Advaxis Inc – ADXS

Advaxis Inc. is a biotechnology company having developments in immunotherapies with at aim at enlisting the immunity of the body to fight against cancer. The market cap of the company is $88.04 M and the 52-week low-high price is $1.51- $8.36. This American company has headquarters in Princeton, NJ, United States. It is devoted to the usage of Listeria monocytogenes (Lm) for innovation, progression, and marketing of immunotherapies for cancer treatment.

The platform on which the company manufactures its products is attenuated LM having an ability to secrete adjuvant fusion/antigen proteins to make an impact on the immune system of the patients. It focuses mainly on the T- cells with an immune response to the secreted antigen on the cancer cells that helps in eliminating cancer. These treatments are termed as Lm-LLO immunotherapies. At present, Advaxis has 15+ constructs in various developmental stages that are found with the direct development of the company with its excellence centers located in the different parts of the US.

Advaxis was acquired by Shell Corporation in November 2004. Great Expectations was the acquiring company at that time and it was incorporated in the year 1987. In the year 2014, Advaxis entered a commercial agreement and co-development association with Indian Biocon for the treatment of mainly HPV-associated cancers, inclusive of cervical cancer. The novel technology of Listeria monocytogenes (Lm) is bio-engineered by the experts to secrete the fusion protein. The key elements of the immune system affected by cancer are targeted and the cancer defense is handled up to 80% with this process.

The management team of Advaxis Inc. is highly capable having skilled personnel with the proven track record in the medical and commercial industry for cancer therapies. The research team is dedicated and committed to the new approach and development in the cancer care industry. There are most rewarding collaborations made with the major Pharma companies to enhance the market trust and save lives of millions of people suffering from cancer. The company has all its treatments approved by FDA and has a promising treatment option which is the major reason for the stockers to trust them to make secured investments.

Lm technology immunotherapies have the best anti-tumor response with the costimulatory molecules and checkpoint inhibitors. The strategic collaborations of the company with other Pharma companies for development and commercialization of the products is a great step in establishing a positive impact on the medical world. The immunotherapies development is in partnership with the esteemed cancer centers and has a full support of the advocacy foundations.

The strong management of the company is led by the President and CEO Mr. Kenneth A. Berlin. He has been heading this post for last 9+ years and has led to the successfully led the projects for developments in the cancer industry. The team and management are extensively knowledgeable in their streams and have a successful track record in development and commercialization of anti-cancer drugs. The company has a positive future with the listed policies and every associated member is trying to make it as a successful move to pursue the cancer immunotherapy treatment.

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