Banx Capital Adopts BitShares 2.0 Block Chain Backbone

BitShares and Banx Capital Announce Partnership BitShares has announced a new partnership with #9 ranked cryptocurrency BanxShares backed by Banx Capital Ltd. In this partnership, Banx Capital and BanxShares will run on the BitShares 2.0 technology developed and licensed by Cryptonomex, a company started by the core development team and other key personnel within the BitShares entity. There are a a lot of great bit coin penny stocks. Make sure you check out our penny stocks page. When asked why the #9 cryptocurrency would partner with the #5 cryptocurrency (as listed on, Banx Capital Founder & CEO Mark Lyford […]

BPZ Resources, Inc (BPZ)

BPZ Resources, Inc (BPZ) As already declared, on November 12, 2015, the Bankruptcy Court entered a request affirming the Company’s Second Amended Plan of Liquidation and Second Amended Disclosure Statement. On December 31, 2015, all conditions to the event of the viable date put forward in the Plan and the Confirmation Order were fulfilled or deferred in agreement therewith and the powerful date of the Plan happened. On the same date, BPZ Resources, Inc (BPZ) recorded a Notice of Effective Date of the Plan with the Bankruptcy Court. As per the Plan, the greater part of the Company’s advantages have […]


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CannaGrow Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:CGRW)

CannaGrow Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:CGRW) CannaGrow Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:CGRW) is one pot stock that can possibly make a solid upside surge. Its stock price made a major climb back in March, however kept running into resistance barely short of the $1 mark. Presently for more than two months, its stock has solidified in a tight range and wants to break out to the upside. Its outstanding shares are standing around 102,073,434, while authorized shares at 300,000,000. CannaGrow has entered the Medical/Recreational Cannabis Industry as a Liaison, and Consultant to authorized growers furnishing them with turnkey Growing Facilities in the State of […]

Arena Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQARNA)

Arena Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQARNA) Arena Pharmaceuticals Beats The Street: What Next Arena Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ARNA) beat the Street by $0.02 in the third quarter. The organization posted a loss of $12.4 million or $0.05 per share. New administration kept the call exceptionally short and with that curtness did not present much in the method for news. It ought to be perfectly clear now that Arena is centered around the pipeline and that Belviq has basically been removed from any spotlight. Income from Belviq deals was just $3.3 million. This is down from $4.26 million in Q2 of this current year and down […]

Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:RKDA)

Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:RKDA) Arcadia Biosciences Tumbling, Keep an Eye on This Stock Financial specialists have been inquiring about shares of Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:RKDA) after the stock moved – 0.58%, hitting the $1.70 value point taking after an exchange. Over the previous year, Arcadia Biosciences, Inc’s. stock was – up 43.75%. In the course of the most recent seven days of the month, it was – 11.40%, -23.66% over the three months, and -32.68% for the past half-year. Arcadia Biosciences, Inc., incorporated on February 17, 2015, is an agricultural biotechnology trait company. The Firm develops a portfolio of yield […]

Aoxin Tianli Group Looks like A Solid Penny Stock

Aoxin Tianli Group Looks like A Solid Penny Stock Aoxin, before now known as Tianli Agritech, was initially just a hog cultivating organization situated in Wuhan City, China. Be that as it may, in the course of the last couple of years it has started to enhance its business. The organization now views itself as a broadened business with numerous working portions that have close to nothing or nothing to do with each other. It as of now claims to work in the hog cultivating, electro-pressure driven servo-valves assembling and advertising, and optical fiber equipment and programming arrangements organizations. The […]

Ballard Power Systems Inc. (NASDAQBLDP)

Ballard Power Systems Inc. (NASDAQBLDP) Ballard Power Systems Could Make a rebound Established in the mid 90’s Ballard Power Systems Inc. (NASDAQ:BLDP) is a Canadian organization which concentrates on creating zero-emanation energy component innovation. Ballard Power has become the world pioneer in proton trade film hydrogen energy unit innovation and is hoping to ride out the present “green wave” among numerous modern countries. Ballard Power’s innovation carries with it an extensive variety of use yet the territory which is gathering the most measure of consideration is in how the innovation can apply to the car part. This spots Ballard Power […]

Ascent Solar (NASDAQASTI)

Ascent Solar (NASDAQASTI) Ascent Solar Have Massive Outstanding Shares Ascent Solar (NASDAQ:ASTI) has for quite some time been an agitated organization with a background marked by stupendous weakening. From average deals development to negative gross edges (the organization’s 2015 cost of incomes was 44% higher than their aggregate incomes), plainly the organization’s plan of action is profoundly defective. However with Q3 reporting practically around the bend, I anticipate tending to the obvious issue at hand. This is the persevering and correctional weakening that Ascent Solar exacts upon its shareholders. In the previous two years since the organization chose to move […]

Axcelis Technologies (NASDAQ:ACLS)

Axcelis Technologies (NASDAQ:ACLS) Axcelis Technologies is an Innovative Company Anybody paying consideration on Axcelis Technologies (NASDAQ:ACLS) realizes that administration has turned the organization around from an item and money related point of view. The organization’s business prospects have been changed in the wake of creating and presenting the Purion stage of particle embed devices in the course of recent years. The organization’s accounting report is boundlessly enhanced after a deal leaseback exchange executed in January 2015 that additional $49 million in real money to the monetary record. Taken a toll cutting and streamlining has brought down expenses and enhanced edges […]

Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: APDN)

Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: APDN) Applied DNA Sciences Continues to Make a Progress Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: APDN), a provider of DNA-based supply chain, anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft technology, product genotyping and product authentication solutions. The company become further rooted in the cotton supply chain, and demand for its SigNature T solution aligns with the industry’s seasonality that is cantered on the ginning season running from September through January, the grade of demand has altered comparative to last season. Its third quarter reflects lower-than-anticipated revenues. Its late request to stamp 10 million pounds of Acala cotton, a market section […]

