of $30.93M. The company is the primary mover in the digital currency and blockchain ecosystems and focuses on the blockchain technologies. The information is recorded by the company in a secure way and there is public information sharing done without making reliability on any central authority.

The basic aim of the company is to promote the digital currency ecosystem with a unique universal digital currency platform. BTCS (Bitcoin Shop, Inc.) is the first public trading company in the field of digital currency. They offer the solutions for e-com stores which accept many digital currencies, wallets, and other secured online storage solutions. There is the high-end technology used in defining new technologies with innovation. The services offered by the strategic partners of the company are also updated for the right move.

BTCS has partnered with 4 major digital currency companies:

  • Gem
  • Expresscoin
  • GoCoin
  • Coin Outlet

BTCS, Inc. is based in the United States and the apps are well developed for the digital currency and blockchain database concepts. The current 52 weeks low and high value is $0.0285 – 0.578.

The value of the stocks was $0.30 in 2015. However, there was a dropping of rates in July 2016 and the stock value became $0.001. The company is in the state of progression now. It was associated with the Australian Company Blockchain Global Limited in August 2017. However, BTCS Inc. notified that its connection with Blockchain Global Inc. would be terminated due to delays in the latter company’s ability to make SEC approval for financial statements.

The prices of Digital Assets (bitcoins) of the company are subjected to fluctuations. The cash burn rate is about $80K in a month. The availability of cash in the form of assets is $231,000 and the digital assets vary in their costs. The availability of assets and cash are anticipated to have sufficient value through the end of 2018. There are additive funds required for the company’s operations and it would be possible to collect those funds with the trust of the investors.

The company has discontinued mining due to some issues arising in the segment. There was a time when cryptocurrencies were at their peak and highly accepted on a global platform. It gave the market offering thousands of Intelligent Shopping Engines. The bitcoin wallet uses 2/3 multi-signatures for securing the keys of the user. The wallet provided 2-factor authentication and the beta version could be acclaimed only by special invitation.

The blockchain is the distributed ledger with sub-parts: Smart contracts, digital currency, record keeping, and securities. It can record information and make it informative in its own ways. The digital currency platform allows the consumers to purchase merchandise using digital currencies and BTCS has been doing it for last few years. The founders of the company Michal Handerhan & Timothy Sidie established this concept in 2008 in Virginia (USA). At present, Mr. Charles W. Allen is on the title of Executive Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & CFO. The prospects of the company are on the positive notes for investors.

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Is BLPFF stock a scam? Or is it a real company

BLPFF- BLOK Technologies Inc.

Is BLPFF stock a scam or it is worth owning?

Awesome penny stocks is very vocal that we consider every stock a scam and we trade it accordingly. That doesn’t mean every company is an actual scam it just means that when it comes to trading stocks there are usually some manipulation involved.

Some general information about BLPFF

BLK is the ticker symbol for the company BLOK Technologies Inc. based in British Columbia province of North America. This company invests in the developing companies in the blockchain technology sector. The company offers managerial, financial and technological services provided to the blockchain-enabled ventures. The former name of the company was Aida Minerals Corp. and its name changed to BLOK Technologies very recently in January 2018.

BLOK Technologies is recently making progress and taking appropriate decisions to get the higher entrusted investors. This public company moves on to the prospective companies based on blockchain technology. It has also accomplished the target for its Greenstream Network Platform by completion of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and its Alpha release is ready for demonstration. GreenStream Network is basically meant for providing benefits to the Cannabis industry shareholders. It ensures that there will be legalized payment gateway drafted for making an easy blockchain-enabled platform for Cannabis industry.

Greenstream has participated actively in Collision 2018 (New Orleans), along with some of the other supreme events and conferences to showcase its blockchain technology. These events have given a growth for the investors to trust these blockchain concepts and reveal the opportunity to collaborate further with the developers and industry professionals. BLOCK Technologies Inc. has moved towards the next phases of development with the positive response from Greenstream. The major key is to commercialize the network and gain money from the market to assure fullest revenue growth to the investors.

The Board and Management have recently terminated the agency agreement with Gravitas Security Inc. and Canaccord Genuity Corp. for acting as co-lead agents. This decision will be more cost effective and ultimately prove out to be a boon for the existing stockholders and the newcomers for making the investment.

BLOK Tech focuses on the provision of the best investment opportunities and clubbing the funds for prospective revenue growth. This amendment will prove out to create balanced finance arrangement and hence, lead out a better position for the growth of the company. Now, BLOK  Technology will move ahead with the Private Placement by offering 5 million Units of the company to raise the amount in the form of common share.

The market capitalization of BLOK Technologies is $7.8 million (approximate) and the 52-week range is $ 0.01 – 1.50. The disclosure of new events has built a trust in the mind of stockholders. The company is making the investment in strategies way to accumulate the general working capital. All the securities will have a hold period of 4 months and will require the approval of the CSE (Canadian Securities Exchange). The team of BLOK Technologies Inc. is highly knowledgeable, progressive and expert in their stream having an assembly to give the right performance. Blockchain investments by the company would be made in a traditional and transparent mode to make the investors clear about the actions. The company has an opportunity to grow in the respective streams with an aim at transforming various industries. The real needs on the blockchain platform will be recognized and fulfilled by the experts leading the company towards a better move.



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