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Penny Stock Gambler

Penny Stocks Gambler

The Kenny Rogers song “The Gambler” is extremely accurate when it comes to penny stocks and the OTC market.  If you are going to learn to play the game you better learn to play it right.

Almost all of the Otc market and penny stocks move on hype. Market awareness and promotion influence whether these stocks move up or down. If you look at the five year chartsmost penny stocks they have moved down big time. Penny Stocks are like playing slot machines some win big but if you stay at the machine too long you will … Read More

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Here is why we like BKPPF Block One Capital

We love BKPPF Block One Capital Inc.

Members of the Ateam are most likely aware that we can’t stop talking about BKPPF. If you have been following us for awhile you know that we have been on fire when it comes to our long-term swing trade calls. We have become masters at identifying stocks that are just starting to get in the awareness stage. BKPPF currently ranks #1 on our penny stocks watchlist.

We believe BKPPF is currently in bear trap stage.

It looks like BKPPF is setting up the perfect cup and handle chart pattern!

Before you continue
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Short Squeeze
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Ready for a short squeeze?

Is the CPWY short squeeze coming next week?

Huge potential in Short Squeezes

One of my favorite type of swings trade are potential short squeezes. A short squeeze happens when a stock has a high amount of short interest, and increased buying pressure forces short sellers to have to buy back their shares at a higher cost. When a market maker opens up a short position that market maker is betting against the stock.

When a market maker is short they are hoping that the stock goes down. This will allow them to cover or buy back the shares they … Read More

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PLPL-Plandai Biotech

Is PLPL a life-changing stock?


PLPL-Plandai Biotech is a company that specializes in Botanical exaction.

They are looking to make a name for themselves in a multi-billion dollar wellness industry.

Here is a short video about their company.


They have now entered the Cannabis sector with their botanical extraction and many believe it could be a real game changer!

Disclaimer: The author of this post currently owns 11 million shares of PLPL that were purchased on the open market. We reserve the right to buy or sell shares at any time. We have not been compensated for the … Read More

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eXeBlock Technology Corp – Is EXXBF a scam or the next big thing?

Is EXXBF- eXeBlock Technology Corp the next big thing?

Let’s first start by talking a little bit about EXXBF

EXXBF is the stock symbol for eXeBlock Technology Corp under the Candian Stock Exchange. This company deals with blockchain decentralized applications termed as DApps. The company aims at providing cost-effective, easily usable and scalable blockchain solutions for global business markets. The headquarters of the company is situated in Debert, Nova Scotia.

eXeBlock Technology Corp is a Canadian software company specializing in the decentralized applications designed with blockchain technology. The company even does customization of the Blockchain Technology services having specialized features … Read More

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Penny Stock pump and Dumps

Pump and Dumps

I am sure you have heard the term pump and dump before. It is a term passed around a lot when it comes to penny stocks or any type of OTC stocks. People refer to pump and dumps as a stock that goes up very high very quickly and then comes back down fast and rapid as well.
It is no secret that market awareness and promotions seem to have a huge impact on stocks that are penny stocks. Excitement and human emotion seem to be a driving factor in the market.
We do not like
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DCC DigitalX Limited


DigitalX Limited is an Australian company with its HQ in Perth and another operative office in the New York City. The company provides ICO (Initial Coin Offering) advisory services, blockchain software development and consulting services. The major focus of the company is to deliver the unique products to the worldwide segment. The company has a Market Capital of AU$ 99.57 million and the 52-week price of the stock is in the range $0.02 – 0.44.

DigitalX works in coordination with the high-end companies for optimization of the ICO launching. There are services given to the companies worldwide and … Read More

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Should you invest in CINGF- Coinsilium Group Ltd or is it a scam?

CINGF- Coinsilium Group Ltd

With a 52-week range of $2.50-26.75, Coinsilium Group Ltd is leading towards the upper range of the graph with its persistent blockchain concept. Coinsilium is an investor, venture, and enhancer in the field of blockchain technology & the digital token finances. COIN symbol is listed in the NEX market and the company is laying its strong verticals in the ‘Foundation Technology’ termed as blockchain technology.

Now despite being volatile it does seem that CINGF is a real company trying to grow.

The company has partnered with some of the leaders in the segment. The digital assets … Read More

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Is ANDI Andiamo corp. the real deal?

ANDI Andiamo corp.

Everything in this article was written by a third party. It is just the opinion of the writer and does not represent the view of Awesome Penny Stocks. Please let us know if you believe any additional information needs to be added.

You may also opt-in for our penny stock alerts by texting ATEAM to 94253 with your mobile device.


The Andiamo Corp (ANDI) holding is Micro-cap Company which is operating in the USA. The company begins their operation on the 7th of June 2000. The brief introduction before going deep into the company profile … Read More

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Is BTLLF BTL Group Ltd. a stock selling scam or the real deal?

BTLLF Stock-BTL Group Ltd. 

BTL Group Ltd. is a technology company focusing on the development of Blockchain technologies in different industries and businesses. There is secured platform created for allowing the enterprises for building the applications related to the settlement, trading, back-office, and auditing of the companies. The technology platform has the secured blockchain technology creation with the variable settlement solutions to render the services to Canada and the UK to target countries.

Despite some draw backs it does seem like BTLLF is trying to grow and be a big part of the new growing technology. We have a pageRead More

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Is BLPFF stock a scam? Or is it a real company

BLPFF- BLOK Technologies Inc.

