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american lithium amlm American Lithium AMLMAmerican Lithium Minerals (AMLM.PK) is a penny stock that we have had some success with before. As a matter of fact, it was a fairly big winner for our subscribers. At the time, lithium was extremely newsy, based on the demand for the metal in lithium-ion batteries used in cell phones, laptops and hybrid cars and trucks. Then there were news stories about events like the enormous mineral find in Afghanistan, and countries like Japan basically converting almost 3/4 of it battery use to lithium based batteries. Lithium essentially had a hot story that most industries would die for. A legitimate technological use for the metal, coupled with a green twist. A combination like this doesn’t come around often, and when it does, it generally leads to related stocks becoming very hot.

Penny stocks like Lithium Corporation (LTUM.OB) and AMLM absolutely ripped, both showing enormous gains for those who were invested. Then the mother load of all lithium penny stocks appeared on the market. The company was Lithium Exploration Group (LEXG.OB) and it’s move was a historic one, both on the way up and on the way down. LEXG ran up fast and furiously on a massive promotion, combined with some skillful PR’s. However, there was much more sizzle than steak and LEXG crumbled due to lack of fundamentals and investor confidence. The naked short sellers had a ball, and LEXG’s decline had nothing to do with the actual metal price or production.

AMLM reaps LEXG’s Benefits

During LEXG’s huge move to the upside, LTUM and AMLM also participated with brief runs dues to sympathy moves and some LEXG longs guessing that a rotation was coming into the two previously mentioned penny stocks. Then the seemingly inevitable happened, the shorts and skeptics finally were correct, and the market finally punished LEXG and it’s unsustainable market cap.

Two casualties of LEXG’s decline, were LTUM and AMLM, which seemed to be hit a little harder because of it’s pink sheets status. Now here is the tricky part. On a fundamental basis, AMLM obviously can’t be confused with other metal related stocks like Freeport MacMoran (FCX:NYSE) or US Steel (X:NYSE), because we all know American Lithium Minerals is as speculative as it gets. But, what if hybrid vehicle production rises ? How about if oil starts to rally again as it often does in the summer months ? And what about if another hot lithium penny stock appears via a reverse merger, and then subsequently creates some interest in the group. Or what if they receive additional seed money from the Japanese ?

Please keep in mind that we are not recommending that you purchase AMLM, it’s just too uncertain at this point. However, add AMLM to your penny stock list, because it doesn’t hurt to watch. The Nevada based company does have it’s Borat Hills land claims and is currently in the process of defending it’s 52 week low. So if the stars align correctly, a trade for penny stock scalpers could yet develop.

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