ADMA Biologics, Inc.

ADMA Biologics, Inc. ADMA Biologics, Inc. is a late-stage biopharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures and intends to commercialize specialty plasma-based biologics for the primary immunodeficiency (PIDD) population and the treatment and prevention of certain infectious diseases. ADMA’s lead product, RI-002, is a strength intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) item that contains polyclonal antibodies against different irresistible operators that are gotten from human plasma. RI-002 contains institutionalized, abnormal amounts of antibodies to respiratory syncytial infection (RSV) notwithstanding actually happening polyclonal antibodies, (for example, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Haemophilus influenzae sort B, Cytomegalovirus, measles, lockjaw, and so on.). ADMA arrangements to look for endorsement for RI-002 […]

Adamis Pharmaceuticals (ADMP)

Adamis Pharmaceuticals (ADMP) Shares of Adamis Pharmaceuticals (ADMP) were slipping 16.71% to $2.89 on substantial exchanging volume after adversary drug-producer Mylan (MYL) reported it would dispatch a non specific form of its serious hypersensitivity medicine EpiPen in the up and coming weeks. Adamis, a San Diego-based pharmaceutical organization, is as of now looking for administrative endorsement for its own nonexclusive pre-filled epinephrine syringe for serious hypersensitivity treatment. A week ago, Hatfield, AL-based Mylan was investigated for expanding the cost of its medication by more than 450% since 2004, achieving $600 for a two-pack. The organization later said it would lessen […]


Abeona (NASDAQ:ABEO) Abeona (NASDAQ:ABEO), a quality treatment organization that is in late-stage clinical trial for the treatment of Sanfilippo disorder, an uncommon hereditary condition that causes lethal cerebrum harm. The confusion impacts around 1 in 70,000 kids, an acquired condition which is brought about by a chemical insufficiency. The lack of the compound keeps the body from experiencing its characteristic reusing process, making the cerebrum cells top off with waste that the body can’t handle. As the mind cells keep on getting loaded with the waste item, patients encounter a large group of anguishing indications, comprehensive of hyperactivity, seizures, heart […]

Analyst trust that HKN Inc. (OTCPK:HKNI)

Analyst trust that HKN Inc. (OTCPK:HKNI) Analyst trust that HKN Inc. (OTCPK:HKNI) is underestimated with respect to its advantages. Be that as it may, the motivation behind why it is exchanging at a markdown is on account of there is a controlling shareholder who claims most of the organization’s stock and this controlling shareholder has a record of botching the organization. Its outstanding shares are standing around 390,916, while authorized share are at 2,000,000. While this makes opening the estimation of the organization’s hidden basic worth something that won’t occur without any forethought, analysts expect the business sector estimation of […]

American Petro-Hunter’s (AAPH)

American Petro-Hunter’s (AAPH) Referring to the achievement of other investigation and creation organizations around American Petro-Hunter’s (AAPH) properties in Payne County, Oklahoma, CEO McIntosh as of late noticed that the Company’s arrangements for the equalization of 2011 call fundamentally for the advancement of even wells. Its outstanding shares are at 81,267,441, while authorized shares at 200,000,000. Despite the fact that AAPH as of late started operations on a vertical well because of the area’s novel qualities, the Company has noticed that even wells in the district have created upwards of 500 barrels for every day, somewhere in the range of […]

Advantage Oil and Gas (NYSE:AAV)

Advantage Oil and Gas (NYSE:AAV) From time to time a speculator finds an organization that overlooks the savagery around them and continues becoming gainfully. Advantage Oil and Gas (NYSE:AAV) is such an organization. The organization not just becomes through the downturn, it develops quick through the downturn. Administration is as yet growing generation as though the business downturn never happened. Its outstanding shares are at 13.7 M, while authorized shares at 184.60M Truth be told, in a few cases it is fundamentally beating the planned execution. The organization already had an objective to extend production to 200 MMCFE/D. Presently administration […]

Abraxas Petroleum (NASDAQ:AXAS)

Abraxas Petroleum (NASDAQ:AXAS) Abraxas Petroleum (NASDAQ:AXAS) issued an overhaul where it talked about a few things including its well performance and execution, resource deals and supporting action. The data shows that Abraxas keeps on decreasing its danger through deleveraging and supporting, while it gives off an impression of being on track to meet its entire year direction in spite of its benefit deals. Its outstanding shares are standing around 135,038,301, while authorized shares at 127, 51,279,412. Abraxas looks set to have exceptionally solid creation in Q4 2016, with anticipated generation levels more than half above Q2 2016’s level. Abraxas has […]

Penny Stocks: A complete Guide for Dummies

Penny Stocks: A complete Guide for Dummies Few speculation expressions can make as much energy as these two words: penny stocks. Yet, what’s the obsess about low share price? Does hot penny stock lift very up to their cash making buildup? The issue with penny stocks is that their definition is questionable. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) characterizes them as low-valued theoretical securities of small-cap organizations. In this article, we’ll further confine penny stocks exchanging under one dollar. So why do investors go wild over penny stocks? What is the attractiveness of these low estimated share prices? There […]

Risks and Few Precautionary Measures for Penny Stock Trading

Risks and Few Precautionary Measures for Penny Stock Trading The proverb “purchase low, sell high” is a word of wisdom, however there’s subtlety to it. “Purchase low” doesn’t signify “purchase the least expensive stocks conceivable”. Additionally “sell high” doesn’t signify “sit tight for it to end up the most costly stock conceivable”. In securities, low and high are relative terms which allude to the fundamental estimation of the business itself: purchase when it’s underestimated and sell when it’s exaggerated. New investors generally search for too low prices stocks, assuming that a share price offering for $1 has significantly more space […]

Predicting the Right Time to Sell or Buy a Penny Stock?