Is BLPFF stock a scam or it is worth owning?

Awesome penny stocks is very vocal that we consider every stock a scam and we trade it accordingly. That doesn’t mean every company is an actual scam it just means that when it comes to trading stocks there are usually some manipulation involved.

Some general information about BLPFF

BLK is the ticker symbol for the company BLOK Technologies Inc. based in British Columbia province of North America. This company invests in the developing companies in the blockchain technology sector. The company offers managerial, financial and technological … Read More

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Is it worth buy stock in Atlas Cloud Enterprises Inc ATLEF or is the company a scam?

ATLEF- Atlas Cloud Enterprises Inc

The year is now 2019 and crypto stocks have cooled down a little but does that just mean the company were a scam or the phase is over or do companies like ATLEF have a real future? In are opinion Crypto and cloud computing  is still going to play a huge role in our future. The question is are publicly traded companies planning to be apart of that future or are they just trying to sell shares and make money by fooling investors? Make sure you check out our weekly watchlist for the best penny … Read More

Gold stocks to buy
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5 Gold Stocks to buy

5 Gold Stocks to Buy


Think about investing in these 5 Gold Stocks

Gold hasn’t shown its shine over the last few weeks. There was a high point seen in the month of March which consequently gave a hike to the gold-related stocks. There are a variety of factors pressurizing the gold stocks towards a higher level. The trading options and the geopolitical tensions, dollar rate fading and rising inflation rate are working in the favor of gold and the related stocks. The analysts suggest that it is the right time to buy mining stocks.

5 Gold Stocks to … Read More

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NWBO stock- Is Northwest Biotherapeutics Inc. a good buy?

NWBO – Northwest Biotherapeutics Inc.

Northwest Biotherapeutics Inc. is a cancer vaccination producing company having its headquarters in Maryland, United States. The company has been working since 1996 and develops the medications for a broader range of solid tumor cancers by leaving the hard side-effects of chemotherapy.  The personalized vaccination of the company is aimed at providing an effective and cost-efficient method for the treatment of cancer.

The company has a 52-week stock range of $0.14-0.40. It basically focuses on the research and development of the most effective medicines for most lethal forms of cancer. DCVax-L is on trial … Read More

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Short Squeeze low float stocks to watch

Potential Short Squeezes and Huge runners!


Last time we put out a list of our short squeeze stocks everyone on the list did very well. ULGX ran 750%, CACH ran over 600%, VCTL ran over 1,200%, MJNE ran 75%, IMTV ran 100%, and GNOW ran 500%.  The results were incredible! That is why we love low float stocks. High risk but also the potential for high reward!


Here is the list:


GNOW American CareSource Holdings, Inc.

GNOW operates under the tradenames Gonow Doctors and Medac. This stock has only 8 million shares held at the DTC and

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Crednology Holding Corp. – COHO stock opinions

Crednology Holding Corp.  – COHO

Crednology Holding Corp has its headquarters in Gray, Georgia, United States. The company was founded in the year 1998 and it came up with the strategic combination of organic growth and acquisition ideas. The company seeks the global presence at the present times and brings a diversified approach for reduction of the effects of financial variations.

CORO is the parent organization of different technological streams operating in the US. This publically traded company has a presence in the sector of Information Technology. This investment specializes in the identification of the IT segment companies with talent, … Read More

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WSTI stock opinions on Windstream Technologies Inc.

Windstream Technologies Inc. – WSTI

Windstream Technologies Inc. is a company with the stock symbol WSTI and came into operations one decade ago. The major goal of the company is to design and manufacture cheap and scalable renewable energy technologies for global market. There is an exclusive testing developed by the company which consists of the hybrid energy solutions with integrated products. Windstream Technologies is presently marketing and selling its products globally to SolarMills.

The company initiated its R&D facilities in New Albany, Indiana and accumulated a grant from the state for their project. The facilities were designed in alliance … Read More

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DO NOT BASE ANY INVESTMENT DECISION UPON ANY MATERIALS FOUND ON THIS WEBSITE. We are not registered as a securities broker-dealer or an investment adviser either with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) or with any state securities regulatory authority. We are neither licensed nor qualified to provide investment advice.

The contents of this website are not provided to any particular individual with a view toward their individual circumstances. The information contained on our website is not an offer to buy or sell securities. We distribute opinions, comments and information for a monthly fee exclusively to individuals who … Read More

Gold Mining Stocks
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Volatility in gold mining stocks

Gold Mining Stocks


The investors seeking for a long-term view of gold need to keep in mind that there is no consistent co-relation between gold and other financial assets. There have been sharp ups and downs in the gold market from the 90s to 2000. The stock prices showed a tremendous variation for gold stocks from 2002 ending to December 2017. The demand for all the metals increased in China which gave a better scope to the Gold market.

The Federal Reserve made gold cheaper for the investors to buy in the global world. However, the monetary winds are … Read More

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Popular Penny Stocks

Popular Penny Stocks


This page is dedicated to Stocks that have large followings! These are stocks that have been building momentum and building a cult like Following! Regardless of whether these stocks end up making people rich or making people poor, they have earned a place on this page because there is some major excitement behind them!

So Congrats for making the list!! Click the company name for the article.

BVTK Bravatek Solutions Inc.


ELED  EXELED Holdings Inc.




LRTTF Liberty One-Lithium Corp


Make sure you come back to this page we will … Read More