Advantage Oil and Gas (NYSE:AAV)

Advantage Oil and Gas (NYSE:AAV)

From time to time a speculator finds an organization that overlooks the savagery around them and continues becoming gainfully. Advantage Oil and Gas (NYSE:AAV) is such an organization. The organization not just becomes through the downturn, it develops quick through the downturn. Administration is as yet growing generation as though the business downturn never happened.

Its outstanding shares are at 13.7 M, while authorized shares at 184.60M

Truth be told, in a few cases it is fundamentally beating the planned execution. The organization already had an objective to extend production to 200 MMCFE/D. Presently administration is including the foundation and plant ability to go to 350 MMCFE/D. The organization is extending production by more than 20% a year right now.

Organization administration sold around 13.4 million shares to subsidize the development. Be that as it may, the development of creation is at a speedier rate than the one time weakening from the stock deal. The business by and large is decreasing and a considerable measure of organizations has some measure of monetary pain, however one would surely not realize that taking a gander at this organization.

“Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd. (“Advantage” or the “Corporation”) is pleased to report strong cash flow of C$30.2 million or C$0.17/share for the first quarter of 2016 supported by a 25% increase in production to 167 mmcfe/d (27,854 boe/d) and an 11% reduction in its total cash cost to a corporate record and industry leading low cost of C$0.75/mcfe.”

Part of the reason must be that record low money cost. Notwithstanding for a gas organization, for example, this one, that money expense is to a great degree low and gives income at value levels numerous contenders can just dream about. In addition the finding and improvement costs appeared above are just C$.77 MCFE. Joined that is an aggregate expense of C$ $1.52 MCFE. Given the late shortcoming of the Canadian Dollar to the United States Dollar, that aggregate expense is one substantial upper hand.

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