Predicting the Right Time to Sell or Buy a Penny Stock? For you to profit, any gainful venture needs to increment in worth in some way or another. On the off chance that you purchase a stock for $1 and offer it for $2, you’ve profited. The least difficult methodology is to offer it for more than you paid for it to make a profit. Straightforward, isn’t that so? Yes, yet the points of interest of profiting in the penny stocks investing aren’t simple. To make a dependable benefit from investment in penny stocks, you should comprehend two things well: […]

Robinhood Penny Stocks

Penny Stocks on Robinhood The Robinhood trading app has a very slim number of penny stocks and OTC stocks it allows you to trade because those indexes charge more for brokers. Penny Stocks also have lower amounts of liquidity which makes it more difficult for Robinhood to make margins when trading. Robinhood is only for beginners because you pay for its cost by recieving second hand placement for buys ans sells. It is a challenge to start trading on the penny stocks having a value of less than $1 per stock. As the name says, these stocks are traded in […]

Solar Energy Stocks

Solar Stocks Solar energy stocks are a very hot sector. After Obama became presidents he made a strong push for green energy. He gave several government subsidies to Solar Energy companies. Many believe green energy will have a huge impact on our future. The World economy is looking towards solar energy as one of the ways to help with the environment and help with human caused climate change. As an investor you can get  piece of the action as well by investing in Solar Stocks. We have listed below a list of solar stocks. If you are new to trading […]

Oil Penny Stocks

Welcome to our Oil penny stocks, where we are constantly drilling and looking for massive gains in oil penny stocks. There is hardly a better feeling than finding an oil penny stock that explodes 250%, 500%, or even 2500%.  We have a team of experienced micro cap stock researchers that are constantly scanning for and screening oil penny stocks. All penny stocks while being extremely risky, also have the potential for enormous gains. Penny stocks that involve oil fit the same profile but to the extreme. Our view is if one is going to take the huge risk of buying […]

Is AERO stock a scam? Aero Grow International Inc. (OTCMKTS:AERO)

Aero Grow International Inc. (OTCMKTS:AERO) Aero Grow International Inc. (OTCMKTS:AERO) is the creator, manufacturer and marketer of the Miracle-Gro AeroGarden line of indoor gardens for consumer markets worldwide. Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, AeroGrow International is the leader in the rapidly growing indoor gardening market. They are one of the more popular  marijuana stocks. Updated Version:   PROS: AERO is a thinly traded stock which has the chance at big swings. IT saw several 50% swings in 2018. Will this trend continue in 2019? Over the last year, it seems to have developed some support around $2.20 a share.  As long as […]

Was AMLH a pump and dump?

American Leisure  Holdings Inc. OTCMRKTS:AMLH Everything in this article is just for entertainment only. All penny stocks are risky. Make your own buying decisions. is not being compensated for this article. Please read our disclaimer here. AMLH is an extremely hot stock right now. It is currently number #2 on IHUB breakout boards just falling short in popularity to BVTK. So the main question is AMLH just a quick pump and dump or does it have room to run? If you look at the featured chart, it is too early to tell. The chart still looks healthy, and if […]

Cocktail Stocks

Cocktail stocks A lot of people love cocktail stocks. These are stocks that have a great sales pitch and something that can get an average investor exciting. In a way, most penny stocks are cocktail stocks. Most are glorified sales pitches to excite naive investors. A lot of these cocktail stocks get cult-like followings and seem to go up for some time. Some of the biggest cocktail penny stocks have been marijuana stocks.  You have popular companies like MJNA, VAPE, and Hemp. TRTC was another one that seemed only to go up. These companies ended up crashing pretty hard. There […]

Penny stock Aluf Holdings, Inc. AHIX

Aluf Holdings, Inc. OTC Ticker symbol AHIX  The company has market capital of $77,626 and the company focuses on acquisition of the software and technological platforms. This holding company operates with management, acquisition and development of proprietary software. The headquarters of the company are located in Hollywood (Florida). There is strong potential growth with the best business plan designed for the company’s increased stocks. The mission of the individual is to create the appropriate shareholder value by pursuing the new growth opportunities with improved profitability. The company is committed to maintain dignity, integrity and excellence in the operations of business […]

Kinross Gold Corporation (NYSE:KGC)

As you might have noticed, all kinds of gold stocks have dropped in value considerably more than the actual spot price of the commodity. There is a lot of value developing in the gold sector of the stock market, and it’s time to be looking at new positions. There’s no catalyst yet for gold prices to spike or begin a new upward trend, and accordingly, there’s no catalyst for gold stocks to accelerate just yet. We may see the spot price of gold jump if the Federal Reserve decides to enact further stimulus for theU.S. economy. Regardless, stock market valuations […]

Top Ten Penny Stocks NASDAQ PCYO

When it comes to utility stocks, very few are penny stocks. Most utility stocks are large firms with slow    growth and very little upside. However, not all utility stocks are like this, which is proven by the stock we’ll look at today. This company is involved in a resource we all need: water. Pure Cycle Corporation (NASDAQ/PCYO) is a company that serves the Denver area by operating and maintaining the water and waste systems. The firm provides many of the same functions as some utility stocks, by treating, storing and delivering water to customers. It’s quite rare to find penny […]

Precious metals stocks

Mining companies are mostly undervalued in this market. While the spot price of silver is lagging with other precious metals, gold prices are holding up well, and there remains a lot of anticipation about an upward price spike in that commodity. If I had one precious metal in which to speculate it would be gold, even at its current level. Mining companies still have lots of cash on their balance sheets, and the way the world is going, gold is likely to become a reserve currency. If things in the global economy get better, then gold will accelerate in price; […]