Biospecifics Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ:BSTC)

Biospecifics Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ:BSTC) Biospecifics Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ:BSTC) is a microcap stock that exchanges on the NASDAQ. The organization is in the biopharmaceutical segment and as of now gets revenue from its item known as XIAFLEX in the United States, Canada and Australia, and under the name of XIAPEX in Europe. The item XIAFLEX/XIAPEX is an injectable collagenase utilized as a part of the treatment of a wide range of sicknesses. It principally treats conditions identifying with fibromatosis. In English, fibromatosis alludes to benevolent yet forceful delicate tissue tumors that hinder the development of a joint, and are regularly reoccurring. […]

Array BioPharma Inc. (ARRY:NASDAQ)

Array BioPharma Inc. (ARRY:NASDAQ) Array BioPharma Inc. (ARRY:NASDAQ) has a market of $565M. This firm is working on late-stage clinical programs with modest expectations. Array’s binimetinib is currently being developed for ovarian cancer and melanomas, but combinations provide for a long-lived pipeline. An ex-US partnership is expected. Array BioPharma’s mix win in melanoma puts it financially behind, however maybe clinically in front of, Novartis (NYSE:NVS) and Roche (OTCQX:RHHBY). Movement free survival of 14.9 months for the binimetinib and encorafenib doublet is numerically superior to that of advertised contenders from the two Swiss gatherings, yet the littler biotech will come late […]

Applied Genetic Technologies Corp. (AGTC:NASDAQ)

Applied Genetic Technologies Corp. (AGTC:NASDAQ) Applied Genetic Technologies Corp. (AGTC:NASDAQ) has a $310M market cap. Making its second appearance on the Small-Cap Biotech Watchlist, AGTC is a gene therapy company focused on ophthalmology, with two programs in clinical development. Shares of Applied Genetics Technologies Corp. endured their greatest ever one-day selloff Tuesday, after a disillusioning upgrade of a clinical trial incited an investigator to swing to a bearish position from a bullish one. The biotechnology organization said late Monday that patient enlistment for an early-arrange trial for its treatment of retinoshisis- – the detachment of the retina into two layers- […]

Antares Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ATRS)

Antares Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ATRS) As of late, Mylan (NASDAQ:MYL) has gone under a great deal of consideration at the cost of its Epinephrine Auto-Injector EpiPen. EpiPen value raises left numerous buyers disturb and have even pulled in consideration from presidential hopefuls. With the consideration encompassing the discussion, nonetheless, financial specialists appear to miss one of the potential greatest recipients of the EpiPen contention. Two organizations are right now cooperating on another auto-injector for Epinephrine, which could specifically contend with the EpiPen. With the expanded consideration encompassing the issue, it is turning out to be clear that general society is searching for […]

Banro Continues to Face Liquidity Threats

Banro Continues to Face Liquidity Threats Banro is a mid-level gold maker, working two mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The principal mine, Twangiza, ought to convey around 120 thousand ounces of gold in 2016. The second mine, Namoya, initiated its business operations in January this year. Banro expects that Namoya ought to create 100-110 thousand ounces of gold in 2016. Amid the development period of Namoya, the organization had experienced various specialized issues. These issues were amplified by low gold costs. Therefore, the organization entered a couple of strange business arrangements to fund Namoya’s development. Analysts concur that […]

Avino Silver & Gold Mines

Avino Silver & Gold Mines Avino Silver & Gold Mines is a Vancouver-based mining company with properties in both Canada and Mexico. However, its flagship property, Avino Property (Avino Mine, San Gonzalo Mine, Tailings), is situated near Durango, Mexico. Avino Property has a long history. The Avino deposit was found by Spanish aristocrat Juan de Tolosa, and was later created by Captain Francisco Ibarra of Cortez’s armed force. This property has been dug on and off for a long time. In the eighteenth Century, British financial specialists possessed it and it was recorded on the London Stock Exchange. In those […]

Asanko Gold Inc.

Asanko Gold Inc. Asanko Gold Inc. is a Canada-based investigation and improvement stage small scale top gold digger. It’s essential resource is its Asanko gold mine venture on the Asankrangwa gold belt in Ghana. Notwithstanding its primary venture, the organization holds an arrangement of other Ghanaian gold concessions in different phases of investigation. The authorized capital of Asanko consists of an unlimited number of common shares without par value and an unlimited number of preferred shares with par value. As of March 2015 there were 22,808,178 common shares issued and outstanding. The Asanko gold mine venture is the organization’s star […]

$BVTK Bravatek Solutions Inc. The real thing or just a penny stock scam?

(OTCMKTS: BVTK) Bravatek Solutions Inc.   Before we get started with my opinion on BVTK, understand everything I write here is just my opinion and is just for entertainment purposes. I don’t own any shares of BVTK I am not short on BVTK. Penny stocks are high-risk high-reward investments so only invest what you can afford to gamble with. Please read our disclaimer here.  I will do my best to detail out some of the pros and cons about BVTK to be as unbias as possible. Regardless of what I write there will always be those that disagree with what […]

Bill Barrett Corp. (BBG)

Bill Barrett Corp. (BBG) One stock that may be a fascinating decision for financial specialists at this moment is Bill Barrett Corp. (BBG). Its outstanding shares are at 60,209,051, while authorized shares at 400,000,000. This is on account of this security in the Oil – Export and Production space is seeing strong income gauge update action, and is in extraordinary organization from a Zacks Industry Rank point of view. This is essential in light of the fact that, frequently, a rising tide will lift all water crafts in an industry, as there can be wide patterns occurring in a fragment […]