Artificial intelligence penny stocks

Artificial intelligence stocks are very rare. There are very fewer companies taking initiatives for artificial intelligence. There are a few stocks under this category and those are a part of the AI spectrum. There are companies using AI technology to gain a strategic edge. Most of the big companies are spending a considerable amount on establishing Artificial Intelligence Technology. The technical giants are putting their services and products forward towards utilization of this technology into cloud-based computing. The services are sold to the business customers as per their requirements. It is estimated that the AI-related could service will be required in the future and the price of the stocks will subsequently increase. The worldwide spending on AI systems, software platforms and apps will increase to more than 50% in 2020 from the previous levels in 2017.

The competition in the world of Artificial Intelligence is very high. It includes the mainstreams like cybersecurity and financial services. There are many enterprise software having AI stocks in online dating, business communication, and digital marketing services. The basic fundamental of Artificial Intelligence programs is to mimic the ability of human beings for interpreting patterns, decision-making, learning ability and predicting nature. There is a huge amount of data required to make predictions and take decisions.

Improved systems with better AI technology

There are many companies forging into AI technology. The companies like Adobe make up their AI tools for personalizing the website content and highlight their services and products most likely to be purchased by the shoppers. Salesforce’s Einstein tools improve the forecasts of sales for any company. The historical analysis and data determine the most liable sales to get closed.

There are brands like Trade Desk (TTD) which is a digital ad firm providing automatic tools for helping the customers to purchase the online ads and make optimization for the return over spending. The company tools help to get the list of the websites to buy advertisements. Match Group (MTCH) uses the AI systems for making an alteration in the dating apps. The new ‘Super Likable’ feature of tinder uses AI. There are cloud-based software centered companies like Five9 (FIVN) which develops the algorithms to make automated selections for customer support. The company is associating with Google for implementing its AI techniques.

Visa and Mastercard networks also use Artificial Intelligence tools for cybersecurity and detection of financial crimes like fraud or money laundering. AI is enabled in the chatbots of the customer services of highly reputed banks. Nvidia (NVDA) makes the cloud computing chips used in many data centers and the company has many important on-going automotive projects. Palo Alto Networks (PANW) and Fortinet (FTNT) are the companies aiming at spotting and blocking any traces of malicious activities on computer networks. The inclusion of AI will probably get better results on computer networks than the existing technologies. There are many high-end companies like IBM, Epam Systems, Accenture and others aiming to keep a positive go for the upcoming Artificial Intelligence programs.

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